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Richard ~ Published: 21-Aug-2023 ~ Software ~ 5 Minutes Reading

How to Export Gmail Emails to Apple Mail? Solved!

Are you here to find how to export Gmail to Apple Mail? Do you have multiple emails and do you want to migrate them to the Mac Mail email client? If yes, then no need to worry, just continue walking with this blog till the conclusion.

Gmail and Apple Mail both are well-known Email Services used by half of the population. Users usually migrate to Apple Mail either due to functionalities or because they are moving from Windows to Mac and due to more extra storage space as compared to Gmail.

Last month, we had received not even some but multiple users’ queries for the same and that’s why we are here to come up with the manual as well as the professional solution

“I just purchased Mac Book for myself. And, I am using Gmail Account for the last 3 years. Since I am moving from Windows to Mac so I am finding a solution to migrate all my data to my Apple Mail account. If you have any perfect guide related to this, then do tell.”

—User Query

Quick Steps to Import Gmail to Apple Mail

  1. Run the given migration tool.
  2. Add a Gmail account there.
  3. Select the required Gmail emails.
  4. Export >> IMAP Account.
  5. Sign in to Mac Mail.
  6. Get the resulting data.

Export Gmail Emails into Apple Mail – Manually

In the manual solution, you need to put in many efforts and need to perform 2 Steps properly then only you will be able to migrate the entire mailbox items.

Step 1: Export Gmail Emails into MBOX

  • Log in to the Google Takeout Account.
  • Select the Emails or other data that you want to migrate and Deselect others.

export emails from google takeout

  • Choose file, Frequency, and Delivery Method.

choose options

  • Then, Create Export.
  • Get the Exported results.

get the results

Step 2: Import Resultant file from Gmail to Mac Mail

  1. Open the Mac Mail Email Client Application.
  2. Log in to your Apple Mail.
  3. Click on Mailbox >> Import.
  4. Select the .mbox file and import it.
  5. Then, see the exported emails in your Mac Mail Client.

This manual solution is easy to use but you need to put much effort into this. Also, you should have some technical knowledge for migrating the data. If you have any doubt related to this solution, then you can continue with another solution with proper screenshots to easily do Gmail to Mac Mail migration.

Perfect Solution to Export Gmail Emails into Apple Mail

Use the Gmail Converter developed by PCDOTS to easily import Gmail emails into Apple Mail.  You can easily transfer the entire mailbox data with no size limitation. Moreover, this migration tool can be easily operated by all the users even if they do not need any kind of technical knowledge for this.
Download Now

Users can easily migrate the bulk of emails instantly using this without any kind of loss of data. Also, it is possible for users to search for a particular email from the bulk of data present on the Internet. Just download the tool and start the migration process.

Steps to Migrate Gmail Emails to Apple Mail

  • Firstly, run the given migration tool in your present system. And, Click on the Open Menu.
    run tool to migrate gmail to apple mail
  • Click the Email Accounts and choose Add Account option. Enter the login credentials of your Gmail Account.
    add account
  • Once scanned, you can see the entire mailbox files and folders on the screen with a properly maintained hierarchy.
    loaded folders
  • Go to the Export Menu >> Select IMAP as the Email Service.
    select imap saving option
  • Enter the login details of your Mac Mail Account there and save. (Apple Mail is IMAP-enabled Account).
    enter apple mail enables account credentials
  • After that, see the successful migration message on the screen.
    migration done

Hence, it is easy for users to export the bulk data to Mac Mail using the few steps mentioned. After that, just log in to your Mac Mail account and see the exported data there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Is it possible to export emails from Gmail to Mac Mail without using third-party tools?

A: Yes. You can manually import Gmail into Apple Mail. You may need to download Gmail emails into MBOX files first, then import them into Apple Mail

Question 2: Is it possible to use this Software on Mac OS?

A: No, the Software only allows you to switch from Gmail to Apple Mail on Windows OS. It supports all previous as well as latest versions of Windows.

Question 3: Can I Migrate Emails from Gmail to Apple Mail along with attachments?

A: Yes, you can easily transfer the entire mailbox data to Mac Mail including attachments.

Question 4: Does the Gmail to Apple Mail Migration Tool Support other formats?

Yes, the software supports numerous formats and allows you to migrate the data into them.

Multiple File formats such as Gmail to Adobe PDF, Gmail to PST, export Google Contacts to CSV, MBOX, and other Email Services such as  Gmail to Thunderbird, Gmail to Microsoft 365, and IMAP-enabled accounts.

In addition, has the ability to download Email Attributes such as extract Gmail attachments, extract Gmail email addresses, and extract Gmail address book individually.

In Conclusion

Therefore, we had understood both the manual as well as professional solutions to export Gmail to Apple Mail instantly. In fact, I recommend you to continue with the professional solution as that will save most of your time and efforts. Also, not only emails but you can migrate the entire data without any kind of disruptions and with no loss of data.