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How to Import MBOX to ProtonMail: Complete Guide

While maintaining MBOX files on a local drive without a suitable account may not be as beneficial for you, importing them to ProtonMail not only provides you with higher data security but also accessibility. Those who wish to import MBOX to ProtonMail should be aware that it is not a difficult operation; all you need is the right tool, which you can easily obtain from the page below.

There are numerous email services available in today’s world, the ProtonMail account has some distinguishing qualities that set it different from other accounts. Please see the list below for some of its most significant benefits.

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ProtonMail – Why?

(1) Total Confidentiality and Anonymity

ProtonMail users can sign up without revealing any personal information, allowing them to remain completely anonymous. An unusual feature in any email provider, ProtonMail also doesn’t monitor customers’ IP addresses or examine the emails they send, enabling entirely anonymous communication.

(2) Robust Safety and Encryption.

ProtonMail adds encryption to its privacy features by doing so for each email. ProtonMail has begun using PGP encryption in 2022 to protect emailed files and emails. The elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) was also added in April 2019, providing users with the advantages of increased security and speed.

(3) Private Messaging

Although technically included in the aforementioned advantages, this merits a separate note. Anyone other than you and your correspondent cannot read your emails thanks to ProtonMail encryption capabilities, including ProtonMail itself. Additionally, the service provider offers address confirmation so that you may always be certain of the recipients of your emails.

How to Import MBOX to ProtonMail?

As previously said, importing an MBOX file into ProtonMail is not a difficult operation; all you need is the correct tool. The MBOX Converter Software is the tool you need to export MBOX files to ProtonMail with all attachments. The application is feature-rich and can export and view MBOX files from any account, including Thunderbird, Gmail, and others.

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The application is user-friendly and designed to move large amounts of data at once. You would need to follow a few steps in order to use the tool. Please review the steps that we have listed below, which cover every stage.

Step-by-Step Procedure to Import MBOX Files into ProtonMail

  • Download the software, install it, and run it on your Windows-powered device.
    start tool to import mbox to protonmail
  • Select Email Data File from the Open menu. After that, select MBOX Files and then either Choose Files or Choose Folders.
    choose files or folders option

Note: If you wish to mass import MBOX to ProtonMail, select the Choose Folder option.

  • Navigate to and import MBOX files or directories into the tool.
    browse mbox files
  • Select IMAP as the saving option from the Export tab.
    select saving option
  • Enter your ProtonMail account information and then click the Save to import mailbox files to ProtonMail.
    click save to import mbox file into protonmail

The data migrating process will then begin. It will just take a few moments, and you will be alerted when it is finished. You may now easily download the tool from the provided URL and begin your data migration immediately. However, if you want to learn more about the tool, continue reading.

Some Primary Traits of the MBOX to ProtonMail Import Tool

(1) The application is useful for both technical and non-technical users because of its easy interface and lack of complexity

(2) It can mass import MBOX to ProtonMail, including all attachments and other attributes.

(3) Allows you to open MBOX files before importing them into ProtonMail. You can also use the tool to check the email’s hex and raw values.
preview mbox email before import into protonmail

(4) It offers a search tool that allows you to look for certain email and attachments based on parameters such as time frame, size, and email address.
search within mbox files

(5) In addition to ProtonMail, the application allows you to import MBOX files to any IMAP compatible account.

(6) It is a completely safe and secure solution that ensures the email structure is retained during the migration process.

Frequently Asked Question

Question 1: Can I use the tool to import Gmail MBOX files into ProtonMail?

A: The app may import MBOX files directly to ProtonMail from Thunderbird, Gmail, SeaMonkey, Mac Mail, and any other email client. It supports MBOX files that are universal.

Question 2: Is there any account configuration required on my device to import MBOX to ProtonMail?

A: Our MBOX to IMAP Migration Tool is totally self-contained and does not require any further installation or the presence of an MBOX compatible account on the device.

Question 3: Can I use your utility to import MBOX files to other IMAP compatible accounts?

A: Our tool allows you to export MBOX files to any IMAP account. You can use the program to import MBOX files to Yahoo Mail, Office 365, Gmail, and other services.

Question 4: Can I import MBOX files into ProtonMail for free?

A: Yes. The free version of the utility only allows you to import a few MBOX files into ProtonMail. If you intend to utilize the program to its maximum potential, we recommend purchasing the license version.

Question 5: Can I use the software to import mailbox files into ProtonMail on Mac?

A: The MBOX to ProtonMail utility is only available for Windows. It does not yet support running on Mac devices.


Numerous users wish to import MBOX to ProtonMail, thus they need an appropriate solution. In the blog, we discussed such a fantastic solution. You can directly import multiple MBOX files with all attachments into ProtonMail using the suggested MBOX File Converter. You can download the free version of it from the aforementioned link. You can contact us at any time if you have any questions regarding that tool or its license package.