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Richard ~ Published: 09-Aug-2023 ~ Email Address Book Extractor, Extractor ~ 3 Minutes Reading

How to Extract Phone numbers from MBOX files?

Do you want to extract phone numbers from the MBOX file? A Lot of users and even a lot of professionals wants to know the correct and reliable solution for extracting phone numbers. Most of the people even get the solution of this question but 90% of people from them are not satisfied with the solution.

In this blog, we will discuss the perfect solution of extracting phone numbers from MBOX files.

What is the need to extract phone numbers ?

In this digital era, phone numbers are one of the main things that help users to connect with each other professionally.

#Perfect Approach to extract phone numbers

Most of the technical experts advise its users to extract phone numbers through a specialized software PCDOTS MBOX Converter which has been developed with extraordinary and advanced features. The Software enables users to migrate single as well as multiple phone numbers together. This can be used by both technical as well as non-technical users.

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It has 2 versions:

1. Free Version

The demo version enables users to migrate 10 phone numbers at a particular time.

2. Licensed version

The licensed version enables users to migrate more than 10 or even unlimted number of phone numbers within a single attempt.

Step-By-Step Guide:

  • Launch the given software by clicking on the button.Start the Software successfully on your system.
    launch tool to extract phone numbers from mbox files
  • Go to the Open Menu and click on the MBOX files >> Choose files/folders.
    select mbox files or folders
  • You can see all the files/folders on the left pane. Here, you may view MBOX file for free, if you wish to.
    preview mbox files
  • Click on the Extract button>>Phone numbers.
    select phone number
  • Enter the location in the browse box and Click on Extract button.
    extract phone number from mbox files
  • After that, the extraction process will start automatically.
    extraction process
  • Once it will done, you will directly be able to see the resultant data in the destination location.
    check output

Characteristics of this Software

  1. It provides the user simple and easy to use Graphical User Interface. The user will be able to know about a particular software and will also be able to find the solution of his answer.
  2. The Software works according to the need of the user. It is the choice of the user to select the files, folders or email addresses from which the user wants to extract phone numbers.
  3. Makes the user work more easy and can easily extract multiple or even unlimited number of phone number within a single attempt. This extraordinary feature saves the user’s most of the valuable time and efforts.
  4. Through the use of this Software, the user will not only extract phone numbers but can also extract email addresses and the attachments.

Common FAQ’s

1. Can I download this specialised software on my Windows OS?

Yes, you can easily download this Software on your Windows OS system.

2. Will there be any limit of extracting phone numbers?

Ans. User can extract 10 phone numbers at once using free version. And can extract multiple or unlimited phone numbers using licensed version.

3. Do we need to download any other supportive application?

No, you don’t need to download any other supportive application. This is enough to perform multiple tasks.


Phone numbers are one of the crucial thing for all the people to connect with family, friends and business peoples. And the software makes the difficult task easy for us. The Software is an independent utility which enables the user to continue the process without any installation and technical guide.