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Richard ~ Published: 29-May-2023 ~ How to ~ 5 Minutes Reading

How to Import Multiple MBOX Files to Windows 10 Mail?

Are you people here to find out the solution to import MBOX to Windows 10 Mail? If yes, then no need to worry. In this blog, we will discuss the perfect solution that helps to import multiple of files.

Windows 10 Mail replaced Windows Live Mail in 2013. It has been specially developed by Microsoft and specially released for the latest versions of Internet Explorer. On the other hand, the MBOX file format is one of the most popular files format used to send and receive email messages. It can easily be supported by most email applications like Apple Mail, Google Takeout, Thunderbird, etc. You can’t import MBOX files to Windows 10 Mail. Because it does not support the direct import or export process.

There are multiple reasons of users import the files, it may be due to security features and other different features. Although, there is no direct solution for this available on the Internet, and this is the only reason that pushes us to come up with one perfect solution.

Professional Utility

To solve the above-mentioned query, there is no manual solution, so here we introduce a well professional method. PCDOTS MBOX to IMAP Converter is one of the powerful tools that allows importing the bulk number of files to Windows 10 Mail. The tool allows importing the data in numerous numbers with maintaining the entire data consistency throughout the process. It has been developed with numerous advanced features that make the user’s work more easier and effective.

This MBOX File Converter utility can convert MBOX files to 20+ formats including file formats  such as converting MBOX to CSV converting MBOX to PDF, converting MBOX to PST, converting MBOX to HTML, and email service such as importing MBOX to Gmail, importing MBOX to Thunderbird, and importing MBOX to Office 365.

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How to Import MBOX Files to Windows 10 Mail?

  • Run the mentioned utility in your existing system and go to Open Menu.

run mbox to windows 10 mail converter

  • Choose MBOX files >> upload the data either by choosing files or folders.

upload mbox files

  • You will be able to view all the data on the software screen. Choose the needed emails from there that you want to import.

select the required mbox emails

  • Then, click on the Export button and select the IMAP as the Email Service from the list of formats.

select imap service

  • Enter the login credentials of your Windows 10 Mail there and click on Save. (It is IMAP-supported)

enter windows 10 mail login credentials

  • After that, in just a couple of minutes, you can be able to see the exported resultant message on the software screen.

import mbox to windows live mail
Hence, by performing these steps, you can easily import bulk MBOX files to your Windows 10 Mail account. Login to your account, and see the exported files there on the software screen.

Applications of MBOX to Windows 10 Mail Converter

  1. The software is simple and easy to use and convenient for both technical and non-technical users.
  2. It is an independent utility that does not require any other installation to complete the import process.
  3. Users can import single as well as multiple files within a single attempt. The demo version of the software allows users to import 10 files at once but if you want to import more than 10 or even unlimited files then go for the licensed version of the Software.
  4. Before the process, users can be able to view MBOX files in bulk on the screen. Using this feature, users can do the selective conversion of data.
  5. The utility has an advanced feature through which users can also import files into different accounts with the emails and meta properties.
  6. While importing the data to Windows 10 Mail, the entire hierarchy of all the files and folders will be maintained.
  7. Users can also extract email attributes such as extract MBOX file attachments, extract MBOX file email addresses, and extract MBOX file phone numbers separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will be able to import orphaned MBOX files to Windows 10 Mail through this Software?

Yes, the utility supports all kinds of files whether they are damaged, orphaned, or corrupted, and also supports files from different email clients to import into Windows 10 Mail.

2. Does the software supports the latest versions of Windows 11?

Yes, the software supports all the previous as well as latest versions of Windows OS. You can easily run this on the latest Windows 11.

3. Can I be able to extract attachments along with the multiple mails?

Yes, you can easily export emails along with email attachments throughout the conversion process.


There is no manual solution to import MBOX files to Windows 10 Mail. And if you want to import multiple numbers of files including emails and attachments, you must continue with the software as we discussed above. The utility easily helps the user to import the data and also provides 2 different versions of the Software: the Demo as well as the licensed version. I recommend you to use the demo version first and after you become completely satisfies then continue with the licensed version in which you will be able to import unlimited emails. Additionally, you will get 24/7 Technical Support.