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Richard ~ Published: 25-Dec-2021 ~ Software ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Learn How to Migrate Zimbra to Another Server or new Zimbra Server Account?

Do you want to Migrate Zimbra to Another Server? Are you finding a way to move the Zimbra mailbox to another server? If yes, then you are the perfect destination place.

In today’s reality, we all depend on email servers for better business communication. There are lots of Zimbra Email Server users present on the Internet who wants to migrate their data file to another server and another Zimbra Account.

There are lots of users on the Internet who wants to do the Zimbra Server Migration to another Zimbra or any other Server Account.

User Query

“Hi, I am finding a way to Migrate Zimbra from the Old Server to the New One. For the last 2 days, I didn’t be able to get the solution for the same. Is there anyone else present who can give me the Perfect Guide for Zimbra Server Migration and Zimbra Account Transfer?”

How do I transfer my Zimbra Account?

Follow the steps and you can easily do Zimbra to Zimbra or another server Migration:

  1. Launch the Zimbra Mail Server Migration Tool.
  2. Go to Open >> Email Servers >> Zimbra Server.
  3. Upload the Zimbra TGZ files data.
  4.  Select the required data.
  5. Click on Export >> IMAP.
  6. Enter login credentials.
  7. Get the resultant data.

Zimbra Server Migration and Zimbra Account Server – The Perfect Guide

We suggest you use the Zimbra Email Migration Tool to migrate Zimbra to different servers.

The tool allows users to bulk migrate the data within a single attempt without any kind of data loss and without any size limitation.

The Utility has the ability to forward Zimbra Mail to Another New Servers. Also, while uploading the Zimbra data on the Software panel screen, the data hierarchy is maintained throughout the process.

Just download the tool and continue the process.

Download Now

Steps to Migrate Zimbra Account to New Server

  1.  Run the Zimbra Migration utility and Click on the Open Menu.run Zimbra Mail Migration tool
  2. Go to the Email Servers >> Select Zimbra Files. Upload the Zimbra data directly on the Software screen.Upload zimbra data
  3. See the preview of all the data on the screen and by clicking on a particular file, you can see the entire Zimbra Mailbox.see the entire Zimbra TGZ emails
  4. Select the needed Zimbra Data to move to another Server Account.Select the needed Zimbra data to move to another server
  5. Click on the Export Menu and Select IMAP as the Email Service.migrate zimbra to another server
  6. Enter the login credentials of another Zimbra Account or of a new server where you want to migrate your data.migrate zimbra to another server
  7. Wait for a few minutes and you will be able to see the resultant message on the screen.transfer zimbra to zimbra or new server

Hence, the entire process to migrate Zimbra to another server has been described above.
Also, by clicking on the “Open Folder”, you will be able to see the resultant migration data.

Why use Zimbra to Another Server Migration Tool?

  1. Conversion of Entire Mailbox
    The Zimbra Mail to New Server Converter Tool has the ability to migrate not only some but the entire mailbox to another server or New Zimbra Account without facing any disruptions.
  2. Extraction of Email Attributes
    This utility allows users to extract email elements such as Download Zimbra Mail Attachments, Save Email Addresses, and phone numbers separately. Email Addresses while extraction will become out in the form of Text file format and includes To, Cc, Bcc, Email Headers, Subject, and other contents.
  3. Flexible GUI
    Users from all backgrounds can use the software without any hesitation and even the Non-tech users will never face any kind of issues while operating this and continuing doing the tasks.
  4. Advanced Search Option
    It is also possible to locate a particular email from the entire mailbox by using a particular intent such as To, Cc, Bcc, Filename, and File size. Users can also carry out emails of a particular duration.
  5. Supports Numerous Structures
    Users can easily migrate Zimbra mailbox data to other On-premise or Cloud-based Services such as Gmail, Office 365 and in other Email Clients such as Thunderbird, and IMAP-enabled accounts. Also supports file formats such as Zimbra to PDF, Zimbra to Outlook PST, Zimbra Contacts in CSV file, and others.
  6. Ideal Solution
    Also, the software does not require any extra installation to continue with the process and doesn’t even need the help of any kind of technical guide. It is compatible with Windows OS and can run on Windows 7, 8, 10, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I be able to migrate Zimbra mail Server data with attachments?
    Yes, you can easily migrate Zimbra to a new server along with attachments.
  2. I am working on Zimbra Account with the CentOS version and I want to move to another upgraded version. Is it possible to do that?
    Yes, you can easily forward Zimbra Mail to Another Zimbra or new Server just by performing the steps mentioned above.
  3. Hi, I had used an online migration Tool to migrate Zimbra Accounts to another account but the utility performs by itself and doesn’t even allow me to do the selective conversion and choose a destination on my own. Does this utility also work the same?
    No, this Zimbra to New Server Migration Tool is one of the ideal solutions and allows users to work according to their needs and requirements.

In a Trial

The Demo version of this utility allows users to migrate 10 emails from each folder at once. If you want to move the entire Zimbra mailbox to a new server then I recommend you continue with the Licensed version to increase its performance.

In Conclusion

In the above steps, we have discussed how to migrate Zimbra to Another Server. Also, a person does not require much technical knowledge to move or forward Zimbra Mail.

This is a complete all-in-one package that can help multiple users to know how to transfer Zimbra mail from the old server to the new server and how to do Zimbra to the Zimbra Migration Tool.