Excel to vCard Converter

Excel to VCF Converter by PCDOTS is cutting-edge, user-friendly, and completely secure application to convert Excel file to VCF. It can convert any Excel format, including XLS and XLSX, to any available version of vCard files on Windows in bulk and with a few simple steps.

The buttons below will either download a free version of the Excel to VCF tool to your device or direct you to a page where you can select the license package that best suits your requirements.

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Key Attributes

  • The Excel to VCF Converter has the most basic graphical user interface.
  • Batch convert Excel to VCF without regard for any file size or process lag.
  • Allows you to choose between two modes to select and convert Excel to VCF.
  • Convert Excel to vCard of any version for the usage on Windows or Mac device.
  • Allows for in-depth evaluation of Excel contacts before saving them to VCF files.
  • Excel to vCard Converter Tool may convert any file format that Excel files support.
  • Allows you to create a single VCF file for all of the contacts connected with an Excel.
  • It is completely independent and doesn’t require additional settings to be customized with.
  • Maintains the original Excel file structure while converting it to any version of vCard.

Advanced Options

Notable Features of Excel to VCF Converter

Conversion Without Restrictions

The XLS to vCard Converter was created with the user's valuable time in mind. As a result, it was created with the ability to convert Excel to vCard indefinitely. It allows you to choose any quantity of vCard files or folders and convert them all simultaneously in one cycle while maintaining overall data integrity.

Options to Opt Out of Data

Users of the Excel to vCard Converter have two options for choosing which data to convert. You can either select the Excel files or folders containing several files to select and upload to the utility to convert Excel to VCF. Depending on the availability of the data on your device, you can choose any of the options.

Support for All Excel Formats

The XLS to VCF Converter is intended to be a one-stop solution to convert Excel contacts to vCard. This finest Excel to VCF Converter can convert any format that Excel supports. Excel files such as XLS, XLSX, XLSB, XLSM, XLT, XLTX, and many more can be converted using the standalone tool to create vcard from Excel.

Support for All vCard Version

The Excel to vCard Converter can convert Excel to VCF format that are compatible with Apple and Windows devices. You can choose from a variety of vCard versions when converting your files. You can convert XLS to vCard version 4.0 to use them on Apple. If you want to use vCard files on Windows, choose vCard version 2.1 or 3.0.

Support to Convert All Contacts Field

Numerous fields, including contact numbers, names, email addresses, company names, residential addresses, Fax numbers, pin codes, countries, cities, landmarks, home phone numbers, and many more, can be found in an Excel contacts file. As a result, this Excel to vCard Converter is designed to convert everything to vCard files without leaving anything.

Choose Your Favourite Location

The tool to convert Excel to vCard allows you to specify where you want the resulting files saved. This function is really beneficial because you can choose an easily accessible location. You can save the vCard files individually by utilizing the tool's explore location option, so they don't get mixed up with other files and make it harder to locate them down.

An In-built Analyzer Tool

The Excel to VCF Converter also functions as an Excel contacts Viewer Tool. You will be able to study the Excel files after you select and upload them to the tool to convert Excel to vCard. You may see all of the contacts as well as their associated details. This preview tool allows you to double-check that the files you're converting are the ones you need to convert.

An In-built Search Tool

The tool to convert Excel to VCF also has a search box that allows you to find specific items without having to go through each file one by one. You can use the tool to find certain contacts, names, or properties with a single click. The tool to create vCard from Excel now makes it easier to find a single element in a large number of Excel files.

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System and Software Requirements

Software Name: PCDOTS Excel to VCF Converter Software
Version: 1.0
Processor: 2.4GHz is recommended
RAM: Minimum 2 GB
Minimum Hard Drive Space: 100 MB of free space
Operating System: Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, 2003 and all.
Installation & Un-installation: Install Uninstall Refund Policy

PCDOTS Products are best since they have a basic interface and many complex functions that make converting tasks easier. You can buy the product for personal and business use right away, or you can test the free version first.

Limitations: Free PCDOTS Excel to VCF Converter only convert 10 excel files.

Excel to vCard Converter is one of the many applications that PCDOTS works with. PCDOTS offers a solution to everything related to data; whether you want to convert, backup, split or merge it. PCDOTS also offers software like Email Converter Tool, CSV to vCard Converter, CSV Merger, CSV Splitter and many more.

Advanced Options

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Device Assistance

Excel to VCF Converter can convert Excel to VCF on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and earlier.


You are not compelled to download any additional settings to use the Excel to VCF Converter, which is totally autonomous.

Fully Secure Tool

This app to convert Excel to vCard has undergone numerous tests to ensure its dependability and determine whether the results were as expected. Success is achieved every time.

Create a Single File

You can choose the option in the Excel to vCard Converter to combine all of the contacts in an Excel file into a single VCF. You may also select different vCard for each contacts.

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Some of the User’s Queries

Follow the steps below to convert Excel to vCard.

  1. Download and install the PCDOTS Excel to VCF converter.
  2. Upload the files by clicking the Open button.
  3. Choose the vCard option after clicking the Export button.
  4. After selecting the desired location, click the Save option to convert Excel to VCF.
You can conceal all system folders in the compact view of the tool to convert Excel to vCard.
The tool's functionality is unrestricted. You are permitted to convert an unlimited number of Excel to VCF.
The vCard version 4.0 is compatible with Apple devices. You must convert Excel to vCard version 4.0 in order to use it on Apple machine.


What Our Users Think About the Excel to vCard Converter Tool ?

I converted my XLS to vCard 2.0 using the Excel to vCard Converter. This software is very simple to use and provides a variety of functionalities to achieve the desired results. I would strongly recommend this tool to anyone looking to convert Excel to VCF.

Noah Smith

Boston, USA

Whether or not a person has technical skills, they can still benefit from the Excel to VCF converter. Since I'm not particularly tech savvy, I was unsure if I would be able to convert Excel to vCard. But this PCDOTS tool altered my perspective. An excellent substitute is to convert XLS to vCard.

Arthur Johnson

Manchester, UK

Good day, PCDOTS team. I must say how appreciative I am of the excellent Excel to vCard Converter. It is really user-friendly and offers a ton of functions. I used it to simultaneously and swiftly convert several Excel files. Highly recommended software to convert Excel to VCF.

Oliver Taylor

Cape Town, Africa