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Remove Metadata from Photo Files in 100% Secured Manner

PCDOTS Team ~ Published: 31-Mar-2023 ~ Erase Metadata ~ 7 Minutes Reading

Ever wondered how to remove metadata from Photo ? If yes, read on to find out.
The metadata is the most important property in your image files. The majority of the valuable information about you, your location, and even the system attributes on which the photograph was made is contained in such metadata properties. These properties are sufficient for scammers to simply compromise your privacy and snare you in a scam.

As a result, in such a case the only way out is to erase metadata from photo before publishing it, especially online. Therefore, in order to assist you in quickly removing metadata attributes from a photo in the safest manner, we have discussed the manual as well as professional solution, which you should review right now.

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How to Manually Delete Metadata from Photo ?

  1. Open the folder containing the picture you wish to delete the metadata from first.
  2. Then, choose the appropriate image as usual.
  3. Next, with the right click of the mouse, choose “Properties” from the menu that appeared in the image files.
  4. Following that, click “Details“.
  5. Last but not least, use the option to clone the file and remove all of its properties.
  6. Choose “OK. to wipe photo metadata”

By following the steps given above you may easily clear metadata from photo. We must, however, also mention that this manual procedure is not suitable for all. It has certain limitation which you must know right now.

Things to Consider When Opting Manual Approach

  • It is time consuming process.
  • The manual approach is suitable for one with limited amount of files.
  • You must have to go though each images one by one to remove its metadata.

So, if you are the one with only few images, we suggest you to utilize the manual process. But if you have countless image files, we suggest you to employ the metadata removal software as it might create more value in your task.

A Professional Way to Remove Metadata from Photo

The tool that can delete metadata from photos in bulk is PCDOTS Metadata Erasure Software. You should use this application since it allows you to wipe metadata from a variety of image files. Since there are numerous image file extensions, this app aims to support them all. The wipe photo metadata tool may remove metadata from TIFF, JPEG, JPG, PNG, and other image types. Hence, the tool may remove metadata from image, regardless of the extension you’re using.
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The application is a quick way to wipe metadata from photos because it only requires you to take a few simple steps. We have provided a complete list of those stages below to assist you in becoming familiar with them. We urge you to review them immediately so that you won’t encounter any difficulties when using the photo metadata remover.

Easy 4 Steps to Wipe Photo Metadata

  • Step 1: Download and install the software
  • Step 2: Upload the images into the software
  • Step 3: Select the location to save the output.
  • Step 4: click save to remove wipe photo metadata.
Please keep in mind that by clicking the download button above, you will receive a demo version of the tool. The trial version is entirely free to use. You can only clean metadata from image and determine their processes using this edition. After that, you can proceed to purchase the license key for unrestricted metadata removal.

How Can You Remove Metadata from Multiple Images at Once ? 

  • To remove metadata from photo, first download the tool by clicking the icon above. When you have the EXE file on your device, double-click it to begin installing the utility. Eventually, launch it.
    start the tool to remove metadata from photo
  • After you’ve opened a wipe photo metadata tool, go to the menu bar and pick the Open When the drop down menu opens, select Choose Files or Choose Folder.
    select image files by clicking open tab
To clean metadata from image in bulk, click the Choose Folder option.
  • Begin by scrolling through all of the image files and loading them all into the erase photo metadata tool.
    browse image files
  • After you’ve put all of the image files into the tool, go ahead and preview them.
    preview image files before removing metadata
  • To delete metadata from photo, you must now click the Action button and choose the clear metadata option.
    select clear metadata option
  • Choose your preferred location to save the files by clicking the browse option. Lastly, click the Save button to remove metadata from photos.
    click save to remove metadata from image

To correctly delete metadata from photo, you must strictly follow the directions above. Below, we’ve covered a few of the tool’s features to help you learn more about it. Review them right away.

Why Should You Utilize PCDOTS Photo Metadata Remover ?

  1. To Protect Privacy: Scammers are constantly searching for new ways to access metadata from Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp photos. Once they do, they can target your photos and violate your privacy. Hence, erasing metadata from photo is necessary to maintain privacy, and our PCDOTS photo metadata removal tool is the finest for doing so.
  2. Bulk Removal: Capabilities: The photo metadata remover capabilities are unbounded. It has no restrictions and may delete metadata from photo in bulk. Any number of photos may have their metadata removed in a single cycle with the aid of the tool.
  3. Data Selection Modes: The utility offers two ways for selecting and uploading photos. You can choose specific picture files using the choose files option. But, you must choose the Select folder option if you wish to remove metadata from photo in bulk.
  4. A Versatile Metadata Remover Software: In addition to image files, the application can remove metadata from a broad variety of other files. You may also use the software to delete metadata from Word documents, Excel files, PowerPoint files, and other document formats. As a result, this utility is ideal to wipe metadata from photo and other mention files.


My images are in PNG format; is the manual method suitable for me?

Yes, you may manually delete metadata from any image file format, including PNG, JPG, TIFF, and others.

Why should i use your software instead of option for manual approach ?

The manual procedure is ideal if you just have a few photos to remove metadata from, because it needs you to go through each photo one by one. If you have hundreds or thousands of photographs and wish to erase their metadata all at once, this software is ideal.

Can I delete metadata from photo manually on a Mac?

The procedure we’ve provided you with is solely for Windows. If you want to remove metadata from your Mac, follow the procedures below.

  • Open photo using ‘Preview’
  • Click “Tools” from the menu
  • Then choose ‘Show Inspector’
  • Choose the (i) tab
  • Finally, hit the ‘Exif’ tab


To preserve your privacy while sharing photographs online, you must delete metadata first. We have provided you with an excellent solution to remove metadata from photos in bulk. The suggested photo metadata remover is a superb and secure program to delete metadata from image while keeping other features intact. You can immediately begin deleting metadata by downloading the utility from the link above.