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PCDOTS Team ~ Published: 18-Apr-2022 ~ Email Attachment Extractor, Extractor ~ 6 Minutes Reading

How to Extract Attachments from MBOX File Separately?

You’ve arrived at the right place if you’re looking to extract attachments from MBOX file. Read this article from the first line to the end where we will cover all possible ways for the same query. Thousands of e-mail messages can be saved in a single MBOX file. It’s a flexible and small file format to store email messages. So, you may use it on a number of platforms and devices to share and access emails.

However, the MBOX file size is based on sending and receiving emails on a regular basis. The attached files are the reason for the increasing file size. The files you’ve attached may include information that takes up a lot of space. As a result, users need to extract all attachments.

User Query

“I am looking for a solution to extract attachments from mbox files as I am using Thunderbird Email client for official purposes. But now, it’s not working properly and I have my data in the MBOX files. And IT Admin had taught me to send the official documents from my account. Can anyone please guide me, on how can I extract all attachments?

Here, we will discuss both the manual as well as the professional solution for the same.

 How to Extract MBOX File Attachments? – Manually

Use the Mozilla Thunderbird Attachment Extractor Add-On. This free add-on allows users to extract attachments.

  • Open the Thunderbird email client in your system and go to Add-ons.
  • Then, on the Gear icon, choose Install Add-on from Disk from the drop-down menu.
  • By selecting the Thunderbird Attachment Extractor XPI file and pressing the Install Now button, you can begin the installation procedure to save attachments from the MBOX file.
  • Restart the Thunderbird application on your computer after the installation is complete.
  • Select the email folders, right-click on them, and choose to Extract All Attachments to…, then choose a location where the MBOX attachments should be saved.
  • They’ll be correctly saved at the desired place after that. You will have no trouble downloading the attachments that have been generated.

Effective Method to Extract Attachments from MBOX File

A user can easily save all attachments from MBOX files and folders in one go using the PCDOTS MBOX Converter Software. The utility allows to bulk download MBOX attachments without facing any kind of circumstances.

You can easily extract only the needed data according to your choice and requirements. And also search for a particular attachment file using the Advanced search option just by entering the filename. Although, the utility supports 20+ formats including file formats and Email Services such as MBOX to PDF, MBOX to PST, MBOX to text, MBOX to EML, MBOX to HTML, MBOX to Gmail, MBOX to Office 365, and MBOX to Thunderbird. Along with this, it allows to view MBOX files in multiple different modes and is capable to view MBOX email headers.

Steps to Extract MBOX Attachments:

  • Open the software and click on the Open Button. 

    open the tool

  • Select Email Data Files >> choose mbox files and Upload the data directly to the system.

    upload mbox files

  • You can see the preview of the entire mailbox data and select the needed files and folders from where you want to extract attachments.

    select the required mbox data

  • Go to the Extract Menu and select Attachments from there.

    select atatchments

  • Enter the desired location where you want to store the resultant data.

    extract attachments from mbox

  • After that, the software will start extracting all the attachments from MBOX files and after some time, show the final message on the screen.

    save attachments from mbox

Moreover, we have explained the complete step-by-step guide to downloading the attachments from MBOX files and by clicking on the Open Folder, you can see the resultant data.

Can I Download Attachments of MBOX files of different Email-Clients?

Yes, the software supports all the MBOX files from different Email Clients and can easily upload the entire data on the screen of the software panel with maintaining the data consistency and hierarchy of folders.

Best Features of the MBOX Attachment Extractor Software

1. Effortlessly Extract All Attachments:

The utility has the ability to extract not only a single but a bulk of attachments together from MBOX files. While extracting unlimited data, there will not be any kind of data loss and hence, the hierarchy of all files and folders will be maintained.

2. Software has a Simple User Interface:

The MBOX attachment extractor has the simplest layout for extracting all attachments. There is no need to learn any technical skills in order to retrieve associated files from a large number of .mbox files. Also, it can be easily used by all the technical as well as the non-technical users.

3. Fetch Files without Performing Any Manipulation:

Our method for extracting all attachments does not harm the files’ current properties. Even after the retrieval operation is completed, it is preserved in the same condition. Emails containing attachments ending in.pdf,.jpeg,.docx,.txt, and other formats will carry out in the same format. In Addition, officials may also use this method with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and earlier versions.

4. The Demo Edition is Free to Download:

The demo version of the MBOX attachment extractor wizard is free to download. In fact, customers who want to test and utilize the product for their own purposes can obtain the setup file for free. It does, however, have a minor limitation that may be readily eliminated by purchasing the complete version.

5. Extract Other Email Attributes

Additionally, the software can also extract email elements such as MBOX email addresses, and MBOX phone numbers separately. Email Ids and contact numbers will take out in the form of Text file format.


Therefore, we recommend that you avoid using the add-ons supplied to extract attachments from MBOX file. For starters, these add-ons do not function independently, and another reason for not utilizing them is the significant danger of virus infection on the PC.

This is because, in general, these add-ons are found on spamming websites, making it easier for attackers to try cybercrime.

That’s why we suggest you continue with this among all the solutions available on the Internet. Furthermore, to download MBOX attachments, professionals also use this utility.