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Permanently Delete Metadata from PDF Files Before Sharing Them Online

Introduction: A few years ago, the term “metadata” was not widely known by the general public, but it is today a hot topic. Those that understand the significance of metadata in their files tend to remove it in order to protect themselves against digital scam artists. Many users of different file types, such those of PDF files, prefer to remove Metadata before sharing their files. This article will be very helpful to you if you belong to that group of users and wish to delete metadata from PDF.

Description, publisher, date of creation, date of update, issue, program used to produce the PDF file, size of the PDF file, the total number of pages in the PDF file, and all tags connected with the file are examples of metadata that can be found in PDF files. If these metadata attributes fall into the hands of the wrong yet intelligent person, they can be exploited and used to trap you. The sole course of action in this circumstance is to remove all metadata from PDF.

Quick Steps to Remove Metadata from Video Files

  1. Download and launch video metadata remover.
  2. Import video files into the software pane.
  3. Click Action and select Clear Metadata options.
  4. Select location for output files and click Save.

Benefits of Removing All Metadata from PDF

  • Protect Privacy: Metadata in PDFs often contain sensitive information. Removing it protects individuals and organizations by preventing unintended exposure to data.
  • Information Security: Cyber criminals can exploit metadata in PDFs. Removing it reduces the risk of security breaches and enhances document security.
  • Professionalism: Clean, simple metadata enhances the professionalism of your documents, and is essential in business, legal, or academic contexts.
  • Collaboration Efficiency: Removing metadata simplifies collaboration and reduces clutter and confusion among collaborators.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enforce data protection. Removing Meta helps compliance by reducing the risk of data exposure.

These are some of the advantages to remove metadata from PDF. Now, let’s take a look at all the possible ways to remove PDF metadata.

How to Delete Metadata from PDF?

In essence, there are three methods to remove metadata from PDF files. To delete all metadata from PDF files, use either the Adobe Acrobat application or professional software. Please read about each strategy that we have covered below.

1. Wipe Metadata from PDF Files with Adobe Acrobat DC

  • Open Adobe Acrobat DC. Select ‘File’ > ‘Properties,’ then the Description tab, followed by Additional Metadata.
  • Select ‘Advanced’ from the left-hand menu.

To add the current information from a template, hold down Command (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows), then select a name for the template. However, if you want to replace the metadata with a template, you must choose an XMP template file. It’ll be in the top right corner of the conversation box menu.

  • Select a template file (XMP) from the dialog box’s menu in the top right corner to replace the existing information with a template of metadata.

2. Remove Metadata from PDF with Adobe Acrobat X

  • Open the PDF file, then choose “Document” and “Examine Document.” Await the conclusion of the test.
  • Select “remove” if any information is displayed in the search results after the search.
  • Save the PDF document.

So that’s how to delete metadata from PDF file using Adobe Acrobat. This manual method appears to be very difficult and sophisticated. As a result, if you want a more straightforward method to remove PDF metadata, consider our following option.

How to Delete Metadata from PDF? An Expert Technique

PCDOTS Metadata Eraser Tool is the ideal solution to batch remove all metadata from PDF files. This software was created to erase metadata from PDF, Excel files, Word documents, and multimedia files. You can think of this application as an all-in-one because it allows you to delete metadata from a broad variety of files. It is a clever application that requires only a few clicks to batch remove metadata from PDF files.
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We have examined each of the tool’s operational processes, and we have listed them in detail below. Please read through all of the procedures below to ensure that the program operates without a hitch and that you can successfully batch remove all metadata from PDF.

Working Steps to Batch Remove Metadata from PDF Files

  • Click the download button given above to get the PDF metadata remover. Click the EXE file to start installing it. After the setup is complete, run it to clear metadata from PDF.
    download the tool to delete metadata from pdf files
  • After running the application to delete metadata from PDF; click the Open button and select PDF Files. Once additional options appear, select the Choose files or Choose folder
    click open tab
  • Now you should start browsing your PDF files or folders and put them all in the software by pressing the Select Folder button.
    browse pdf files
  • Once all the PDF folders have been loaded into the tool to remove metadata from PDF; preview if needed.
    preview pdf files
  • Now, you need to proceed to press the Action button and select the Clear Metadata button to remove metadata from PDF.
    click action button
  • Click the browse button to set the destination path for the resulting files. Once this is done, hit the Save button to clean metadata from PDF.
    click save to delete metadata from pdf

These given are the procedures to follow in order to batch remove metadata from PDF file. We have also provided a list of some of the tool’s characteristics below to aid in your understanding. We advise you to look them over to discover if the tool that is best for you.

