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How to Import MBOX to Zoho Mail With All Attachments | A DIY Solution

Do you want to import MBOX to Zoho Mail? Continue reading to learn how.

Zoho Mail is a rapidly expanding email and cloud service. It is now offering various features on par with the main service providers. While Zoho Mail has numerous advantages, it does not support directly importing MBOX files. However, we conducted a thorough investigation and discovered a free manual approach for you. Please review it.

How to Import MBOX to Zoho Mail Free?

In this section, you’ll learn how to use Mozilla Thunderbird to import MBOX emails into Zoho Mail. This strategy provides a totally free solution. It is completely functional and secure. Because Zoho Mail allows users to import emails in .eml files, you must first export MBOX emails to EML files. So, let us investigate.

(1) Run Mozilla Thunderbird on your computer.

(2) Navigate to Add-Ons in the Thunderbird client.

(3) Look for and install the Import/Export plugin.

(4) Now return to the dashboard, right-click a blank area, and select Import/Export NG >> Import MBOX.

(5) Navigate to the MBOX file and integrate it into Thunderbird.

(6) You can now access or view Mailbox emails by selecting all of them (Ctrl+A).

(7) Click “Save As” and navigate to the folder where you want to save the emails.

(8) Thunderbird will save all EML emails to a folder. Now, using Winrar, generate a ZIP file of this folder.

(9) Now, sign in to your Zoho Mail account and navigate to Settings.

(10) Select “Import/Export” and import the ZIP file containing.eml files.

(11) To begin the email import procedure, click the Import button.

So, that’s how you can use the Thunderbird email client to import MBOX to Zoho Mail free. Now, you must take into account a number of things that we have listed before choosing this free technique.

Things to Consider Before Using the Manual Approach

  1. You must have an MBOX-compatible Thunderbird account on your device.
  2. You must have technical knowledge to follow the overall procedure.
  3. Additionally, you cannot import MBOX straight into Zoho Mail because you must first convert MBOX to EML and then build a Zip file before importing into Zoho Mail.

You shouldn’t worry about these restrictions because we have another way for you to get around them.

A Hassle-free Way to Import MBOX Files into Zoho Mail

MBOX File Converter is the solution that can overcome all limitations of manual approach. This tool does not require you to have a Thunderbird account to import mailbox files to Zoho Mail. This application works simply and directly imports MBOX files with attachments to Zoho using IMAP settings.
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We’ve detailed all of the stages below to assist you understand how the tool works. Please examine them to see how they differ in ease of use from the manual technique.

A Step-by-Step Guide for Professionally Importing Mailbox Files into Zoho

  • Download, install and launch the MBOX to Zoho Import tool on a Windows device.
    download mbox to zoho import tool
  • Click the Open button >> Email Data File >> MBOX Files >> Choose Folders
    select mbox file option
  • Start browsing the MBOX files/folders and import them into the software.
    browse mbox files
  • Once the selected MBOX files or folders have been imported into the tool, preview them.
    preview mbox before import into zoho
  • Click the Export tab and select IMAP as the export option.
    select saving option
  • Enter Zoho Mail credentials and click Save button to import MBOX to Zoho Mail.
    import mbox to zoho mail

So, that’s how you can use the software to import mailbox files into Zoho Mail, which appears to be lot easier than the manual method. If you want to learn more about professional application and its advantages over the free approach, read on.

Why is a Pro Solution Better Than a Manual Solution?

(1) The tool is simple to use and does not require users to have extensive technical knowledge in order to import MBOX to Zoho Mail.

(2) It is totally self-contained and does not require the use of the Thunderbird email client, as the manual method does.

(3) It has unrestricted data migration capabilities and can bulk import MBOX files into Zoho Mail with all attachments and other attributes.

(4) It supports to export MBOX files from Thunderbird, Google, Entourage, Apple Mail, and other accounts.

(5) In addition to Zoho, this tool allows you to import MBOX files into Yahoo Mail, iCloud, Exchange, and other email providers.

(6) This software also allows you to convert MBOX files to CSV, MBOX files to HTML and other file formats.

(7) You can open and read MBOX emails and attachments with it. The tool’s UI also allows you to view the Hex and raw values of the MBOX emails.
view hex and raw values

(8) You may use its search function to quickly locate a single email among thousands of MBOX files. Additionally, you can search for emails and attachments using specific criteria.
use search function

(9) It is completely secure and safe to use. It does not tamper with anything and upholds the MBOX files’ general integrity.


We have provided both manual and professional methods to import MBOX to Zoho Mail. The manual method is more difficult and necessitates the usage of an MBOX compliant client. On the other hand, the professional is totally self-contained and provides numerous benefits while overcoming the limitations of the manual technique. Please evaluate both options, and if you have any questions, please contact us at any time.