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How to Remove Metadata from RTF Files ?

PCDOTS Team ~ Published: 04-Mar-2023 ~ Erase Metadata ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Finally, a lot of people are taking into account the significance of metadata in their online files and the potential of online scammers to abuse it. Several people, including users of RTF document files, are worried about their privacy and data safety and, as a result, are considering removing Meta from. We have come up with a gear solution as a result of wanting them to understand how to remove metadata from RTF files. Thus, if you’re one of the RTF users who wants to get rid of Meta, you may find your resolution right here.

User Query

With the RTF files, I continue to provide the pupil a variety of solutions. I continue to upload these files to the solution providing sites. Finally, I discovered that these files contain Metadata, which contains a wealth of vital information. I must remove RTF metadata in order to safeguard my privacy. Nevertheless, I have no idea how this is possible, so please provide me with an appropriate solution.

How to Remove Metadata from RTF Files ?

A fantastic Metadata Erasure Software has been created by PCSOTS to help users secure their privacy from online scammers and remove their Meta from different types of files. This software employs sophisticated algorithms to remove metadata and render it untraceable. It is simple to use software that is only compatible with Windows-powered devices.
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It’s a complete tool that can eliminate Meta from a variety of files, including RTFs. This tool may also be used to remove Metadata from Word documents and a variety of Excel files. To assist you in becoming acquainted with how the tool works, we have provided detailed step-by-step instructions below. Please review them.

A Detailed Guide to Remove Metadata from RTF Document Files

  • Download the RTF Meta Erasure program for Windows. Then begin installing it by following the on-screen instructions. Lastly, execute it to remove metadata from RTF files.
    download the tool to delete data from rtf files
  • After executing the application to delete Metadata from RTF files, pick Document Files from the Open menu. Then, choose Select Files or Pick Folders to transfer your files to the software.
    choose files or folders
Note: As shown in the image top, the utility allows you to delete Meta from a number of file types. Hence, in addition to RTF, you may use the application to delete metadata from DOT, XLSX, PDF, PNG, or TIFF files.
  • After loading all of the RTF files into the application, you can evaluate them before removing Meta from them.
    review rtf files
  • Now, click the Action button and select the Clean Metadata option to remove RTF metadata.
    select clean metadata option
  • Select an appropriate location and click the Save button to commence the Meta erasing procedure.
    remove rtf metadata

Now that you’re familiar with how the tool works, it’s time to learn about its characteristics. We’ve described some of its key capabilities; explore them further to determine the tool’s usefulness for you.

Key Traits of the RTF Metadata Erasure Software

  • Unrestricted Erasure Capability: The application has the ability to remove metadata from RTF files in bulk without restriction. The software may erase Meta from a huge number of files in a single cycle without putting any file size limitations on users.
  • Easy to Use: The application has a basic interface that allows any user to utilize it without any complexities. Even if you are a first-time user of the program, you will not require the assistance of others.
  • Data Selection: If you wish to remove metadata from RTF document files or directories, the tool may be useful. You have two possibilities from which to choose. You have the choice of selecting either files or directories.
  • 100% Safe and Secure: Using the application is absolutely safe. It keeps your files’ other information while removing only the metadata. Nothing will be changed and your original file structure will be preserved.
  • Browse Location: The program allows you to save the resulting files to the location of your choice. You can utilize the tool’s browse location option to choose a safe and easily accessible spot for your files.


We have provided you with an excellent tool to remove metadata from RTF files. The PCDOTS RTF Meta Erasure tool is simple to use and suitable for both technical and non-technical users. This software is all-in-one and can be used to erase metadata from Excel files, documents files, and multimedia files. You can get the tool from the link above and try out the free version first.