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Richard ~ Published: 14-Jun-2023 ~ Software ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Learn How to Import Google Takeout Data to New Account?

There are multiple users present on the Internet who are using several numbers of Google Accounts for different-different purposes. One for personal use, one for professional use, and one for backing up the data. So, it is better for them to combine all of them in a single account that will make their data stored properly in a well-organized manner. However, nowadays, one of the trending processes arising is basically to import Google Takeout to a new account.

Google takeout is basically a platform offered by Google to take out the entire data according to the needs and requirements. Users can easily download emails, contacts, calendars, to-do lists, and other data items that they want. By creating an archive all the files will be carried out in the .zip format and you can easily download the file in your system and store them in a specific location.

Even we had also received numerous queries where users want to import their entire Google Takeout Data to Another Google Account. So, let us continue with the perfect automated solution to perform this conversion.

Detailed Solution to Import Data from Google Takeout to Another Google Account

To perform this task, we need to take the help of Google Takeout to import data into Gmail. Firstly, we will take the Archive files from Google takeout and then import them into Gmail using a specialized utility.

Step1: Export Data from Google Takeout

login to google takeout

  • Select the Mail Option from the list of items and deselect others. Next.

select required option

  • From the Delivery Method, choose to Send Download Link via Email.

select method to export google takeout emails

  • Choose the .zip option from the file type and Create Archive.

create archive .zip file

  • The process will start automatically.

process will start running

  • Once done, you will get the link in your email to download the folder.

download file

Step2: Use Automated Approach to Import the Data to Gmail

There is no direct option to import the data, so our team had designed one of the perfect tools to import the Data, the Email Conversion Tool. The utility has been designed with a straightforward algorithm that provides a simpler interface that can be used by all Internet users.

This Google Takeout Import Tool also works on all the previous as well as the latest versions of Windows OS and has the ability to import unlimited data to another Gmail Account within a single attempt. The data will be transferred without any kind of loss of data and without imposing any kind of limitations.

So, without wasting time, just have this software in your system.

download buy

Steps for Importing Google Takeout Data

  1. Run the given utility in your system.
  2. Upload the Google Takeout files.
  3. Select the needed data.
  4. Go to Export >> Gmail.
  5. Enter login details.
  6. Get the resultant data.

Guide to Import Google Takeout to New Account

  • Run the Software in your present system and go to the Open Menu.

run google takeout import tool

  • Select Email Data Files >> Google Takeout Files and upload the data directly from the system.

upload google takeout files

  • Then, see the preview of all the emails on the screen and select the required amount of data.

select the required files

  • After that, go to the Export Menu and select Gmail as the Email Service.

select gmail

  • Enter the login credentials of your Google Account and click on Save to start the process to import data.

import google takeout data to new account

  • In just a few minutes, you can see the resultant message on the screen.

resultant message
Hence, by performing these simple steps, users can easily import the Google Takeout Files directly to another Gmail Account.

Now, just log in to your account and see the imported data there.

Features of Google Takeout Import Tool

  1. Batch Import Files
    The Google Takeout MBOX Converter Software is one of the perfect utilities that allow users to import multiple Google Takeout MBOX Files to the new account in just a single attempt without imposing any kind of size limitations.
  2. Compatible with Multiple Formats
    The software is 100% portable and has the ability to export the data into multiple other file formats. With the aid of the tool, you may convert Google Takeout files to PDF, EML and other format. This software also enables you to import Google Takeout files to Outlook, Thunderbird and other accounts.
  3. Advanced Search Option
    Users can also use the filter option to search for a particular email from the bulk of data using different filtering options such as Email Headers, File size, and others mentioned. Date Range Filter allows you to carry out emails of a particular duration.
  4. Ideal Utility
    It is one of the best tools to import Google Takeout data as it provides a flexible GUI and can easily work on all the previous as well as the latest versions of Windows OS such as Windows 7, 8, 9, 10, and Windows 11. Also, upload the multiple Google Takeout files without imposing any kind of size limitations. It also works as a tool to backup emails.

Closing Words

At last, just wanted to say that we had discussed one of the easiest solutions presented on the Internet to import Google Takeout to a New Account. It is much simpler as compared to other manual solutions and hence, users even from the non-tech background can use the software without the need for any kind of technical guidance.