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PCDOTS Team ~ Published: 29-Aug-2023 ~ Fix Duplicates ~ 6 Minutes Reading

How to Remove Duplicate PDF Files from PC?

Do you wish to remove duplicate PDF files from PC at once? If yes, you definitely have come to the right web page. There is a step-by-step instruction with native screen capture to assist you in entirely deleting duplicate PDF files from Windows with a few simple clicks. So, let’s get started!

Having duplicate PDF files on the device is a common problem, but this one can cause a lot of concern. Duplicate PDF files on PC not only cause management problem but also negatively impact your system performance, which can only be solved if you delete them permanently.

Quick Steps to Remove Duplicate PDF Files 

  1. Download, install and run the duplicate PDF remover
  2. Specify any folder or drive to find all duplicate PDF files
  3. Specify file size and file name to find duplicate PDF files
  4. Click the Scan Duplicate button, and then click Remove.

Is it Necessary to Remove Duplicate PDF Files from the System?

Indeed, deleting duplicate PDF files from the computer may instantly fix a number of problems, including sluggish computer performance. Duplicate PDF files on the PC take up unnecessary space, which has a detrimental impact on computer speed, resulting in delayed loading or hanging.

Another difficulty that duplicate PDF files might cause is management issues. It may cause confusion and disturbance while looking for a certain file, and it may even result in file corruption at some time.

These are the fundamental problems, and the only way to fix them is to delete duplicate PDF files from your computer. Now let’s proceed on to the solution of the issue.

An Outstanding Solution to Remove Duplicate PDF Files from PC

The finest and most advanced program to delete duplicate PDF files is PCDOTS Duplicate Remover Software. It’s a completely automated application that will scan your Windows PC for duplicates, display them to you, and then ask for your permission to remove them all at once. With this application you can save a lot of time even with such a difficult task.
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This PDF Duplicate Remover is capable of removing all duplicate files from a Windows PC simultaneously with only a few simple, self-explanatory actions. You can discover all the steps below and easily identify the working of the tool before getting the free version.

Duplicate PDF Remover | Working Steps

  • First download, install and launch the application to remove duplicate PDF files from PC, then click the Proceed button.
    download duplicate pdf remover
  • Now, please select a location to scan duplicate PDF files. You can select the “My Computer” or the local drive option.
    select location to remove duplicate pdf from
  • Now, apply various filters as per your requirement to delete duplicate PDF files.
    apply filters
  • Now, you need to click on the Scan Duplicate button to find all the duplicate PDF files.
    scan duplicate pdf files
  • You will now see that all duplicate files are displayed on the tool screen. Now, you can point to the tool to remove duplicate PDF files by clicking on the Remove.
    remove duplicate pdf files from pc

So, that’s how you can effortlessly delete duplicate PDF files using our tool, which appears to be easier and faster. If you want to learn more about the application, look at the features listed below.

Duplicate PDF Finder | Key Advantages

(1) The tool supports batch duplication removal. It may delete as many duplicate PDF files as you desire in a single step without displaying any limitations or errors to you.

(2) Duplicate File Remover allows you to select a location to find duplicate PDF files. You can select any local drive and any folder on your Windows system to scan, find and delete duplicate PDF files.

(3) It also allows you to exclude specific folders from the removal process. You can exclude hidden or read-only files from the duplicate removal process.

(4) Duplicate PDF remover shows you a report of all the duplicates it found from your computer.

(5) It is comprehensive software that can delete various types of duplicate files. In addition to a PDF file, it may also remove duplicate videos, remove duplicate audio files, remove duplicate Excel files, and more.

(6) This tool can simply remove duplicate PDF files from PC powered by Windows. It is compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10, and any previous version of the operating system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What if I accidentally delete an important PDF file while removing duplicates?

A: If you accidentally deleted an important PDF file, check your computer’s Recycle Bin (Windows) or Trash (Mac) first. You may be able to recover it from there. Regular backups also help in such situations.

Question 2: Can I remove duplicate PDF files manually, or do I have to use a tool?

A: You can delete duplicate PDF files manually if you have a small number. For a large number of duplicates, it is more efficient and accurate to use a specialized tool to find and delete duplicate files.

Question 3: How many duplicate PDF files can I remove at once?

A: You can remove duplicate PDF files in bulk with our software. It may easily remove all PDF files from your entire computer at once.

Question 4: Does the tool have any limitations?

A: No, there is no limitation for the full version of the tool. However, you may encounter limitations in the trial version.

Question 5: Can I delete duplicate PDF files on Mac?

A: The software can remove duplicate PDF files only on Windows. It does not yet support Macs.

Question 6: How to find duplicate PDF files in a folder?

A: You have to launch the tool and select the folder from which you want to find all the duplicate PDF files. The tool will automatically scan the folders and present you with all duplicates.

In Conclusion

We’ve answered the most often requested question, “How to Remove Duplicate PDF Files from PC.” The duplicate PDF remover tool is the most effective answer to this question. This tool is simple to use and has a number of complex features. You may download the software for free from the link above and begin using it right away to simplify your work. If you find any problems with the tool, please contact us at any time.

Customer Reviews about Duplicate PDF File Remover

I thought it might take some time to remove duplicate PDF files from my entire computer at once. However, this software has changed my general perception. I must say that this is the best software to delete duplicate PDF files. ~ Emma
Big applause to the developers of this software. It literally saved me a lot of time. I recently purchased the full version of the tool and now I can anytime remove duplicate PDF files or any other files without wasting any time. ~ Harry