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How to Remove Metadata from TIFF Files Before Sharing them Online ?

PCDOTS Team ~ Modified: 06-Apr-2023 ~ Erase Metadata ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Do you frequently share so many TIFF-formatted photographs online? Do you aware that these TIFF images contain Metadata, which includes the majority of your personal information and can be misused by online con artists? We’re convinced that if you know, you’ll want to remove metadata from TIFF files before sharing them online from now on, and we can help you with the “How”?

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Why Should You Delete Metadata from TIFF Files?

Most photographs shot on a digital device will contain certain metadata. This information is saved in an EXIF format (Exchangeable Image File Format). The information related with TIFF or any other image is determined by the technology used to take it, as well as any applications used to enhance or modify it. You may anticipate seeing the following information:

  • Approximate location provided by GPS coordinates.
  • The time and date that the photograph was shot
  • Gadget version and producer
  • The brand and edition of the editing software used and moreā€¦

The majority of the mention data is rather safe, but it can pose privacy problems. So, the best way to protect your privacy and keep yourself safe from internet scammers is to remove Metadata before sharing.

Quick Steps to Scrub TIFF Metadata

  • Download, install and run the TIFF metadata remover
  • Select and upload TIFF files or files into the software
  • Click action button and remove metadata option
  • Choose location and click save to delete TIFF metadata

A Professional Method to Remove Metadata from TIFF Files

We advise using the Metadata erasure by PCDOTS to delete metadata from TIFF files. This application was created specifically to remove the metadata from any image files you may have as well as any Excel and document files. It’s a clever utility that automatically remove TIFF metadata with only two or three clicks from you.
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The application is loaded with sophisticated functionality but only works with Windows. We have compiled a list of all the related processes to aid in your comprehension of how the tool functions. We urge you to locate them so you can become familiar with how the tool operates.

How to Delete Metadata Properties from TIFF Images ? A Detailed Guide

  • First of all; download the TIFF metadata removal tool on your Windows device. Then click on the downloaded EXE file to install it, and finally launch it to delete metadata from TIFF.
    download the tool to remove metadata from tiff
  • Once the tool to remove metadata from TIFF is running, click the Open tab. Once the additional option appears, click on Image Files and then select TIFF Files.
    select tiff files option
  • Once you have browsed and uploaded all the TIFF files into the tool, give them a preview.
    preview images before removing metadata
  • Now, you need to click on the Action button and select the clear metadata option to remove TIFF metadata.
    select clear metadata option
  • Click the Browse button to set the destination path to the output files. Finally, click the Save button to delete metadata from TIFF files.
    delete metadata from tiff files

To correctly remove metadata from TIFF files, you must follow the provided instructions. Also, we’ve included a few of the tool’s characteristics to help you decide if it’s the right one for you. For a better understanding of the tool, we advise you to read them aloud as well.

Primary Traits of the TIFF Metadata Erasure Tool

  1. Designed for Unrestricted Removal: The application makes it simple to delete metadata from TIFF in bulk. You will not be required to remove metadata from individual TIFF files. You can choose any amount of photos and delete metadata from them all at once.
  2. Distinct Choice to Select Images: Two distinct modes are available for selecting and uploading TIFF images in the tool to remove metadata from TIFF. You have the option to select either specific TIFF files or entire directories. The folders option is the one you should choose if you wish to remove TIFF metadata in bulk.
  3. A Versatile Tool: In addition to TIFF images, the application can remove metadata from JPG and JPEG files. Apart removing image files, the utility can also delete metadata from Excel files, Word documents, and PowerPoint files. As a result, if you want to delete metadata, this is the program to use.
  4. Location Control: The application to remove TIFF metadata does not compel you to store the files to a predefined location and mix them in with other files. It allows you to browse and select an ideal area that is easily accessible and secure.
  5. A Completely Safe to Use Tool: The app is cleverly made. It uses sophisticated algorithms to delete metadata from TIFF files. It concentrates exclusively on eliminating the information while attempting to preserve the other aspects of your TIFF images.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Is it required to remove metadata from TIFF files?

A: You may avoid removing metadata in most circumstances, such as when exchanging files with family and friends. When sharing TIFF files online, it is required to remove the metadata. There are numerous online scammers waiting to catch you, and all they need is some of your personal information, which they can obtain through the metadata. As a result, deleting metadata is required in this circumstance.

Question 2: Why should I delete metadata from TIFF files using your PCDOTS software?

A: While there is a lot of software available on the internet, our tool stands out from the crowd. There are numerous internet tools accessible that may or may not guarantee the security of your total TIFF file. On the other hand, our tool is fully offline and safe to use.

Question 3: Can I use your software to remove metadata from TIFF files on Mac devices which I’m currently using ?

A: Unfortunately, our program does not yet support Mac devices. You can use it on any Windows-powered device, though.


You must remove metadata from TIFF images before sharing them with others in order to preserve your privacy. To assist you with your task, we have provided you with a fantastic professional tool to delete metadata properties from TIFF. The proposed tool is all-inclusive and available for free. The utility can also delete metadata from ODT files, RTF files, and any other file types that contain metadata. So, right away, download the utility from the aforementioned URL, and begin removing TIFF metadata.