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Richard ~ Published: 15-Jun-2022 ~ How to ~ 6 Minutes Reading

How to Save Yahoo Emails to Computer / PC? Get Solution!

In this write-up, we will be discussing how can a user save Yahoo emails to computer. Several users are using the Yahoo Mail account and have several queries with it. Although, one major query about Yahoo that we came to know is how to download emails from Yahoo to desktop. There are multiple reasons for users to do this but still, multiple solutions are present on the Internet that didn’t even give the users desired results.

Yahoo is a well-known webmail service for the last few years, but with an increase in technology and with more updates of Yahoo, there arise some issues. Many users are facing different situations while using it and there may be hacking sometime. And that’s why users are finding a solution to save their Yahoo emails to desktop or pc only.

Not only for these reasons but also when there may be arising some issue in their account or they want to store the emails as a backup to use them for future purposes. Also, downloading emails to a desktop or pc, it is beneficial as users can easily the data anytime and can easily transfer them to another account.

User Query

“Hi, I am Genelia. I am using Yahoo Mail account for the last 5 years but now, after using it for so many years, I realized that I need to download the Yahoo data in my system as a backup. This thing arises in my mind as I had seen a lot of cases when users got trapped or their accounts got hacked and they had lost their data. Only because of this, do I need to download all emails to my PC. Is there any solution present that can help me to save Yahoo emails to the computer?”

Why do Users need to Save Yahoo Emails to Computers?

  1. Yahoo webmail has been let down multiple times and this led users not to access their emails and other data present in their account.
  2. It also happened many times, the server stops working and users cannot be able to login into their accounts.
  3. Users’ Yahoo accounts got hacked by some attackers, and then there may be a situation where the data has been lost.
  4. Also, users do not be able to open the attachments present in their emails and this makes users feel unconscious not to access the data.

Hence, all the above reasons mentioned pointed towards the solution to download multiple Yahoo emails to the desktop or pc directly. And, users can easily access their emails including attachments while facing these kinds of situations or maybe in other situations.

Download Emails from Yahoo to Desktop – Solution by Professionals

One of the tested and proven solutions to save Yahoo emails to computers or pc on the Windows system has been developed by the PCDOTS team. Email Backup Tool is one of the essential utilities that allow users to download a bulk number of emails along with downloading all Yahoo attachments. The software provides a flexible graphical user interface that can be easily workable by all Internet users.

This utility works properly as a Yahoo Mail Backup Tool and understands all the needs and demands of the users. The Backup Software for Yahoo emails also supports different formats to store the data. File Formats such as Yahoo to PDF, Yahoo emails to PST, Yahoo to Thunderbird, Yahoo to O365, Yahoo emails to Gmail, and others. It also possesses multiple other features that can solve all the queries of the users related to the Yahoo Mail account. Just download the Backup tool in your Windows system for free of cost and start the downloading emails process.
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Steps to Save Yahoo Emails to Computer:

  • Firstly, install and run the given mentioned utility in your system. Go to the Open Menu and start the process.

run gmail to pst export tool

  • Go to Email Accounts >> Add Account >> configure your Yahoo Mail account by entering login credentials.

add login details of yahoo

  • Once done, you can be able to see the entire Yahoo data on the screen. Select the required number of emails from them that you want to download.

select the required yahoo emails

  • Then, go to the Export Menu >> select the file format in which you want to save your emails to PC.

save yahoo emails to computer

  • Enter the location where you want to store your data and click on save. You can choose the selected path to store the data and otherwise, by default, it will automatically store in the system.

download yahoo emails to desktop

  • After that, the saving process starts running, and in just a few seconds, the final message appears on the screen.

save yahoo emails to pc

Hence, by using a few steps, users can download bulk or even an unlimited number of emails to a Desktop or PC. Click on the “Open Folder” option and see the downloaded emails from Yahoo there.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I download multiple Yahoo emails to my PC?
    1. Run the mentioned utility.
    2. Configure your Yahoo account.
    3. Select the required emails.
    4. Go to Export >> select file format.
    5. Get the resultant data.
  • I am using Yahoo for the last 4 years for my business purposes but now the storage has been full in my account. So, I am thinking to save all my previous Yahoo emails to a computer and delete it from my account to have some space. Can I be able to do this using this software?
    Of course, this tool is perfect for you and matched accurately according to your situation. By performing the above-mentioned steps, you can easily get the desired results.
  • Hi, I tried to use this tool on my new Mac system but don’t know why it is not working there. Please tell me how can I use this?
    Sorry, but the utility is only compatible with Windows OS and does not run on any versions of Mac OS. To use it on Windows, you can use the above-mentioned steps.

End Results

Yahoo Mail is a perfect webmail service for users but it does not give the direct option to save Yahoo emails to a computer. So, to resolve these kinds of situations, one of the easiest solutions has been mentioned above. Just follow the steps and get the results with 100% accuracy. For any technical problem, connect with our team.