PCDOTS Refund Policy

PCDOTS is a reputable company that believes in satisfied and happy customers. Unlike other software vendors, we provide our customers 30 days of money back guarantee for all software products. The satisfaction of our customers is our reward, so the goal of our organization is to satisfy our customers in any way possible.

We encourage our customers to request a FREE DEMO VERSION of the software prior to purchasing to evaluate the software's performance. You can download the trial version of the program directly from our website. Many types of errors can appear suddenly due to various reasons that can cause harm.

The demo version allows you to decide at what level the software will help you. Only if there is a difference between the demo version and the full version, this situation will be further improved for the purpose of the refund confirmation process.

Note: Refunds may be applied in cases where the DEMO version of our software introduces functionality and the fully licensed version does not. Before getting your money back, please contact our technical support team to resolve the issue in any way.

Refund Guidelines

Customers who have purchased PCDOTS through our website or through an authorized reseller are entitled to a refund of PCDOTS software 30 days prior to the date of purchase for reasons related to the following guidelines:

The Following Conditions Apply to Reimbursement


Refund Is Not Available in The Following Case