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Know How to Extract All Email Addresses from Gmail?

Richard ~ Published: 12-Apr-2022 ~ Email Address Extractor, Extractor ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Do you want to extract email addresses from Gmail account? If your answer is yes then don’t worry and continue reading this blog post. In this article, PCDOTS team explains the entire step-by-step guide for extracting the email Ids.

Gmail is a well-known webmail service that has been used by more than half of the population for both personal and professional use. Users store a lot of emails and other data items in this and their entire information including contacts in the account. There are multiple users who want to extract email addresses from Gmail because of different purposes such as for email marketing or while switching to another email account.

If you are also one of them who is looking for a technique to get all email addresses from Gmail email fields i.e. From, To, Cc, Subject, Message Body, and Message Header. Then this blog post will definitely help you.

After reading the article, the given types of queries will be solved.

  • How to download an old email address from Gmail?
  • How to save all email addresses from Gmail for free?
  • Can I extract email addresses from Google Mail?

What do users want?

I using the Google Mail service since 2010. I have sent and receive thousands of email messages for completing my personal and professional requirements. Now I am looking for software to download email addresses from Gmail. Therefore, I can use extracted email addresses for marketing purposes like I can send promotional emails to my client. Please recommend me a quick technique to extract email addresses from Gmail email account.

– John Thomas, Florida, USA 

How to Extract Email Addresses from Gmail?

There is no direct solution for this query available on the Internet. But a lot of users wants to extract email address from Gmail but didn’t be able to find an accurate way. So, we have finally come up with one of the expert utilities, Gmail Converter, that allows users to extract email ids from all the email headers such as To, Cc, Bcc, message body, message headers, and others.

The software has been developed with multiple advanced functions and algorithms that allow users to not only extract email ids but also extract Gmail attachments, and extract Gmail Address Book, separately. Just download the mentioned Gmail Email Address Extractor and carry out the data.

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Simple Steps to Extract Email IDs from Gmail:

  1. Firstly, launch the Software.
  2. Configure your Gmail account there.
  3. You can see the preview Gmail email folders.
  4. Choose Extract << Email Addresses.
  5. Lastly, hit on the Save button to extract email ids.

After following the above-mentioned steps anyone can easily extract email addresses from a Gmail account. But if still, you are unable to understand the complete process then you can also follow the given steps with real-time screenshots to download email ids.

Step-By-Step Guide to Extract Gmail Email Addresses:

  • Launch the mentioned utility in your existing system and click on Open Menu.

Open button

  • Choose Add Account and enter the login credentials to configure your Gmail account

Choose Folder

  • See the preview of the entire Gmail Mailbox data and select the needed emails from them.

exporting email addresses from Gmail

  • Then, click on Extract >> Email Addresses to save them separately. (select email fields like From, To, Cc, Subject, Message Body, and Message Header)

retrieve email address from Gmail

  • After that, see the resultant prompted message on the screen.

press the Save button

By clicking on the Open Folder option, you will be able to see the resultant email addresses data in the form of Text File Format. Thus, this Gmail Email Address Extractor is easy to use and provides better quality results within a couple of minutes.

Benefits of Gmail Email Address Extractor

  1. The utility provides an easy-to-use GUI that can be easily operated by all the users whether they are from technical or non-technical backgrounds.
  2. Users can easily extract bulk emails addresses together from their Gmail accounts just by using this software.
  3. It also provides an advanced filter option that allows users to locate some particular data using the different filter options. Using this feature, users can easily do the selective extraction of email ids.
  4. The software is also compatible with numerous formats including file formats and Email platforms. It can easily export Gmail data in them such as Gmail to PDF, Gmail to PST, Gmail to EML, Gmail to MBOX, Gmail to Office 365, Gmail to Thunderbird, Gmail to Apple Mail. It works as software to backup Gmail emails.
  5. This tool also supports all the versions of Windows OS and can easily run on Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, Vista, and XP, and in other 32-bit and 64-bit OS versions.
  6. In fact, it does not require any kind of extra installation and can work independently without the need for any other technical guidance.

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Final Result

This entire blog has properly described how can a user extract email addresses from Gmail. I recommend understanding the steps first and continuing with the free trial version. The Demo edition allows users to download email addresses and previews them in the software interface. But it permits the storage of only 10 emails addresses from each mailbox file.

Moreover, users can first evaluate the software working process and after complete satisfaction, upgrade it to the pro edition to extract email ids from Gmail and store them into a simple text file.