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How to Convert MBOX to CSV Files? A Top Answer

PCDOTS Team ~ Published: 22-May-2023 ~ Software ~ 5 Minutes Reading

What’s Inside: This post will explain the best way to convert MBOX to CSV. You can convert your MBOX documents from any platform like Windows, Linux, or Mac OS using the technique provided below. Continue reading this article for the ultimate converting solution.

MBOX is a file format that is supported by several email clients, including Thunderbird, Postbox, Entourage, SeaMonkey, Apple Mail, and others. A single MBOX file may hold a massive amount of email and related data.

CSV, on the other hand, is the format used to store data in spreadsheet form. CSV files are ideal for organizing data, particularly in specific rows and columns.

The majority of users prefer to convert MBOX to CSV for a variety of reasons, one of which is to maintain the data in spreadsheet format. There has not yet been a manual solution established to open an MBOX file in CSV, but we have built a professional solution, please take a look.

User Query

Hello, I recently received a large number of MBOX files, each of which has numerous contacts. I’ve been asked to export those MBOX contacts to a CSV spreadsheet. It could take several days if I do it manually.  As a result, I’m seeking for an alternative method to make this process easier and complete in a matter of minutes. Please recommend one.

A Quick Solution to Convert MBOX to CSV Files

MBOX Converter Tool is the ideal solution for converting MBOX files to CSV. This solution is simple to use and is built using powerful algorithms. It allows you to directly convert MBOX files including all emails, attachments, and contacts to Comma Separate Value file format on Windows. This MBOX to CSV Converter has a free version that you may use to test its functionality. To get the MBOX to CSV Converter for free, click the button below.
Download Now

How to Convert MBOX to CSV Free?

  • Download, install and launch the free version of MBOX to CSV Converter software on your Windows device.
    download mbox to csv converter
  • Click the Open button, and select Email Data File. Then, select MBOX Files and choose the Files or Choose Folder option.
    select mbox files or folders

Note: If you want to convert MBOX to CSV in bulk, please click “Choose Folder” option.

  • Browse MBOX files or folders and import them to MBOX to CSV converter.
    browse mbox files
  • Click the Export tab and then select CSV as the exporting option from the drop-down menu.
    select csv saving option
  • Click the Browse button to set the destination path of the resulting files. Now, hit the Save button to start the MBOX to CSV conversion.
    convert mbox to csv

The MBOX files will be converted to CSV in a few moments, and you will be alerted. The question on “how do I convert a MBOX file to CSV” has been successfully answered. You can continue reading to learn more about the MBOX to CSV free converter.

Primary Traits of the MBOX to CSV Converter

(1) It has a basic user interface that makes it easy to use even for non-technical users.

(2) It can convert MBOX to CSV in bulk and in a few simple steps without any limitations.

(3) Export MBOX emails, attachments, and other attributes all at once to CSV files.

(4) It allows you to open and read MBOX files before converting them to CSV files.

(5) Convert MBOX file to CSV and other formats such as PST, PDF, HTML, and more.

(6) It has a search box for finding emails, attachments, and contacts within MBOX with one click.

(7) MBOX to CSV free Converter allows you to save the output files in the location of your choice.

(8) It is totally self-contained and does not require Thunderbird or any other email client.

(9) The tool works with Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and earlier versions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Is this software capable of converting my Gmail MBOX files to CSV?

A: The tool can convert MBOX files from Thunderbird, Apple Mail or any other email client to CSV files.

Question 2: There are other MBOX to CSV converters online; why should I use the PCDOTS MBOX Converter to convert MBOX file to CSV free?

A: The free online MBOX to CSV converter does not guarantee the security of your data. When you convert MBOX to CSV online, you put your files at danger. Our tool, on the other hand, is fully offline, which ensures that your data is protected throughout the translation process.

Question 3: How many MBOX files can the MBOX to CSV Converter convert at once?

A: The MBOX to CSV converter free can only export a limited number of files.  On the other hand, the licensed version allows you to convert an unlimited number of files at once.

In Conclusion

A professional MBOX file to CSV Converter is required to convert MBOX to CSV. Consequently, on this page, we have provided such a professional instrument. The recommended application allows you to convert MBOX emails, attachments, and contacts all at once to comma separated value files. The utility is available in a free version, which you may obtain by clicking on the link above.