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PCDOTS Team ~ Published: 25-Jul-2023 ~ Fix Duplicates ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Remove Duplicate PowerPoint Files from PC

Want to remove duplicate PowerPoint files from your entire computer at once? Are you looking for a convenient solution to get started? If yes, then this article is perfect for you to read. Start scrolling down the page to find out how and why you should delete all duplicate PPT files from your PC.

Having duplicate PowerPoint files on a computer is a common problem, but it may occasionally lead to serious consequences. Duplicate files on a PC can sometimes directly cause sluggish performance or a hanging situation. As a result, you must remove all duplicate PowerPoint files from PC in order to resolve the issue.

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Advantages of Removing Duplicate PowerPoint Files

  1. Duplicate PowerPoint files take up unnecessary drive space. Consequently, you must remove duplicate files to conserve disk space.
  2. You should delete duplicate PowerPoint files to prevent any misunderstanding while sharing them with others.
  3. It is simpler to find a certain PowerPoint file if you delete duplicate ones.
  4. Having a lot of duplicate files can negatively impact your computer. Hence it is necessary to delete all duplicate PowerPoint files from PC to improve performance.

So, these are some of the advantages of removing duplicate files. Now, let’s get to the solution to solve this problem.

How to Remove Duplicate PowerPoint Files?

PCDOTS’s Duplicate File Remover is the solution to the problem. This tool can effortlessly remove all duplicate PowerPoint files from your computer at once. It is a Windows-based program that comes in two versions: free and full. The free version of the duplicate PowerPoint File Remover is available at the URL below.
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The application is time-saving and only takes a few simple steps to remove duplicate PowerPoint files from folders/external hard drive etc. We will go through all the working steps of the app, please check them out.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Delete All Duplicate PowerPoint Files

  • To remove duplicate PowerPoint files from PC, first download, install, and open the application, then click the Proceed button.
    proceed to remove duplicate powerpoint files
  • Choose a place to scan duplicate files. You have the option to select “My Computer” or the local disk such as C: D: E:.
    select locate to find duplicate powerpoint
  • Apply multiple filters based on your needs to find and delete duplicate PowerPoint files.
    apply filters
  • To discover all the duplicate PowerPoint files, click the Scan Duplicate
    scan duplicate powerpoint files
  • All duplicate files will now be displayed on the tool screen. By clicking the Remove button, you can remove all duplicate PowerPoint files.
    remove all duplicate powerpoint files

So, this is how this Duplicate PowerPoint File Remover works. If you want to know more about it and find its advantages, keep learning.

Duplicate PowerPoint Files Remover | Key Traits

(1) The application has a basic user interface, making it useful even for non-technical users.

(2) This application has the ability to remove all duplicate PowerPoint files from your computer at once.

(3) It allows you to remove duplicate PowerPoint files from any folder/local drive/external drive etc.

(4) It allows you to ignore read-only files and hidden files from the duplicate removal process.

(5) The tool presents you with a complete list of all found duplicate files from your entire computer.

(6) It is an all-in-one duplicate removal tool. It also allows you to delete duplicate PDF files, delete duplicate Excel files, delete duplicate audio files, and more.

(7) It is a completely safe application that only deletes duplicate PowerPoint files from your computer while keeping the original file.

(8) It is a Windows based application that can easily remove PowerPoint files on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and below.

(9) This software includes a free version, which is beneficial if you want to trial it before purchasing it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Can I delete duplicate PowerPoint files from my entire computer at once?

A: Yes. This software has the ability to find and remove all duplicate PowerPoint from PC at once.

Question 2: Can this application delete duplicate PowerPoint from an external hard drive?

A: Yes. It can easily remove duplicate PowerPoint files from external hard drive.

Question 3: Does the tool have any limitations?

A: You may encounter some limitations with the free version of the software. In order to have unlimited work with Duplicate PowerPoint File Remover, you have to purchase the full version.

Question 4: Can I remove all duplicate PowerPoint files on Windows 10?

A: Yes. You can easily delete duplicate PowerPoint files on Windows 10 and any lower version as well.

Question 5: How to find duplicate PowerPoint files without any effort?

A: You can use this software to find all duplicate files. It automatically scans and finds duplicate PowerPoint files and presents them to you.

In Conclusion

In order to improve computer performance and eliminate any other problem, you must remove duplicate PowerPoint files. We have addressed this problem and provided you with the best solution. Duplicate PowerPoint file remover is among the best applications available on the internet. It comes with a free version which can be downloaded from this page itself.

If you face any problems while using the tool or would want a recommendation for the best complete version of the tool, please contact us at any time and we will respond promptly.