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Remove Duplicate Video Files from Windows PC

Do you want to remove duplicate video files? Are you looking for a solution that may help you to easily remove all duplicate videos from your entire computer at once without any efforts? If yes, this post is for you. We suggest that you continue reading to find the best solution to your issue.

Duplicate files are those created while altering the original and saving a copy of it. You may potentially acquire double files from others unintentionally, which can cause significant disruption. Duplicate video or other files may appear to be a typical problem, but they can cause a variety of complications.

Quick Steps to Remove Duplicate Video Files from Computer

  1. Download, install and run the duplicate videos remover
  2. Select any folder or drive to find all duplicate video files
  3. Apply file size and file name to find duplicate Video files
  4. Click the Scan Duplicate button, and then click Remove.

Why Should You Remove Duplicate Videos?

  1. Duplicates could potentially take up twice the capacity on your device. Duplicate video could be the source of the majority of the space on your device.
  2. Duplicate files can slow down your PC. The more free space, the more accurately the system will work. When the space runs out, it begins to react erratically and hang.
  3. Furthermore, several complications arise while sharing files, as you may mistakenly transmit duplicate files to others without realizing it.

So, one typical issue can causes a number of others. As a result, deleting duplicate videos is required to resolve any of the aforementioned and other issues. We’ve provided a simple and effective approach to remove duplicate movie files below; take a look.

How to Remove Duplicate Video Files?

1. Manual Search for Files:

  • File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (macOS): Navigate to the folders where you store your videos. Find files with the same or similar names. Keep an eye out for duplicate folders, too. Delete duplicates that you find.
  • Search by File Extension: You can search for specific video file extensions (eg .mp4, .mkv, .avi) to locate duplicates more efficiently.

2. Sort by Size and Date:

  • Sort by File Size: Sort files by size to easily identify duplicates. Files with the same name but different sizes are likely to be duplicate files.
  • Sort by Date: Sort files by date to find duplicates that may have been created or modified at the same time.

An Easiest Way to Delete Duplicate Video Files

Duplicate Remover Tool is the solution to your problem. This professional solution can easily remove all duplicate videos from your entire computer at once. This app is fully automated and requires very little help from you. It automatically scans your entire PC to find all duplicates and then removes them after requesting your final approval. This application is free to trial and test and can be downloaded from the URL below.
Download Now

The basic steps to use the tool are described in detail below. You can go through them one by one and delete duplicate videos with ease.

Follow Easy Steps to Remove Duplicate Video Files

  • Download, install and launch the app on your Windows device. Then proceed to remove duplicate video files.
    proceed to remove duplicate video files
  • Now, select the given local drive/folder to find and delete all duplicate movie files.
    select place to find duplicate videos
  • You can also apply filters such as file name and file extension to delete duplicate files from specific criteria.
    apply filters
  • Now, click the Scan Duplicates button to find all duplicate movie files available on your Windows PC.
    scan duplicate video files
  • The tool will now display all the duplicate video files in the pane. Finally, you can click the Remove button to delete duplicate videos.
    remove duplicate videos

See at this level of ease, you can remove duplicate video files from your entire computer at once. This app is packed with features and ensures you accurate output. If you want to know more about the utility, find out about the benefits associated with it, read the section below.

Read More about the Duplicate Video File Remover

(1) This tool provides a simple and user-friendly interface to delete duplicate videos. It is unquestionably suitable for non-technical users as well.

(2) It automatically scans your entire computer and finds all duplicate video files on it.

(3) Displays a detailed list of all the duplicate video files it finds on your computer.

(4) You can use this application to find all duplicates in a specific location. You can select a local drive such as C: D; E: Any local folder or drive to find and remove duplicate video files.

(5) It includes a number of filters that you can use to remove duplicates based on your needs. You can set the file extension, file name and file type to find all duplicates.

(6) It allows you to exclude read-only and hidden files from the duplicate removal process.

(7) This software is entirely self-sufficient and does not require you to download any other settings or apps in order to remove duplicate movie files.

(8) It is compatible with all recent and lower versions of the Windows operating system. You can easily delete duplicate videos on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8 and below versions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Is it safe to delete duplicate video files?

A: Yes, it is generally safe to remove duplicate video files as long as you are sure that they are real duplicates. Be careful and make sure you have backups in case you accidentally delete a non-redundant file.

Question 2: Can I find duplicates without manually opening each video file?

A: Yes, you can use a specialized PCDOTS duplicate video file finder software that scans your computer for duplicates based on file properties or content.

Question 3: What if I have duplicate copies in different formats or resolutions?

A: Duplicate file finders can be configured to find duplicates based on content, not just file names or file formats. They can recognize duplicates of different resolutions or formats as long as the content is the same.

Question 4: What causes the duplicate video files on my computer?

A: Duplicate video files often accumulate for various reasons, including accidental file copies, multiple downloads, incomplete transfers, and software glitches. Over time, these duplicates can clutter your storage space.

In Conclusion 

Duplicate video files can cause a lot of problems on your computer hence their removal becomes necessary. We have described the best way to remove duplicate video files in this article. The proposed software is the best and comprehensive. It offers you multiple functions and may delete all duplicate videos from your computer at once. You can get the tool from the link above and use it for free.

If you have any query about the tool or need any suggestion, feel free to ask us anytime.