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This Converter is a perfect solution that enables users to export Thunderbird to HTML format. The user can easily convert emails along with the attachments within a single attempt. The Converter will help you to extract bulk of attachments without losing a single bit of data. Most of the technical experts also recommend this software to extract bulk of attachments as it makes the task easy and flexible to use. The most important thing is that this software is a stand alone utility which does not need support of any other application.

You can export emails in bulk along with the email elements like attachments, email addresses and phone numbers separately.The Software is accessible to all the users and even a non-technical users can easily use the Software.

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Questions about how to convert Thunderbird emails to HTML ? Watch our detailed product video tutorial, and software guide.

Major Points

  • Perfectly convert Thunderbird emails in unlimited numbers with 100% accuracy
  • Quickly manage the structure, and data hierarchy of the files
  • Compatible to convert damaged, orphaned, and corrupted data files
  • Quick Search Option helps you to find any specific email
  • Multiple preview modes are available to view Thunderbird Email, like Content, Hex, etc
  • Capable to extract data elements from all the folders, like Inbox, Sent, and more
  • Other applications does not require along with this tool
  • File naming option helps you to name the resultant data file
  • Comfortable with Windows OS Versions, including Windows 11, 10

Advanced Options

Benefits of Thunderbird to HTML Converter Software

Convert Thunderbird Emails to HTML in Bulk

The Software is an all-in-one solution to export Thunderbird to HTML format.The user can easily convert entire data in an accurate manner with just one click. The process of conversion from data files can be done in a couple of minutes.

Extract Email Elements

This tool has some extra-advanced and built in options and if you started using it, you will also understand that the software increases its performance day by day. Users can extract attachments, extract email addresses and phone numbers separately.

Conversion without any error

The Converter tool is an elegant solution that can perform multiple taks at the same time. Users can do multiple operations and can perform migration of multiple mails without reporting any error or restriction. The Software will give the desired results to the users. Also the software will work according to the user needs.

Select Destination location

It is the choice of the user to store the resultant location wherever he wants. It is an advanced features that will work according to the user preferences.And if you do not browse the location, it will automatically save the output file on the desktop location.

Multiple Options to Export Thunderbird files

Users can simply convert unlimited number of file. This software has ability to convert files into multiple file formats, such as Thunderbird to EML, Thunderbird to MBOX, Thunderbird to PST, Thunderbird to PDF and other Email Services/Clients such as Thunderbird to Gmail, Thunderbird to Office 365 and more.

Windows Compatibility

The Converter supports all the versions of Windows OS. It is safe and secure and will take care of all the data present in it. The Software has the capability to convert bulk of mails from Thunderbird. This software easily work with all the previous and latest versions of the Windows OS, like Windows 11, 10, and many more.


Advanced Option to Find Thunderbird Emails

The converter utility has ability to search a specific email from the entire database. You can quickly locate to the data files from all the folders in just a few clicks, such as Inbox, Task, Notes, Journals, and more.

  • Locate to the emails of a particular duration with the help of Date Filter option
  • Easily find emails from all the intents, such as To, Cc, Bcc, Subject.
  • You can search the particular email by entering a single file name.

Advanced Options

System and Software Requirements

Software Name: PCDOTS Thunderbird to HTML Converter Software
Version: 3.4
Processor: Minimum Pentium Class
RAM: Minimum 2 GB
Minimum Hard Drive Space: 100 MB of free space
Operating System: Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, 2003 and all.
Email Clients & File Formats: Multiple Export Options, and Product Guide
Installation & Un-installation: Install Uninstall Refund Policy

This software can properly mantain the hierarchy and data structure of the entire files and folders. It can export corrupted data files with accuracy. Also, you can quickly export Thunderbird to HTML in just few minutes without losing any kind of information.

It offers you accurate result, because it has been designed with a high technology by professionals. You can convert bulk number of data files with attachments and other data elements. That’s why many technical experts suggest this software to convert Thunderbird emails to HTML.

This Thunderbird MBOX File Converter provides you 2 versions to better understand the process. Firstly, the demo version is free of cost, and it can convert first 10 emails with all the data items. Secondly, Users can export Thunderbird to HTML in bulk with the help of licensed version in a single process, and without losing any kind of information.

Export Options

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can download Converter software on Windows OS because the software successfully supports all Windows Operating System.
  1. Run Thunderbird to HTML converter.
  2. Load the file.
  3. Choose required data.
  4. Press on export, and HTML.
  5. Enter destination path and save.
  6. Get the final result.
Yes, you can easily extract all email elements together at once through the help of Extract button.
Yes, it is possible to save Thunderbird address book separately extract option.


User Reviews

This Thunderbird to HTML converter is a best solution to convert unlimited amount of data files with accuracy. None of the applications give me perfect and accurate data file. But, this advanced utility can export multiple information in a single cycle. Also, this utility is completely secure for your precious data files. It has capability to upload batch number of data without interchange any information.


California, America

This technical tool provides me best and accurate result in couple of minutes. I am fully satisfied after using this Thunderbird to HTML converter. Also, it can mantain entire structure with attachments and other email elements. Users can convert all the Thunderbird files in single process without using any kind of other applications. Moreover, it has capability to export orphaned, and damaged data files in an accurate manner.


New Town, Sydney

This high technical utility is best solution for Windows users. Because, this software is comfortably work in all the previous and latest versions of the Windows OS, including Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and many more. It has one more feature that offers you to convert Thunderbird emails to HTML by using free trial version. You can simply export any 10 emails by using this demo edition.


New Town, Sydney