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PCDOTS Team ~ Published: 09-May-2023 ~ Erase Metadata ~ 5 Minutes Reading

How to Remove Metadata from OTT Files on Windows?

Metadata is saved to OTT files at the time of creation. Such metadata properties can reveal a lot about you and the devices on which they were created. Therefore, to safeguard privacy, your best course of action is to remove the metadata before sharing the OTT files on online platforms. This article is maintained with the professional solution to remove metadata from OTT files. You can continue reading it in case you want to know how.

User’s Concern

Hello, there was a recent situation in which my friend uploaded a large number of OTT files online, and some scammers analyzed their metadata, discovered his personal info, and attempted to swindle him. He did, however, manage to save himself from such con artists. Now I’m a little concerned and want to avoid a situation like this, and the only way to do so is to delete metadata from OTT files ahead of time. Please assist me in locating the best solution for OTT metadata erasure.

Well, a few years ago, deleting the metadata from OTT files wasn’t really necessary because so few people were aware that such a property was there in the files. Scammers have learned enough about this metadata trait and how to exploit it against creators, though, as the technology grows. Because of this, removing the metadata from the files is the only method to protect against privacy concerns while sharing them. To understand how to do this, see the recommended option below.

How to Remove Metadata from OTT Files? The Best Response

Using the specialist PCDOTS Metadata Eraser Tool is the best course of action to wipe metadata from OTT files. This software was developed by PCDOTS, which is also responsible for the development of widely recognized and tried and proven tools such as Data Erasure Software, Excel to vCard Converter, CSV Merge Tool, and a plethora of others.
Download Now
With its sophisticated features and intelligent design, this PCDOTS OTT Metadata Erasure tool can help you completely delete metadata from OTT files. It invites you to complete a few simple actions and click a few buttons in order to remove all metadata properties from OTT files. And in order to be of assistance to you, we have included all of those procedures below with a recommendation that you check them out to ensure the tool operates sufficiently.

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What Steps Must Be Taken to Delete All Metadata from OTT Files?

  • First and foremost, you must download (via the button above) the OTT metadata deletion tool onto your device. Once downloaded, you must begin installing and eventually run it in order to remove metadata from OTT files.
    download the tool to remove metadata from ott files
  • When the tools Windows appears, click on the Open tab in the menu bar. Choose Document Files from the drop-down list that appears. Continue with the OTT files and then select Files or Folders.
    select ott files
  • Now, navigate to the OTT files/folders from you wish to erase the metadata properties. Finally, using the Select Folder button, upload them all into the tool.
    browse ott files
  • Once all of the OTT files have been loaded into the tool preview them.
    preview ott files
  • After evaluating the OTT files, click the Action button and then select the Clean Metadata option to delete metadata from OTT files.
    click action button
  • By clicking the browse button, you can choose the best location for your files. Next, click the Save option to remove metadata from OTT files.
    click save to delete metadata from ott files

To successfully delete all metadata properties from OTT files, you must strictly follow the instructions provided. You can now go to the download URL above and begin eliminating the metadata; but, if you’d want to learn more about the tool, read on.

Discover Some OTT Metadata Removal Tool Advantages

  • Simple Design: The application’s user interface is made to be as simple as possible. It is intended to benefit technical people as well as those who are unfamiliar with technology.
  • Unbounded Removal: The application’s capability allows users to save time even while erasing a significant volume of data. Users can bulk remove metadata from OTT files without encountering any problems.
  • A Portable: In addition to the OTT, this application also handles the removal of metadata from a wide range of files. The utility allows users to remove metadata from DOT, ODT, RTF, and other types of files.
  • Viewer: The OTT metadata erasure tool has a preview feature that enables you to examine the OTT files before erasing their metadata. With the built-in viewer tool, you may quickly open and examine all the OTT files in the tool.
  • Date Security: It is totally safe to use the PCDOTS software. It guarantees that the OTT files’ original structure will be maintain throughout the removal of the metadata. As a result, you can fully rely on the app to delete metadata from OTT and get the appropriate results.


We have provided a professional solution to those users who want to remove metadata from OTT files. The PCDOTS OTT Metadata erasure tool is an extremely useful and all-in-one application for deleting all metadata attributes from OTT files. This application is available for download from the link provided above. Hence, download the tool’s trial version and begin deleting metadata right away.