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How to Batch Remove Metadata from Audio Files ?

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PCDOTS Team ~ Modified: 22-Sep-2023 ~ Erase Metadata ~ 7 Minutes Reading

Are you concerned about your privacy when sharing audio (mp3) files online? Do you believe that disclosing metadata in audio recordings can land you in the hands of scammers? If so, it is advised to remove metadata from audio files in order to protect privacy and avoid leaving traces. We have provided comprehensive instructions on how users can remove mp3 metadata, and we urge you to read them in order to learn how.

Hello, I’m a professional who creates audio and video files and posts them on the internet. Recently, I discovered that these files contain Meta, which is highly essential. And may readily reveal most of the information about myself, my creation, and many other things that can be valuable to scam artists. I’ve been told to remove all metadata from mp3. However I have no idea how, so I’m publishing this query. If someone reads this, please give me with an excellent application to remove metadata automatically from audio files.

—User Concern

It is undeniably true that metadata is crucial for all of our files, whether they be audio, video, or document files, that might be exploited by scam artists. As a result, there is only one way to avoid this situation: remove the metadata. So, take a look at the best options below and start removing metadata from mp3 files.

Find the Quick Steps to Remove Metadata from Audio Files

  1. First, right click the audio file and click Properties 
  2. Go to Details and select Remove All the following properties
  3. Finally, “Select All” and then click OK to remove audio metadata

Benefits of Scrubbing Meta Properties in Audio Files

  • Privacy and Anonymity: Metadata contains sensitive information about the creator or owner of the MP3 file. You can maintain your privacy or the privacy of others by removing metadata.
  • Reducing Information Leakage: Sharing audio files with intact metadata may in some cases unintentionally expose information about the source, author, or location of the file. Removing metadata can help prevent this.
  • Standardization: Removing metadata can help standardize information associated with audio files. This is useful if you want to keep metadata uniform or if you intend to use the audio files professionally.
  • Enhanced Security: Malicious code or malware can be hidden in metadata in some cases. Removing metadata can help reduce security concerns associated with audio files.

Although there are good reasons to remove metadata from audio files, there are also occasions when preserving metadata is crucial. For example, if you want to maintain proper attribution for creative works, provide specific information about audio content, or ensure accurate organization in your music library, you can leave metadata intact or even add more detailed metadata.

Finally, whether you want to remove metadata from audio files or keep it should be decided according to your own needs and tastes.

Remove Metadata from MP3 Files With Windows Explorer

  1. First of all; select your audio files on your PC.
  2. Now right click the audio file and select “Properties
  3. After that you must select the “Details” tab on the box that appears
  4. You will find a link below namely “Remove Properties and Personal Information”
  5. After click on the link you need to enable “Remove all the following properties from the file” option. Then click “Select All” button.
  6. Note: You may also create a copy with all the possible properties removed
  7. After selecting the “Select All” tab you need to click OK button to remove metadata from audio files.

Should You Use Windows Explorer for Removing MP3 Metadata

You can use the Windows Explore function to remove metadata but only if you have few files. As you may understand from the steps, you can clear metadata from one file at a time, which can be hectic and long for you.

We suggest you use this manual function if you have only a few files. However, if you have a large number of files, we suggest you take the alternative approach.

An Easy Way to Remove Metadata from Audio Files

PCDOTS Metadata Erasure Software is an application that is specifically developed to wipe metadata from a variety of files that users use on a daily basis for business or personal reasons. This software can remove metadata from MP3 files in an efficient and acceptable manner. This application is absolutely safe and is intended for usage by all users, technical and non-technical alike.
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You should be aware that this application is all-in-one and can remove metadata not only from audio files but also from mp4 files. This software can also remove metadata from Word documents, Excel files, RTF files, DOT files, and other formats. You can get the tool using the button above and use the tool’s built-in demo version to remove Meta for free.

How to Automatically Remove MP3 Metadata ?

  • On your Windows-compatible device, first download and install the MP3 Metadata remover. Start it then to bulk remove metadata from audio files.
    download the tool remove metadata from audio files
  • After the tool has been started, select either the Choose Files or Choose Folder option by clicking the Open button.
    choose files or folders
  • Once you have browsed and uploaded all the files into the MP3 Metadata remover; you must click the Action button. Then choose the Clear Metadata option.
    click action button
  • To remove metadata from audio files, select the location where you want to save the output files and then click the Save.
    click save to remove metadata from mp3 files

Thus, using the suggested software, this is how you can erase metadata from MP3. Now, if you’d want to learn more about the software, we recommend that you look at some of its characteristics.

Find Some Traits of the mp3 Metadata Remover

  • Batch Removal Capability: This software is specifically built for deleting Metadata from several mp3 files at once. The application has the ability to remove metadata from audio files in bulk. It operates without limitations and provides no complications or delays in the process when working with batch data.
  • Selection of Data Based on Preference: The application allows you to choose individual MP3 files or a whole folder full of MP3 files based on your preferences. Once all of your audio folders have been added to the program, you can still choose which files have metadata removed by checking and unchecking the appropriate boxes in the left pane.
  • Choose an Appropriate Location: You can choose where to save the output files when using the tool to remove metadata from mp3 files. To keep output mp3 files separate from one another, you can browse any route on your Desktop and choose it.
  • Device Compatibility: This tool is compatible with all devices running the Windows operating system. With Windows versions 11, 10, and before, it can erase metadata from mp3 files. Also, the application is fully independent and can carry out the task without any additional assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Can I manually remove metadata from multiple mp3 files at once?

A: No, you cannot remove metadata from multiple audio files manually. To remove metadata from multiple mp3 files at once, you have to use audio metadata software.

Question 2: Is it necessary to remove all metadata from mp3?

A: The metadata in your files can reveal so much about you that could be used by a scammer against you. Hence, it is necessary nowadays to remove metadata from audio files.

Question 3: Can I use mp3 metadata remover on Windows 11?

A: Yes. Audio Metadata Remover is compatible with all versions of Windows.

Question 4: Is it safe to use an audio metadata remover?

A: Yes, our application is completely safe and gives you desired results. I just remove mp3 metadata but keep the other stuff.


To preserve your privacy and safeguard against internet scammers, we’ve provided you with a great method to remove metadata from audio files. The proposed PCDOTS program is excellent and makes the process of removing metadata simple. You can start deleting metadata from mp3 files right away by downloading the utility from the aforementioned link.