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How to Convert MBOX to HTML? Top Free Ways

Do you want to convert MBOX to HTML? Are you looking for a solution to convert multiple MBOX files to HTML at once with just a few clicks? If yes, continue reading this article.

MBOX is a global file format that is supported by a broad range of email applications including Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Postbox, Apple Mail, and many more. MBOX files cannot be converted to HTML on their own, however if you use an application like Thunderbird, you might be able to.

Employing Thunderbird has its drawbacks as well, but they may be worked with by using the finest and most experienced MBOX to HTML Converter. Consequently, let’s begin by learning how to manually convert MBOX files to HTML.

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A Query for MBOX to HTML Conversion

Hello, I’d want to open MBOX emails on a web browser, but the only method to do so is to first convert them to HTML file type. I’m continuously seeking for all potential solutions to convert MBOX to HTML but can’t seem to find any. Please recommend the best ways to convert MBOX files to HTML.

How to Manually Convert MBOX to HTML?

You must install and activate Thunderbird for free if you don’t already have one on your computer. After that you must import the MBOX files into Thunderbird and then follow the further steps.

(1) Launch the Thunderbird application into your system

(2) Now, just Right-click the MBOX folder that you have imported

(3) Click ImportExportTools >> Export All messages in the folder

(4) You will now get a list of several options from which to select either HTML format or HTML format (with attachments).

(5) After picking the option, you must choose where you want the output files saved. Then select the Select Folder option.

(6) Finally, all of your MBOX emails will be converted to HTML, and you will be able to check them into the target folder.

So, that’s how you can manually convert MBOX files to HTML using Thunderbird. The approach has several restrictions that may impact your MBOX to HTML conversion experience.

Drawbacks of the Manual Approach

  1. First and foremost, your device must be setup with a Thunderbird account.
  2. To manually convert MBOX to HTML, you must have technical skills.
  3. The procedure is time-consuming since you must first import mailbox files into Thunderbird before converting them to HTML.
  4. There is no possibility to convert only certain MBOX emails to HTML.

If you want to bypass all of these constraints, you must use the finest MBOX to HTML Converter, which is listed below.

An Instant Way to Convert MBOX Files to HTML 

MBOX Converter Software is a solution that overcomes all of the restrictions of the manual method and converts MBOX to HTML without the need of an email client. This program allows users to convert data in bulk as well as individually.

It saves users time and effort while converting a large number of files. This MBOX to HTML Converter has multiple key features that help to make a conversion secure. Also, the software has an intuitive user interface that can easily operate by a common user without any technical guidance. If you wish to try this application for free, click on the link below.
Download Now

We’ll walk you through every step of using this software to convert multiple MBOX files to HTML. Please read over each one individually.

Quick Steps to Convert MBOX to HTML Format

  1. Run the MBOX to HTML Converter on Windows and click on Open Menu.

    run the utility

  2. Click Email Data Files >> MBOX Files >> Choose Files or Choose Folders

    upload MBOX data

  3. Browse the MBOX files or folders and import them into the MBOX to HTML Converter.
    import files into mbox to html converter

  4. Open and read MBOX files for free in the left pane of the MBOX to HTML Converter.

    choose required MBOX data

  5. Go to Export button and select HTML from the list of options.

    select HTML to import MBOX files

  6. Browse the location to save converted HTML files. Click the Save button to convert MBOX files to HTML

    convert MBOX to HTML

  7. After that, save and see the message of successful conversion on the screen.

    resultant HTML data from MBOX

So, that’s how you may convert MBOX to HTML professionally, which appears to be lot easier than the prior method. We will now go through some of the tool’s characteristics to assist you decide whether it is more superior than a manual one.

Prominent Features of the MBOX to HTML Converter

(1) All Internet users may simply use the software to convert MBOX files to HTML without any technical assistance because it has a easy user interface.

(2) This tool can easily convert MBOX to HTML in bulk without imposing any kind of limitation throughout the process.

(3) The MBOX to HTML Converter can also extract metadata fro MBOX files such as Attachments, phone numbers and email addresses separately.

(4) This software also works as an MBOX viewer. It allows you to view all emails and attachments inside MBOX files.

(5) Additionally, you can also check the hexadecimal and raw values of MBOX emails with MBOX to HTML converter.

(6) It provides an option to search for specific data in the MBOX files. You may search for emails using a particular criteria such as To, Cc, Subject, File size, etc.
search within mbox files

(7) The data consistency will be maintained throughout the process, and there will be no data loss even when moving a huge number of files.

(8) The all-in-one software allows users to convert MBOX files to a variety of file formats, including
 PDF format, PST format, EML format.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Why should I convert MBOX files to HTML?

A: If you want to open MBOX emails on web browser or want to check all links or tags in it, then converting them to HTML file format is perfect for you.

Question 2: How to convert MBOX to HTML with attachments?

  • Install and start MBOX to HTML Converter
  • Import MBOX files or folders into the tool
  • Click the Export button and select HTML
  • Select location for the output and click Save

Question 3: How many MBOX files can I convert at the same time?

A: You can convert unlimited number of MBOX files to HTML at the same time without any limitation.

Question 4: Can I convert MBOX file to HTML on Windows 11?

A: Yes. MBOX to HTML Converter supports all versions of Windows be it 11, 10 or earlier.

Question 5: Why should I use the MBOX to HTML converter over manual method?

A: The manual method requires you to have a Thunderbird account and install several add-ons to convert MBOX to HTML. The tool on the other hand is completely independent and easy to follow.

Closing Words

We have provided you with two excellent techniques to convert MBOX to HTML. You may convert Mailbox files to HTML using Thunderbird or a professional app. While the manual technique is more technical and requires Thunderbird, the pro way is more independent and user friendly.

As a result, the MBOX to HTML Converter proves to be one of the easiest solutions to Convert MBOX files to HTML in bulk within a single attempt. The tool has been reliable in its task and can do multiple tasks within a single period of time without putting in much effort.

Client Opinions on the Software

A must-use MBOX to HTML converter. I recently tried the free version to test its features first. I have to say the process was very smooth and easy. I’m just going to buy the full version now to export MBOX to HTML boundlessly.  ~ John
I recently utilized the PCDOTS software to convert MBOX to HTML, and I must say that this application made the entire process much easier. I had roughly 1000 MBOX files and was worried that converting them would take a long time. However, this instrument altered my perspective. This app deserves high recognition.   ~ Tina
I strongly suggest the PCDOTS MBOX to HTML Converter to anyone who needs to convert multiple MBOX files to HTML at the same time. It took very little time to convert my big data and provided me with the required outcomes. I also tried it to just extract attachments from MBOX, and the results were encouraging.   ~ Adam