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Richard ~ Published: 12-Apr-2022 ~ How to ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Two Methods to Export Google Contacts as CSV File Format

Are you finding a perfect way to export Google contacts as CSV format? If yes, then continue reading this blog. Here, we will discuss the perfect and the most effective way to Extract Gmail Address Book.

CSV, Comma Separated Values, is a file format used in MS Excel. Use Spreadsheets to store the huge store tabular data to manage them easily. The Gmail emails can also be able to store in CSV file format.

We all know, that Gmail is one of the most popular and widely used Email services all over the world. Google Mail provides 15 GB of free cloud storage space for all Gmail users on the Internet. Many users on the Internet want to export Google Contacts in CSV file format.

Contacts are one of the main important things in every person’s life. We all sync our data in our Gmail Accounts as Google contacts. When a user lost his phone, he just has to export Address Book from his Gmail Account and after that, he can easily import that file into his android phone. That’s why it is beneficial to export Google contacts in CSV file format. We will discuss manual and professional solutions today to Export Contacts Address Book.

Manual Solution to Export Google Contacts as CSV:

In the manual solution, we will directly convert Google contacts to a portable CSV file format. This solution is easy to use and can be used by all Internet users. However, when utilizing Takeout to export CSV, the files grow extremely large due to the number of your contacts or other data. These large files are difficult to load and open. As a result, splitting them up into different files may appear to be the best solution. In this case, a solution like CSV Splitter Tool may be useful. Now to export Gmail account contacts to CSV perform the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open the Gmail account on your system.


  • Log in to the Gmail Account and click on the Menu tab on the top of the right-hand side and click on Contacts.


  • Choose the Export option and select a particular CSV format. Google CSV: Used for the help desk system. Outlook CSV: used for Microsoft Outlook. vCard: used in different devices like iPhones, Android Phones, and gadgets.Import
  • The contacts will automatically download to your system based on a particular file format.

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Automated Solution to Convert Google Contacts to CSV

Before we continue further, I recommend you download Gmail Converter in your existing Windows OS system. This software is designed by the PCDOTS, which is responsible for developing finest tools like CSV Duplicate Remover, CSV Merge Tool and more. The software allows you to export bulk contacts together in the CSV format. It is developed by a high-professional experts algorithm to understand the needs and queries of the users.

Users can easily do the conversion all the contacts to CSV format. Not only this, but the utility also supports other formats such as saving Gmail to PDF, exporting Gmail to PST, importing Gmail to Thunderbird, importing Gmail to Office 365, exporting Gmail emails to Apple Mail, and others.

It is also possible for users to extract email attributes such as Gmail attachments, Gmail email addresses, and Gmail address book separately. Just download the mentioned utility and start the process.

Download Now

Proper Steps to Export Google Contacts as CSV:

  • Run the Software successfully on your Windows OS system.


  • Tap on the Open Menu and Select Email Accounts and Add Account.

add gmail account

  • Enter the login data of your Gmail account and add the account to your software.

export google contacts as CSV

  • All the files from your Gmail Account will load on the screen. You need to select the required files from there.

 export google contacts as CSV

  • Go to the Export Menu and select CSV as the File format.

export google contacts as CSV

  • Enter the particular location where you want to store the converted contacts and click on save.

export google contacts as CSV

  • After that, the process will start automatically and you will be able to see the notification of the Demo version result.

live process

  • Finally, go to the Open folder and see the resultant output on the screen.

 result of export google contacts as CSV


  • Is it possible to export 100 contacts at once?
    Yes, it is possible to export 100 contacts within a single attempt if you are using the Licensed version and export 10 contacts at once while using the Demo version.
  • Can I run this software on my Mac OS system?
    No, this software does not currently support Mac OS versions.
  • How to convert multiple contacts to CSV?
    1. Run the mentioned software.
    2. Configure your Google Mail account
    3. Select the required emails from which you want to export.
    4. Go to Export >> select CSV.
    5. Get the export Google contacts.

Final Result

By using the above 2 solutions, users can easily export Google contacts as CSV. In fact, both the solutions are easy to use but you need to remember that if you continue with the Manual Solution then you have to put more time and effort. Therefore, I suggest you continue with the professional solution so that you will be able to convert multiple Gmail contacts instantly.