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Richard ~ Published: 15-Jun-2022 ~ How to ~ 5 Minutes Reading

How to Forward Gmail Emails to Another Account? Complete Solution

Gmail is a well-known Webmail service that is basically used by more than half of the population across the Internet. It is one of the best Email services that can be easily used for both personal as well as professional use. A variety of users are satisfied with using this for over a year, but everyone has a different choice. There are some users who exist on the Internet who wants to forward Gmail to another account along with all the email attributes, mailboxes, and other data items.

Users use to continue with the free manual solution where what they do they usually try to transfer emails from Gmail to another account whether to another Gmail, Yahoo, or any mail. But it didn’t meet the accurate meets and demands of the users. Here, in this write-up, we have brought up two different solutions that will provide the results.

User Query

“I am facing multiple issues while using my Gmail account. And, thinking to move to another Gmail account. But since, since I am using this account for the last 4 years so, it is important for me to transfer emails from my current Gmail to my new Gmail account. If you have any solution that can give me the best results, then please help me.”

“Since last week, I am finding a solution to forward my Gmail to another account. I even tried to do it manually but wasted a lot of time and effort. Moreover, having an effective solution gives a better allowance to transfer the bulk of data instantly without facing any kind of issues. So, is there any other solution present that can help me to forward the data, then please provide?”

Manual Solution to Forward Gmail to Another Account

In this method, we will take the help of forwarding and POP / IMAP Address feature that can directly transfer the data just by adding or configuring the account.

Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Login to the Gmail account in your system.
  • Go to the Gear icon on right side and choose Settings from there.
  • Then, select forwarding and POP/IMAP and Add a Forwarding Address from there.
  • Enter the email address where you want to transfer Gmail messages and Next.
  • Then, click on Proceed and do the complete verification of addresses.

Hence, by performing these steps, it is possible for users to transfer Gmail messages from one account to other but what will be consult, is it guaranteed that the data will forwarded properly?
Sorry, but it is not 100% guaranteed that you will get the results according to your needs and requirements.

No need to worry, if you face any kind of issues and are in doubt, then we recommend you to continue second mentioned solution.

Professional Solution to Transfer Emails From Gmail to Another Account

One of the highly rated utility, is PCDOTS Gmail Converter Tool that allows to forward the entire messages to another email account whether it is gmail, yahoo, office 365, and others. The software is easy to use and provides a flexible GUI that can be easily use by all the users whether they are from technical as well as non-technical background. Moreover, it has been developed with high-technological algorithm that possesses multiple unique features. It can easily transfer bulk number of messages without imposing any kind of size limitations.

This mentioned tool also has the ability to export the data into multiple formats such as Gmail emails to PDF, Gmail to PST, Gmail to MBOX, Gmail to Microsoft 365, Gmail to Thunderbird, and others. You will definitely be happy once you start using this software as it will provide the results with 100% precision.

It is also capable to extract email elements such as Gmail email Attachments, Gmail email addresses, and Gmail address book separately. Just download the mentioned tool for free of cost and start the process.

Download Now

Complete Steps to Forward Gmail Account to Another Account

  • Run the mentioned software in your existing Windows OS system and click on Open Menu.

run gmail converter tool

  • Go to Email Accounts >> Add account. Enter the Gmail login credentials to start the process.

enter gmail login details

  • Then, you can be able to see the preview of all the emails on the screen.

see the preview of emails

  • Select the needed number of data that you want to transfer.

select the required gmail data

  • After that, go to Export Menu and select a particular Email platform.

choose another account to forward gmail

  • Enter the login credentials of your another account there and click on Save.

enter login details and save

  • Wait for a few minutes, and you can be able to see the resultant exported message there.

forward gmail to another account

Note: The software provides a direct option to transfer the data to another Gmail account, Thunderbird (if installed), Office 365. Otherwise, for other account, choose IMAP service and enter the details there to forward the data.

Features of the Mentioned Tool

  1. The tool provides an easy-to-use GUI that can be easily runs by all the users from different backgrounds.
  2. It will display the data in different modes such as hex view, content view, raw message, email headers. And also used in Email Forensic Investigation purposes.
  3. Supports more than 10+ formats including file formats and Email services. Ability to extract email elements according to choice separately.
  4. Runs on all the versions of Windows OS such as Windows 11, 10, 9, 8.1, and all other 32-bit and 64-bit Windows OS versions.
  5. Filter option to carry out some needed emails. The date range filter will carry out the emails of a particular duration.

Final Results

In the end, just wanted to say that we had provided you with both the manual as well as the professional solution to forward Gmail to Another Account. But on a way to get better results, we recommend you to use the automated approach to transfer the emails instantly. The manual solution have certain limitations but you can use any that you find is better for you.