All-in-One Email Converter Solution to Migrate Email Accounts

Professional email migration software for migrating emails from one email client or account to another.

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Supports 250+ Email Services

Email Data Files

Files that contains Email data like MBOX files, DBX files, OFT files, MSG files, Google Takeout files and many more used to export the data.

Desktop Email Clients

Allows to move the data from Desktop Application such as Thunderbird, Eudora, Mailbird to other fil and Email services.

Email Accounts

Has Access to configure different accounts that has been supported by IMAP format and helps them to convert the files.

Email Servers

Capable to transfer data from different Email servers to a particular file or an Email Service without installing them.

Email Data Files

PCDOTS Software allows users to convert the Email files that contains the data into other Email file formats or Email Services.

  • Easy-to-Use
  • Bulk Migration

Supported Desktop Email Clients

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Desktop Email Clients

Access to configure different Desktop email client account without installing them and transfer the data to other file formats and Email Services.

  • 100% Secure Data
  • Provides the Desired results

Supported Desktop Email Clients

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Email Accounts

Allows to configure different IMAP accounts to make it easy for the user to see the data without any installation.

  • High Security
  • Provides Actual Content

Supported Email Services

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Note: Recommended to use app-specific password for login process.

Email Servers

Easy to access the data from different servers in the form of their resultant files and transfer the data directly from them.

  • Retrieve Email Addresses
  • Compatible with Windows

Supported Email Servers

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PCDOTS, provides a Migration platform to transfer multiple number of email data files within a single attempt.

  • 100% Safe and Secure
  • Flexible Graphical User Interface
  • Maintains Actual Structure

One of the specialized and highly professional solution that maintains the data throughout the process without any data loss.

Effortless Solution, Perform the functions without taking much valuable efforts and time.

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Advanced Options

Preview, Export & Extract Options

Mutiple Saving Fromats

Files can be saved to a variety of file types and accessed via a variety of email services without any issues.

Email Address Extraction

Extract email addresses, including to, cc, bcc, subject, message body, and message header information.

Phone Number Extraction

Perfect Extractor to harvest phone numbers in text format from a variety of email clients and email files.

IMAP Migration

Advanced solution for the migration of email services from a certain email server to newer versions such as Office 365, for example.

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What our customers are saying

PCDOTS Email Converter is, in my opinion, one of the best tools available. This tool came in handy when I was trying to figure out how to move multiple files from MDaemon Server in an easy and straightforward manner. The manual solution was ineffective back then. It also saves me a great deal of time.

Genelia Fernandes

California, America

My MailSpring account stopped working unexpectedly last month. I went through a slew of steps to try and salvage what data I could before switching to another email programme. But take my word for it! After a frantic 3-4 days of searching, I came up empty-handed. Later! In an attempt to figure this out, I used the PCDOTS solution. The issue was resolved.

Kylie Johnn

New Town, Sydney

There are several email migration software available on the Internet that can be used to transfer email, but none of them will allow you to migrate email along with email items. PCDOTS Email Converter software is ideal for migrating your emails and recovering individual email items.

Andrew Murphy

Drammen, Norway