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PCDOTS Team ~ Published: 30-Mar-2023 ~ Erase Metadata ~ 7 Minutes Reading

Remove Metadata from Word Document to Safeguard Privacy Against Scammers

Use the advice in this article to remove metadata from Word document. The manual and professional procedures for Word document metadata removal is explained in detail here, along with all necessary screenshots. Hence, keep scrolling down the page to find your ideal solution.

When your privacy is a top priority and you want to keep your information out of the hands of fraudsters, it becomes vital to delete metadata from Word document. Information like the identity of the author, the owner of the copyright, the public license, or the contents of statistics data can all be provided through metadata. Such information might be helpful to online scammers. Word document metadata remover is the recommended course of action in this situation.

Basically, there are two techniques to clear metadata from Word documents. The first is manual and the second is automated. You can check both techniques and choose to use the one that works best for you and saves you time.

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A Manual Procedure to Remove Metadata from Word Document 

  • Open your Word document first.
  • Then click on the “File” tab and from the drop down menu select “Info“.
  • Now, select the option viz; “Check for issue” and then select “Inspect document“.
  • Then, in the document inspector box, check some data for an example of “Document properties and personal information
  • In the inspection results, click “Delete All” to clear the found data.

So, this is how you can clean document metadata manually. By looking at the steps, you might be thinking that the manual process is right for you. Well, it can be, but we must tell you that it takes a long time. You have to remove metadata from each Microsoft Word document one by one, which is hectic and can consume most of your time. So, to know the solution to overcome this situation, read on.

Can You Scrub Metadata from Word Documents in Batch ?

Of all, Word document metadata removal in batch isn’t a difficult operation; all that is required is the correct tool. We, PCDOTS, have created a tool that can erase metadata from a variety of file types, including Word documents. Please investigate in depth the best program to clean word document metadata.

An Expert Tool to Bulk Clean Metadata from Word Document

The excellent and extremely advanced software to remove metadata from Word file is PCDOTS Metadata Erasure Software. The software has the ability to simplify even the most challenging metadata erasure process. The word document metadata remover is entirely secure and works to keep all other data intact while discarding only the metadata.
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We have described the software’s operation so that you can understand how to remove metadata from Microsoft Word documents with it entirely. Please follow each step carefully for a trouble-free metadata deleting procedure.

Software’ Working

  • First, on your Windows PC, download, install, and start the Word Document Metadata Removal application.
    download the tool to remove metadata from word document
  • Now, after launching the tool to remove metadata from Word document, select Document Files from the Open menu. Then, to load your files, select Choose Files or Choose Folders.
    choose doc files or folders
Note: As shown in the screenshot above, the tool allows you to choose from a variety of document types as well as Excel and PowerPoint files. So, you are free to use the software if you ever need to remove metadata from Excel files like XLS, XLT, or image files like JPG or JPEG in addition to Word documents.
  • Before removing Metadata from a Word document, preview them.
    preview doc files
  • Clean Metadata can be selected from the Actions menu by clicking on it.
    click action option
  • To start the clean document metadata process, select the necessary location and press the Save.
    click save to remove metadata from word doc

You can therefore delete metadata from Word document at this level of simplicity. Now, if you’re interested in learning more about the tool, you must read the traits we have listed below.

Why Should You Choose Clean Word Document Metadata Software.

  1. Simple to Use: The application provides the easiest graphical user interface to erase metadata from Word document. Even if this is your first time using the software to remove all word document metadata, you will find it simple to use.
  2. Data Selection Mode: The tool provides a dual mode data selection mode. You have the option of removing metadata from individual Word doc files. If you have many Word files to remove Meta from, you can organize them into folders and upload them all at once in the software.
  3. Batch Remove Metadata from Word Document: When it comes to deleting metadata from a huge number of Word files, the word document metadata remover has no limitations. You can choose any number of Word files and delete their metadata all at once in a single cycle.
  4. Browse Location: The application to delete metadata from Word doc allows you to browse and pick the location where the output files will be saved. You are free to choose the desired location for your resulting files so that they are easily available to you.
An All-In-One Program: You may think of this app as an all-in-one solution. In addition to Word documents, this application can erase metadata from a variety of other file types. You can delete metadata from DOT files, ODT files, RTF files, and other types of files. You can also delete metadata from Excel, picture, PowerPoint, and media files in addition to document files.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Word Document Metadata and its Erasure

Question 1: How do i clean metadata from Word 2010 ?

  • Click the File Tab in Word 2010 and click on Info option
  • Then Check for Issues and opt Inspect Document.
  • To view the Personal Information hit on Show All Properties.
  • Select content you need Word to check for metadata.
  • When Word finds metadata, it will enable you to Remove All.

Question 2: Why should I clean metadata from Word document ?

When you create a Word file, devices like PCs or smartphones attach metadata to it. This metadata property can be about your location, your device information, and more. If you share Word files online before removing the metadata, you may risk losing it to a scammer. Therefore, the only way to save personal information from scammers is to remove all word document metadata first.

Question 3: What is the purpose of using the software if I can remove metadata from word document manually ?

Well, it is possible to manually remove metadata from a Word document and it is also pretty good until you have few files. The software is quite valuable if you have tons of Word files and want to remove metadata from all of them at once.


We have provided you with the best tool to remove metadata from Word document. The PCDOTS MetaRaser application is sophisticated yet simple to use software. Its powers extend beyond cleaning metadata from a Word document to a wide range of file types. You may also use the software to delete metadata from PDF files, TIFF files, video files, and other types of files. You can get the software from the link above and start with the free version.