Why Should You Use PDF Metadata Remover Tool?

(1) Delete Metadata from PDF in Batch: The application helps you to delete metadata from huge number of PDF files at once. By using the demo version, the performance of this program is merely limited. Once you have obtained the license key, you may batch remove all metadata from PDF without restriction.

(2) Delete at Your Discretion: Even if you have added a large number of PDF files or folders to the tool, you will have the option to filter them before removing the metadata. You can choose which files from the whole PDF folders to erase metadata from. You merely need to check and uncheck the files in the tool’s left pane.

(3) Search Function: This tool is ideal if you need to discover a certain file among a large number of PDF files or folders. The suggested application to remove metadata from PDF files includes a search function. This search function allows you to locate a specific PDF file or any content contained inside it.

(4) Compatibility: The application is only available for the Microsoft Windows operating system. With Windows OS versions 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and below, you can use the software to delete all metadata from PDF files.

Know More About This All-in-One Tool

Removing metadata from PDF files is one of the numerous tasks that our suggested Metadata Scrubber program may perform. It is a thorough application that allows you to delete metadata from a variety of file types. The software allows you to delete metadata from JPG, ODT, RTF, DOT, and other types of files. The application may also delete metadata from audio and video files in addition to document or image files. Hence, if you ever need to remove metadata, think about using this software.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question 1: How do I view metadata in a PDF document?

A: You can view the metadata in a PDF by right-clicking the file, selecting “Properties” and going to the “Details” tab. Alternatively, you can use dedicated PDF metadata viewer tools.

Question 2: : What are the common tools or methods to remove metadata from PDF?

A: You can remove PDF metadata using tools such as Adobe Acrobat, or PDF metadata remover.

Question 3: Can Adobe Acrobat wipe metadata from many PDFs at once?

A: No, the Adobe Acrobat application can only erase metadata from a single file. Use professional software to delete metadata from PDF files in mass.

Question 4: Why should I use the software over Adobe Acrobat to delete all metadata from PDF files?

It takes a lot of time and is quite technical to scrub metadata from PDF using Adobe Acrobat. On the other hand, the tool is totally autonomous and has the ability to bulk remove PDF metadata.

Question 5: How many PDF files’ metadata can I delete all at once?

A: You may remove metadata from an unlimited number of PDF files simultaneously with our software.

Question 6: Is there any limitation to the PDF metadata remover?

A: The only constraint you will encounter is in the application’s free edition. You can remove metadata from PDF indefinitely after purchasing the full version.

In Conclusion

If you are concerned that the metadata in your PDF files will be misused, you must remove it. We have provided you with an excellent solution to batch remove metadata from PDF files while maintaining the original file structure. The suggested PCDOTS solution is ideal for removing metadata attributes from PDF files in bulk. It is free and may be obtained by the link provided above.

Customer Feedback on the PDF Metadata Remover
I recently tried Adobe Acrobat to remove PDF metadata, however it was time consuming and ineffective. As a result, I looked for a professional PDF metadata remover and came across this PCDOTS program. I must state unequivocally that this tool simplified my job and saved me a significant amount of time. Strongly suggest this program to anyone who wants to delete metadata from PDF.  ~ Zara
I had roughly 500 PDF files that I wanted to delete metadata from all at once but didn’t know how. Then my boss suggested I use PCDOTS software to remove metadata from PDF files. This application eliminated all of my worries and streamlined the entire procedure. This PDF metadata remover has blown me away.    ~ Allen
I used this software to remove metadata from PDF, and I had an excellent experience with it. It has several features and allows you to easily delete metadata from PDF files in bulk without any issue. I wholeheartedly suggest this program to everyone.  ~ James