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PCDOTS Team ~ Published: 09-Aug-2023 ~ How to ~ 6 Minutes Reading

How to Import MBOX to Exchange? A Trusted Solution

Have you ever wondered how to import MBOX to Exchange? Continue reading to discover out.

A mobile device can now access an email that can be seen on a computer. If you think about it and dig deeper, you will learn about the function of a “exchange server.”

A “Mail Exchange Server” is the technology that enables emails and their syncing with mobile devices. Let’s discuss its advantages and the value you can provide to your MBOX files when importing them into Exchange Online.

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Key Advantages of Exchange Server

(1) It allows you the freedom to delegate checking responsibility to your dependable co-workers while you are away from your office. By making it possible for others to schedule appointments and check your availability for important meetings, it keeps the organization moving forward.

(2) It aids in the maintenance of proper communication among employees by allowing them access from home, the office, away from the office, or abroad. As a result, it greatly streamlines communication and aids in rapid growth and production.

(3) Employees and users of a firm can securely access email, instant messaging, voicemail, video calls, and SMS texts from anywhere in the globe thanks to an exchange server.

(4) Exchange enables customers to migrate to the cloud on their terms, whether that is through instant on boarding or by managing a hybrid deployment with on-premises and online mails to suit their business requirements.

How to Import MBOX to Exchange? An Expert’ Solution

PCDOTS MBOX Converter Tool is a well-known and trusted solution for importing MBOX files into Exchange Server. This software is entirely dependable and ensures the MBOX files’ data integrity during the migration procedure. It comes with a free version, which you can download from the link above.
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This MBOX to Exchange migration solution includes batch migration capabilities, allowing you to perform the operation in a fraction of the time. We have outlined all of the processes required to import MBOX files into Exchange online. Please go through them.

A Detailed Guide to Import MBOX to Exchange Online

  • Download, install, and start the MBOX to Exchange Migration Tool on a Windows device.
    start mbox to exchange converter
  • Click the Open tab and select Email Data File. Next, select MBOX Files and click the Choose Files or Choose Folder option.
    choose folder option
  • Browse through MBOX files or folders and import them all to MBOX to Exchange Converter online.
    browse mbox files
  • You can now view MBOX files have been uploaded in the left pane.
    preview emails
  • Now, click on the Export tab and select IMAP as the save option.
    select saving option
  • Enter the Exchange Server login details and then hit the Save button to import MBOX to Exchange.
    import mbox to exchange

You’ll receive notification when the data migration is finished. Then, you may quickly access your MBOX files in Exchange and use them for professional purposes. After the procedure is over, we’d like to invite you to read some of the characteristics of the instrument that we have outlined below.

Primary Traits of the MBOX to Exchange Converter

(1) The utility simplifies the process to import MBOX to Exchange Server and provides the most user-friendly interface.

(2) It can bulk import MBOX files into Exchange with all attachments in a few simple steps.

(3) Allows you to Open MBOX files before importing them into Exchange online.

(4) It is also beneficial to forensic experts since it allows them to study the hex and raw values of emails.
view hex and raw values of mbox emails

(5) It includes a search bar that allows you to find emails and attachments from a specific period, address, or size.
search within mbox files

(6) It’s an all-in-one application that allows users to import MBOX files into any IMAP compatible account, including iCloud, Yahoo Mail, ProtonMail, and others.

(7) It is totally self-contained and does not require any additional settings to be installed during the MBOX to Exchange migration.

(8) It is a tried-and-tested product that preserves the integrity and data structure of MBOX files.

(9) It is a Windows based tool that enables you to import MBOX to Exchange on Windows 11, 10, 8.1 and below version.

(10) It enables you to include the email headers before you import MBOX files into Exchange for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How Does the PCDOTS MBOX to Exchange Converter Tool Work?

  • Download, install and start the Software on Windows
  • Browse and Import MBOX Files or folders into the tool
  • Click Export tab and select IMAP saving option from menu
  • Enter Exchange Server details and click the Save button

Question 2: Why should I use this offline product when there are several MBOX to Exchange Converter online?

A: You can Import MBOX to Exchange online, however this is not always the best option. When using online platforms, you run the danger of losing your data, and there is also the possibility of data theft. When it comes to important data migration, an offline tool is dependable and safe.

Question 3: Is it possible to import MBOX files into Exchange Server on a Mac?

A: Our MBOX to Exchange migration tool is only available for Windows; it cannot be used on a Mac.

Question 4: Is the tool available for free?

A: Yes, you can use our tool for nothing at first. It has a demo version that you can use for free. However, you must purchase the license key in order to use the program to its full potential.

Question 5: I have around 350 MBOX files on my desktop; can I import them all into Exchange at once?

A: Yes, our tool is designed to export an unlimited amount of files at once. You may import an unlimited number of MBOX files and folders into Exchange at the same time.

Question 6: Can i use the software to convert MBOX files to file formats?

A: Yes. You may use the software to convert MBOX files to CSV, MBOX files to HTML and various email and document files.


We have provided you with an excellent tool to import MBOX to Exchange. You can use the software on Windows to mass migrate MBOX files directly into Exchange. The tool is available for free via the link provided above. If you have any questions concerning the tool or the MBOX to Exchange conversion, please contact us at any time.