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PCDOTS Team ~ Published: 09-Aug-2023 ~ Convert ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Convert GIF to SVG Animation File While Retaining Image Quality

Do you need to change multiple GIF animation files to SVG at the same time? Are you looking for the finest way to do so? If so, continue reading this instructive post. We’ve outlined a best way to convert GIF to SVG for free, and we recommend you have a look at it.

GIF and SVG are both animation files and they have been around the world for a long time. However, in today’s age, SVG files are outperforming GIFs and the reason for that is real. GIF files are more prone to limitation, while SVG files are more advanced and flexible.

There are many advantages to using SVG files over animation files. We’ve listed a few reasons to convert GIF animation to SVG, and also recommend you to consider.

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Reason to Convert GIF to SVG Animation

  1. While GIF files only offer 256 colors, SVG files enable a minimum of 16.7 million colors as well as transparency.
  2. SVG files are endlessly scalable and resolution independent. Hence, they appear better on the screen than GIF files.
  3. SVG assets may be integrated inline in your HTML, eliminating server requests and speeding up your Website.
  4. SVG allows for easy animation and interactivity. You may have it start on scroll, click, or hover.
  5. SVG is the Web’s language, and it is supported by all Web browsers.

These are some of the advantages of converting a GIF file to an SVG file. Let’s have a look at the solution to get this conversion started.

How to Convert GIF to SVG?

Image File Converter by PCDOTS is a great application to convert GIF animation to SVG. It is a completely system based application that does not require you to upload your photos to the internet and risk losing them. It is completely free and secure to use. It retains the original quality of the images during conversion and provides you with the desired results. We have provided a link to our free GIF to SVG converter below, please use it.
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GIF animation file to SVG converter provides only 5 steps process to convert GIF to SVG. We will go through all the steps one by one and learn how the tool works.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Change GIF Animation File to SVG

  • Download, install and run GIF to SVG Converter on your computer.
    download gif to svg converter
  • Click Open >> GIF Files >> Choose Files / Choose Folders. You have to select folder option to convert GIF to SVG in bulk.
    choose gif files or folders
  • After importing the GIF files into the tool, you need to click the Export button and select the SVG.
    select svg saving option
  • Click the browse button to select the desired location to save the resulting SVG files. Finally, click the Save button to convert GIF animation to SVG.
    convert gif to svg
  • Once all GIF files have been converted to SVG, you will be notified by the tool.
    conversion completed

So, these are the only steps you need to follow to convert GIF to SVG with the software. If you want to know more about the tool or find its benefits, check out the features below.

GIF to SVG Converter | Primary Features

(1) The software provides a very basic user interface to convert GIF to SVG animation.

(2) It converts multiple animated GIF files to SVG files at the same time.

(3) The GIF to SVG converter allows you to view GIF images before converting them to SVG.
preview gif before converting in svg

(4) It is completely secured to use the application which guarantees the original quality of the images.

(5) It allows you to save the output files anywhere on your Windows PC.

(6) This application is all-in-one and supports multiple file formats. It can convert GIF to PDF, GIF files to TIFF, GIF to bitmap and other file formats.

(7) GIF animation file to SVG converter is completely standalone and does not force you to download other supporting apps.

(8) The utility is compatible with Windows and can convert GIF to SVG on Windows 11, Windows 10 and lower versions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Is SVG better than GIF?

A: SVG files are indefinitely scalable, resolution-independent, and provide more color than GIF files. Today, SVGs are much more useful than GIFs.

Question 2: Can I change multiple GIF files to SVG animations?

A: Yes. You can use this GIF to SVG converter to export multiple GIF animation files to SVG at once.

Question 3: Can I convert GIF to SVG on a Mac?

A: GIF to SVG converter is only compatible with Windows. It is not currently supported to convert GIF animation to SVG animation on Mac.

Question 4: Why should I use PCDOTS to convert GIF to SVG?

A: This software is completely offline and unlike any other online GIF converter. It does not keep your photos for longer and there is no privacy issue with it.

Final Verdict

It is now easy to convert GIF to SVG for free while maintaining picture quality. The recommended GIF animation file to SVG converter is a system-based and completely safe solution for converting an unlimited number of pictures at once. It comes with a free version, which you can get by clicking the link above. If you have any questions about the tool or require suggestions for the complete version, please contact us at any moment.