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PCDOTS Team ~ Published: 27-Jul-2023 ~ How to ~ 3 Minutes Reading

How to Read Email Headers from MBOX Files? A Free Solution

Many forensic investigators, lawyers, developers, students, professors, computer engineers want to view email header of MBOX files. If you also one of them who is looking for a professional method to check MBOX file email headers identification information. Then don’t worry because in this blog post team PCDOTS Software is suggesting you a 100% and reliable method to open email headers of MBOX files. After reading this specific blog post, all working professionals can easily preview email headers from MBOX files of extracted from various accounts.

What Is the Actual Problem?

Recently some working professionals contacted to the PCDOTS support team, about solving their problems related to view email headers from MBOX files. Here you can see the real-time user’s queries!

I am a student and doing my masters in computer science. Now I am recently working on a project for growing technical skills. There is a Google Takeout MBOX file in my computer and I want to read header of MBOX file together with mail transfer agents (MTA). I need to do this task for completing my pending project, can you suggest me a freeware or shareware windows application?

– Carter, Florida

Hi PCDOTS, I am a forensic investigation officer who is working on a case. I urgently need a corporate level method to open emails header from MBOX files of Mozilla Thunderbird. Actually, I need to check the most common identifications like From, To, Subject, Date, MIME-Version, Message-ID, DKIM Signatures, etc. Can I export MBOX to PDF for printing the required emails?

– Ashton, Chicago

How to View Email Headers of MBOX Files?

First of all, download the MBOX File Viewer that is available with 100% free of cost. The tool has a separate option to read MBOX file headers without facing any problem. You can just follow these simple steps to check MBOX file email headers common identifications.

Download Now

1 – Start the mentioned software on your Windows Computer and after that click on the Open button to continue.

Start the mentioned software

2 – Thereafter, choose the MBOX Files option from the email source and select one option from Choose Folders or Choose Files for uploading the MBOX files.

check MBOX file email headers

3 – Now you can Open all MBOX files in the software window. The tool automatically counts the total number of emails in each MBOX file and preview also.

view email headers from MBOX file

4 – After that hit on the MBOX file to loading all mailbox files in the software interface. Choose a particular email message for previewing the complete important information.

read email headers from MBOX

5 – Select the Message Header option from view email headers from the MBOX file with all common identifications.

preview email header from MBOX files

Features of MBOX Email Header Viewer

  • PCDOTS MBOX email header reader is a 100% freeware software to open email headers from MBOX mailbox file extensions. Users can easily upload unlimited MBOX files in the software windows.
  • It is capable to analyze email headers from MBOX files of all email clients. For example – Mac Mail, Opera Mail, ProtonMail, SeaMonkey, Postbox, etc.
  • MBOX email header viewer pro edition is compatible to convert MBOX files email messages into Adobe PDF for printing requirements.
  • The tool is capable of previewing complete information like To, Cc, From, Subject, Date, Message-ID, Path, X-Google-SMTP-Source, Message-Signature, Authentication-Results, MIME-Version, Content-Type, Content-Transfer-Encoding, Charset, X-Email-Priority, Feedback-ID, Message-ID, and all.

In Conclusion

After following the Above all mentioned method all professionals even home-based users can easily view email headers of MBOX files. Secondly, you can just follow the steps to check MBOX file email headers common identification information, and mail transfer agent information. It is one of the best-verified methods for reading the routine information from MBOX file headers.