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How to Convert GIF File to WEBP? A Free Approach

Do you need to convert GIF file to WebP file? If so, you’ll find this article useful. We have provided a full discussion of “How to Convert GIF to WebP” as well as the major reasons or benefits for doing so. So, let us begin with this educational post.

WebP offers 24-bit RGB color with an 8-bit alpha channel, whereas GIF only supports 8-bit color with a 1-bit alpha channel. WebP allows both lossy and lossless compression; in fact, lossy and lossless frames can be combined in a single animation. GIF, on the other hand, supports only lossless compression.

While both GIF and WEBP are great animation files and are used all over the world, in most cases WebP is superior to GIF. We have explained in which scenario WebP is better than GIF, please check it out.

Reasons to Convert GIF File to WEBP

(1) WebP is less in size than GIF. Animated GIFs are 64% smaller when converted to lossy WebP, whereas lossless WebP are 19% less bulky.

(2) The WebP encoder, like a contemporary video encoder, heuristically inserts key-frames at constantly (something most GIF encoders do not).

(3) WebP lossy compression approaches are particularly suited to animated graphics generated from actual-world videos, which are becoming a more common source of animated images.

(4) WebP pictures include metadata indicating whether or not each frame has alpha, removing the need to decode the frame to determine this.

So, these are some of the advantages of WEBP files versus GIF files. Let us now turn our attention to our primary worry, which is the solution to the topic “How to convert GIF file to WEBP.”

How to Convert GIF to WEBP?

PCDOTS’s Image Converter Tool is the solution to the problem. This tool can batch convert GIF file to WEBP while maintaining picture quality. It has a simple user interface and powerful functionality to make tasks easier. It has a free version that allows you to change GIF to WEBP to some extent. We’ve included a direct link to the application’s free edition below, please utilize it.
Download Now

The GIF to WEBP Converter is fantastic because it can convert GIF to WEBP format in just a few easy steps. We have documented all of the tool’s operational procedures below and welcome you to study them.

How to Convert GIF File to WEBP? Working Steps

  • Download animated GIF to WEBP converter software on Windows. Next, click on the EXE file to install and run it to change GIF to WEBP.
    download gif to webp converter
  • After launching the tool, click the Open button and select GIF files from the dropdown list. You can select Choose Folder option to convert GIF to WEBP in bulk.
    select gif files or folders
  • Once the GIF files have been imported into the tool, click the Export button and select WebP.
    select webp saving option
  • Click the Browse button and specify the destination path to keep the resulting files.
    select location for output
  • Finally, click the Save button to convert GIF file to WEBP.
    convert gif file to webp
  • Once all image files have been converted to WEBP, you will be notified.
    conversion complete

So, your query about “how to convert GIF file to WEBP” has been answered. We will now go through some of the tool’s advantageous characteristics and ask you to read them to determine its suitability for you.

GIF to WebP Converter | Key Advantages

(1) It is completely self-contained and does not necessitate the use of third-party software to convert GIF to WEBP.

(2) It provides a straightforward graphical user interface to convert GIF file to WEBP.

(3) It can batch convert GIF animation files to WEBP without slowing down the process or reporting problems.

(4) You may examine GIF files before converting them to WEBP format.
preview gif files

(5) It is a versatile solution that can convert GIF to JPG, GIF to PNG, GIF to SVG, and other file formats.

(6) It is a Windows-specific GIF to WEBP Converter that is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and previous versions.

(7) The software is wholly system-based. As a result, it makes sure that it doesn’t keep your photographs for a lengthy time like many GIF to WEBP online converters do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How to convert GIF to WEBP?

  • Download GIF to WEBP Converter
  • Import GIF files into the application
  • Select WebP from the list of savings
  • Select the output location and save

Question 2: How many animated GIF files can I convert at the same time?

A: You can convert any number of animated GIF files in a single process with GIF to WEBP Converter.

Question 3: Can I convert GIF file to WEBP on Mac?

A: Mac computers are not supported by this software. It can only convert GIF to WEBP on Windows devices.

Question 4: Is GIF to WEBP converter safe?

A: Yes. It’s a tried and tested app. It maintains the quality of the images throughout the conversion process and gives you the expected results.

In Conclusion

We have provided an excellent answer to the most commonly requested question, “How to convert GIF file to WEBP.” The best solution to the problem is the GIF to WEBP Converter Software. This program is an all-in-one utility with a simple interface and several advanced functions. You may download the application’s free trial version from the link above and begin converting your files right away.

If you have any problems acquiring the complete version of the tool and have any questions about it, please contact us at any time.

Customer Reviews about the Software

The best software to convert GIF to WebP! I converted multiple files at once without any delay. The conversion process was very smooth and simple. This is the tool that I would recommend to anyone. ~ Scarlet
A great simple GIF to WEBP converter. The interface is very good and interactive. Enables to view images before conversion and is completely secure. Great tool to convert GIF file to WEBP.  ~ Steve
The best tool to convert GIF to WEBP. I converted about 100 GIFs at the same time and didn’t find any error. I highly recommend this software to change GIF image to WEBP.  ~ John