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PCDOTS Team ~ Published: 10-Jul-2023 ~ Erase Metadata ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Securely Delete Metadata from DOT Files in 5 Simple Steps

Although it may appear difficult, there is a very simple solution to the issue of removing metadata properties from DOT files. If you continue reading, you will discover the 5 simple steps we’ve provided to delete metadata from DOT files. You should start swiping down the page to begin evaluating them straight now.

A Smart Way to Remove Metadata from DOT Files

While it is possible to manually remove other data from DOT files, doing so for metadata is more difficult and requires an advanced tool. So, in order to assist you in removing Metadata from DOT Files, PCDOTS has created a Dedicated Metadata Erasure Tool. It is a utility developed to remove Meta from many different types of files while leaving no digital footprints.
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This tool is built while having in mind all the convenience of the users while they have been attempting to remove Meta from DOT. As a result, it offers numerous complex features that allow you to effortlessly remove metadata from DOT and reach the required output. We encourage you to read some of the functionalities of the tool below to determine its appropriateness for you.

DOT Metadata Erasure Tool | Why Use It?

  • Simple to Use: The first advantage of utilizing this software is that it strives to make such a hard operation as simple as possible. It is developed with the most basic graphical user interface so that no user has any difficulties when deleting metadata from DOT Files.
  • Batch Delete Metadata from DOT Files: When it comes to wiping Meta from a large number of files at once, the app has no limitations. You can choose any number of files or folders and then delete Metadata from them all at once.
  • Provide Data Selection Modes: You can use the application to delete metadata from a small or huge amount of data. You can choose specific files or folders to enter into the tool to delete Meta from.
  • Preview Capabilities: Before erasing Metadata from your selected DOT files, you can study them beforehand. This application has an in-built tool that allows you to evaluate DOT files to ensure that you have selected the correct DOT files to delete Meta from.
  • Browse Location: You can save the output files to any location on your device. You may quickly access your files by browsing and selecting the right location with the application to remove Metadata from DOT files.

Hence, these are just a few of the numerous features included in the tool that might help to make your experience with data erasure more appropriate and simple. Now look at the detailed, step-by-step procedure below to determine how the tool works.

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Step-by-Step Process to Delete Metadata from DOT Files

  • Download the PCDOTS DOT Meta Erasure tool on your Windows device. Then complete its setup and finally run it to remove metadata properties from DOT files.
    download the tool to delete metadata from dot files
  • After running the tool to remove Metadata from DOT files, click the Open button and select Document Files. Then, to upload your files to the software, select Choose Files or Choose Folders.
    choose files or folders
Note: As visible in the screenshot above, the tool allows you to choose from a variety of file types to erase Meta. So, you can use the software if you also want to remove metadata from XLS, XLT, JPG or TIFF in addition to ODT.
  • Once all the DOT files have been loaded into the software, you can preview them.
    preview dot files
  • Now, you need to click on the Action button to select the Clear Metadata
    click action button
  • To begin the Meta erasure process, define the suitable location and press the Save.
    click save to remove metadata from dot files

So, in order to correctly delete metadata from DOT files, you must carefully adhere to these simple 5 procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions About the DOT Meta Deletion Tool

Can I operate the app on the Windows 8.1 operating system?

The software is designed to run on any version of the Windows operating system that is currently available. You may quickly remove Metadata from DOT files with the software on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and lower.

Can I use the software to delete metadata from a Word document as well?

Consider this application to be a comprehensive package for you. You can use the software to remove Meta from a variety of file types. You can remove metadata from Word document as well as erase Metadata from Excel files such as XLS, XLSX, XLT, image files such as WEBP, PNG, PSD, and audio and video formats.

Should I pay anything to use the tool first?

The tool can be used without costing anything. The demo version, which is available to use without charge, will be given to you first. You can buy the tool’s license key after making sure it’s appropriate.


We’ve made it straightforward to delete metadata from DOT files. We have provided you with software that is simple to use and provides you with numerous benefits. You may get it for free by clicking on the link above.