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How to Remove Metadata from DOCX Files in Batch on Windows?

Your security and privacy could be compromised by metadata that is connected to a DOCX file. Learn how to remove metadata from DOCX files on Windows.

Most digital devices will save at least some metadata to the DOCX file when you create one. Depending on the gadget being used, this might include the file’s creation parameters, the file’s creator, model, and date and time. The owner and the subjects of the DOCX may have privacy difficulties if you post that file in its current state online.

Fortunately, erasing metadata from DOCX files before making them public is a simple process. You may discover a suitable solution below, which we recommend you review right away.

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A Manual Way to Remove Metadata from DOCX

Manually removing DOCX metadata is simpler, but it has certain limits. You can only delete metadata from one DOCX file at a time, which takes time. To understand the procedure, follow the steps below.

  • Right-click the DOCX file and choose Properties
  • From the dialog box choose the “Details” tab.
  • Select Remove personal properties and information
  • A window will now appear asking if you want to remove all properties or a specific one.
  • Now, give a check on the particular property or Select all
  • Finally click the OK button to remove DOCX metadata

So, that’s how you may do it manually, but keep in mind that you can’t batch remove metadata from DOCX with it. If you want to delete metadata from a large number of files at once, consider the DOCX metadata remover below.

An Instant Solution to Clear Metadata from DOCX

PCDOTS Metadata Eraser Tool is an intelligent and feature-rich tool to erase metadata from DOCX files. The application was created solely to remove metadata from a wide variety of files, allowing you to safeguard your privacy from internet criminals. It is a Windows tool that is absolutely safe to use. This application is initially free and can be downloaded by clicking the icon below.
Download Now
This application does it everything, and we should highlight that it can delete metadata from various types of document files. You can use the software to delete metadata from DOC, DOCX, DOT, DOCM, DOTX, DOTM, RTF, ODT, and OTT files. As a result, if you use any of the mentioned document files in addition to DOCX, you can successfully delete metadata from them.

We’ve outlined all of the associated processes to help you figure out how the tool works. We strongly advise you to follow them in order to properly remove metadata from DOCX.

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Steps to Wipe All Metadata Properties from DOCX 

  • Download the DOCX metadata remover on Windows. Then, to install it, double-click the downloaded EXE file. Once the setup is completed, run it to erase metadata from DOCX files.
    download the tool to remove metadata from docx
  • Once the DOCX metadata removal tool is running, select the Open When the added option appears, pick Document Files and then DOCX Files.
    select docx files
  • Begin by browsing and selecting DOCX files on your device. Finally, using the Select Folder option, upload all of them into the tool.
    browse docx files
  • Give the DOCX files a preview when they’ve been uploaded to the tool.
    preview docx files
  • To remove metadata from DOCX, click the Action button and select the clear metadata
    click action button
  • Set the output files’ destination directory by clicking the Browse button. Lastly, to erase metadata from DOCX files, click the Save.
    click save to erase metadata from docx files

Therefore, these are the procedures you must take in order to effectively delete metadata properties from DOCX files using the software. To help you learn more about the instrument, we’ve included some of its characteristics below. Therefore, go through them as well.

DOCX Metadata Remover Over Manual | WHY

(1) Free to Use: The utility features a demo version that you can access when you first launch it. You can only delete metadata from a small number of files using the demo version. When you’re happy with how the tool works, you may purchase a license key to remove the metadata from an unlimited number of DOCX files.

(2) Bulk Removal Capabilities: By deleting metadata from a lot of files at once, the application hopes to save you time. The tool has the ability to mass remove metadata from DOCX. To remove metadata from a large number of files at once, utilize the Choose Folder option.

(3) Several Options for DOCX Selection: The tool offers two different techniques for picking and exporting DOCX files. You can decide between choosing DOCX files or folders. You should select the folders option if you want to erase metadata from DOCX in mass.

(4) A Practical Tool: The utility may also remove metadata from Excel files like XLS or XLSX in addition to document formats like DOCX. Along with Excel and documents files, the utility can also remove the metadata from PowerPoint presentations and image files like JPG and TIFF.

(5) Location Control: You are not required to save the files in a certain area or combine them with other files by the application. It DOCX metadata removal tool enables you to browse and pick a suitable location that is both convenient and secure.

(6) A Tool That Is Totally Secure to Use: The software was skilfully created. It removes metadata from DOCX files using clever algorithms. It focuses solely on removing the Meta properties while making an effort to keep the other properties of your DOCX files intact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Do DOCX documents contain metadata?

A: Yes, there is metadata in the DOCX files. This information discloses everything about the document, including the author’s identity. Even fields for storing things like comments, categories, and tags exist.

Question 2: How do I batch remove metadata from DOCX files?

  • Download and start the DOCX metadata remover
  • Import DOCX files / folders into the software
  • Click Action button and select clear metadata option
  • Choose a location for the output and press Save button.

Question 3: Which is the most effective DOCX metadata remover?

A: The PCDOTS Metadata Remover is a safe and reliable way to clear metadata from DOCX. It is entirely offline and does not require you to transfer files to the Internet and risk losing them.

In Conclusion

A DOCX files has metadata attributes which any online scammer can utilize to breach your privacy. As a result, we have provided you with the best tool to remove metadata from DOCX files in order to help you resolve the issue. The recommended PCDOTS software is feature-rich and cost-free. You may directly download the tool for free from the link above and start deleting metadata attributes right away.