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Richard ~ Published: 09-Nov-2021 ~ How to ~ 4 Minutes Reading

How to Convert Thunderbird Emails to EML file format?

Do you want to convert Thunderbird to EML file? Are you looking for a perfect solution to export multiple Thunderbird Emails to EML files? If yes, then no need to worry. Here, we will discuss both the professional as well as the manual solution to carry out the conversion results.

Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the known Open-Source Email Client Applications which has been basically used for communication. It can be supported by different versions of Windows, Linux, and Mac OS users for sending and receiving emails. Supports both POP and IMAP Servers. And sometimes, users want to share, backup, and migrate their data in the form of EML file format.

Why do people usually prefer EML file format?


  • EML file consists of a single email message within a single file. So, it is good for those people who want to share particular or selective files at once.
  • It is safe and secure and if you share the file with someone else, then that user needs to open the file either in a particular Email Service or Email Client.
  • Also, the EML file stores the proper message including subject, recipients, To, Cc, date, sender name, multiple attachments, and hyperlinks also.

User Query

“I am using Thunderbird Email Client since last year for business purposes and now, there is a need to share some of the emails to one of my clients. From 1000emails, there is a need to share 50 emails, especially in EML file format. I had tried one of the manual solutions but didn’t provide me the better results As from some of the files, some data is missing and I don’t have any time to check all those files one by one. So, I have a need of using one of the utilities which allow me to save the data easily without any kind of disruption and also provide me the trustworthy results. Please suggest me some solution.”

How to Export Thunderbird to EML file format?

There are both manual and professional solutions available on the Internet. And there is a lot of difference between them.

Manual Solution – Convert Thunderbird to EML file

This is one of the simplest and easiest solutions to export multiple Thunderbird emails to EML file format. You don’t need to install any kind of software while conversion.


  • Open Thunderbird Application on your system.

    open thunderbird

  • Choose all the emails from a particular folder.

    select emails

  • Right Click >> Save Selected messages >> EML format.

    save emails as EML

  • Then, select a particular folder to save the file.

    convert thunderbird to eml file

  • After that, at the resultant location, you will be able to see the EML files.

    convert thunderbird to eml file

Professional Solution

Firstly download the Thunderbird Conversion tool which allows you to easily export multiple files to EML file format. The tool provides multiple functions and allows users to import multiple Thunderbird files within a single period of time. Users can easily do multiple tasks at once.

Download Now

Proper steps to Importing Contacts:

  • Install the Software and Start it.


  • Go to the Open Menu >> Email Data files >> Thunderbird Files.

    add thunderbird files

  • Upload the data from the existing system and see the display data preview on the screen.

    upload outlook files

  • Select the required folders or selective emails that you want to export.

    select the emails

  • You can also search some emails using the Search Option.

    search the emails

  • After the selection of emails, click on the Export Menu >> Select EML as the document file format.

     convert thunderbird to eml filek

  • Enter the browsing location and Save that.

    convert thunderbird to eml file

  • After a few minutes, see the resultant message displayed on the screen.

    convert thunderbird to eml file

  • Click on the Open folder, and you will be able to see the resultant EML files on the screen.

    convert thunderbird to eml file

Features of this Software

  • The software allows users to support multiple file formats such as PDF, Text, PST, HTML, MBOX, EML, and other Email Services like Gmail, Office 365, and IMAP Accounts.
  • Users can also extract the meta properties such as attachments, phone numbers, and email addresses along with emails.
  • Possible for users to get particular emails using the Search option.
  • Exported Options at the end of the conversion process enable to include Email Headers, delete empty folders, restore old folders, and many more.


Since then, I’ve tried my part to provide you with a reliable Thunderbird to EML conversion solution. Simply download the software utility and you will be able to obtain 100% accurate and desired results. I recommend that you first grasp both solutions and then concentrate on one of them. If you want to continue using the Licensed version, first try the Demo version and then the Licensed version.