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Duplicate files are the major cause of a computer's or other sort of device's poor performance. Duplicate files might consume a lot of storage space, which could slow down the computer. By deleting duplicates all at once, you can improve your computer's productivity and performance.

The Duplicate Remover automatically removes all types of files on your PC. The Duplicate Finder Tool automatically scans and removes duplicate photos, emails, documents, and other file types with minimum effort.

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Key Features

  • Automatically scans your Windows computer to identify all of the duplicate files on it
  • Provide you with a detailed report on the duplicate files before permanently removing them
  • Free Duplicate Remover for Windows PC enables the filter-free duplicate removal process
  • Enable to select specific local drive or files and directories to find and remove duplicates
  • Duplicate Remover Software is a tried and tested solution that produces accurate results
  • Duplicate File Finder also removes duplicate files from local drive such as C: D: and E:
  • Scan and remove duplicates by file name, file extension, file type, and also the file size
  • Duplicate File Remover find and deletes duplicates from documents, photos, audio, etc.
  • Duplicate Remover is free and compatible with all the edition of Windows operating system

Software Traits

Duplicate Remover Software – Valuable Features

An All-in-One Duplicate File Remover

The Duplicate Finder is versatile software that works with all file kinds. It allows you to delete duplicates from nearly any file or extension without imposing any limitations. The Duplicate Remover Software can remove duplicates from document files such as PDF and CSV, email files such as EML and PST, and MP3 and MP4 files.

Remove Duplicates in Batch

Duplicate File Remover saves you a ton of time by removing duplicates in batch quantity. It allows you to select any number of folders or files and delete duplicates within them with a single click. The Duplicate File Finder can scan your entire computer in a few minutes to identify and remove duplicates at once without causing any error.

Simplest Duplicate File Remover

Duplicate Remover for Windows is designed to be useful for both technical and non-technical users. It has a simple design that impacts positively on the customer experience. It does not contain anything complicated which might let non-technical users in trouble. All functions are self-explanatory and users will not need anyone's help to use this duplicate file remover tool.

Accurate and Versatile Duplicate Remover

Free Duplicate File Finder uses advanced algorithms to properly locate and remove duplicates, guaranteeing that only unique data remains. Furthermore, Pro Duplicate Remover software can deletes duplicate files of any size from any location. In brief, it is the greatest application for locating and removing duplicates from PC.

Choose a Location to Scan Duplicates

Duplicate File Remover allows you to select a location to scan for duplicates and permanently remove them later. You can perform a scan within a specific local drive such as C: D: and E:. Duplicate Finder also allows you to select specific files and folders on your PC to find and remove duplicates within them.

Supports Targeted Delicacy Check

The application allows a targeted delicacy check if you do not want to remove duplicates from your entire computer. The Windows Duplicate Remover allows you to set different filters to remove duplicates from your Windows computer. It allows you to find duplicates by file name, file extension, file type as well as file size.

Exclude Files from Delicacy Removal

You may use the Duplicate Remover Software to exclude files from the Delicacy Removal procedure. You may instruct the Free Duplicate File Remover to disregard all Read-only or hidden files on your Windows machine throughout the duplicate elimination procedure.

Provide a Detailed Report on Duplicates

You are given a thorough report of every duplicate file that the Duplicate File Finder has found on your Windows PC. When you choose a target folder to perform a duplication scan on, it starts loading all the data and gives you a separate Window showing you the duplications of files inside.

System Requirement

System and Software Requirements

Software Name: PCDOTS Duplicate Remover Software
Version: 1.0
Processor: 2.4GHz is recommended
RAM: Minimum 2 GB
Minimum Hard Drive Space: 37.4 MB of free space
Operating System: Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, 2003 and all.
Installation & Un-installation: Install Uninstall Refund Policy

Duplicate Remover Software can significantly improve the efficiency and performance of the computer on which you are working. Its goal is to locate all duplicates on your computer and then request permission to erase them all at once.

Limitations: PCDOTS Duplicate Finder has a free demo version that allows you to remove a limited number of duplicate files from your computer.

Duplicate file finder is for every user. You should not be hesitant to use it, even if it is your first time. It is created with the most basic interface, making it useful for non-technologists as well. It is a time-saving Windows Duplicate File Remover that can delete all duplicates from the entire computer with just one click of a button.

free duplicate file remover

Remove Anything with a Single Click

The Duplicate Remover Software is built with advanced algorithms to remove duplicates from any type of file. It may discover duplicates in all visible and hidden folders on your Windows PC and display them to you before eventually deleting them. Let's have a look at some of the files from which the utility may find and delete duplicates.

  • Email Files: EML, PST, DBX, OLM, and more.
  • Document Files: PDF, CSV, HTML, Text, DOC and more
  • Image Files: JPG, PNG, WebP, AI, and more.
  • Other Files: Audio and Video Files

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Download Duplicate Remover Software on Windows PC
  2. Select files and folders to find duplicates within them.
  3. View a complete report of duplicates in the tool Window.
  4. Click the Remove button to delete all duplicate files.
Yes. Our Duplicate Remover works with a variety of file formats. It can easily remove duplicates from MP3, MP4 and various document files.
Yes. There is a free version of this Duplicate File Remover. However, the free version only allows you to delete duplicates from a limited number of files. You must purchase the license key to remove delicacy indefinitely.
The free Duplicate File Remover is compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and below version.
Yes, our duplicate file remover is entirely risk-free. It just discovers and deletes duplicate files while preserving the original one.
Our Free Duplicate File Remover is capable of removing an unlimited amount of duplicate files from your Windows PC.


See What Our Customers Have to Say

I've been using this Duplicate Remover Software for a while now, and I must say that it's the greatest application available. This utility supports a wide range of file formats and can remove duplicates from them all at once without causing any errors. I strongly advise everyone to use this tool to find and delete duplicates.

Adam Walker

Seattle, USA

I needed to remove duplicates on my Windows PC. I tried doing it manually and using various internet converters, but nothing worked properly. Then my co-worker advised I use this PCDOTS Duplicate Remover Software to find duplicates from certain files or entire PC. I must say that this is the finest method for removing duplicates.

Rob Miller

New York, USA

This Duplicate File Remover is one of the most user-friendly programs I've ever encountered. As a non-technical user, I was apprehensive about whether I would utilize it or require assistance from others. I must remark that this Duplicate finder is simple to use and does not add any complications to the delicacy removal procedure.

Andrew Wilson

London, UK