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How to Convert GIF File to JPG? Top 4 Solutions

Do you want to convert GIF file to JPG? If yes, then this post is ideal for you. There is a step-by-step tutorial for converting multiple GIF animated files to JPG at once without losing quality that you should check out immediately. Let’s start!

While animated GIF files are best for drawing consumers towards information, in most cases static JPG files are best. There are several reasons to convert GIF to JPG for various picture uses that you should consider right now.

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Reason to Convert GIF to JPG

(1) The file size will be drastically reduced when a GIF is converted to a JPG, making it simpler and more compatible to distribute widely and post to many platforms.

(2) JPEG is significantly superior for photography, but GIF is ideal for computer created graphics, logos, and line art with limited color palettes.

(3) While GIF files only allow 256 colors, JPG files support 16 million colors.

These are some of the benefits of JPG files over GIF animation files. Now, let’s get to our free method to convert GIF image to JPG.

How to Convert GIF File to JPG Files in Photoshop?

(1) Launch Adobe Photoshop and open your GIF file.

(2) Navigate to File > Save as.

(3) Select JPG format from the pop-up window’s drop-down box and then click Save.

(4) Alternatively, click Export >> Select Export as > File settings > Format > JPG from the drop-down menu, and then select Export All.

How to Change GIF to JPG Free in MS Paint?

Thanks to an update to the Windows operating system, Paint has evolved into more than just a painting tool. Therefore, Paint may be used for simple picture altering. The process to convert GIF file to JPG in this application is hardly complicated.

(1) Launch Microsoft Paint on your Windows system

(2) Click File >> Open and then open your GIF image.

(3) Next, click the File >> Save as >> JPG >> Save.

How to Convert GIF Image to JPG in MS Photos?

Microsoft Photos is a tool that comes standard with Windows 10 and 11. It is more than just an image viewer; it also allows for basic photo editing. It is also rather simple to change file from GIF to JPG with the help of this Windows program.

(1) Launch Microsoft Photos and open GIF file.

(2) Select the ellipsis (…) >> Save as option.

(3) In the new window, select .jpg from the drop-down box and then click Save.

So, these are some of the free techniques to convert GIF to JPG high-quality files. However, all three approaches have one thing in common: they are not suitable for batch file conversion. They are only capable of converting one file at a time. Consider our following method if you wish to convert numerous GIF animation files to JPG at the same time.

How to Batch Convert GIF File to JPG Files?

Image Converter Tool is one of the most effective and reliable apps to convert GIF image to JPG. This instrument quickly overcomes the disadvantages of the manual procedure. It can batch convert GIF file to JPG while keeping image resolution. It’s a free GIF to JPG Converter for Windows that you can download from the link below.
Download Now

Follow the steps below to have a better understanding of the application and how to use it to convert GIF to JPG high quality.

Step-by-Step Guide to Change GIF to JPG Format for Free

  • Download, install and start the GIF to JPG Converter on Microsoft Windows.
    download gif to jpg converter
  • Click the Open tab >> GIF File >> Choose Files or Choose Folders. You must select the folder option to change GIF to JPG in batch
    select gif files or folders
  • After importing files into the GIF to JPG Converter, click Export >> JPG.
    select jpg saving option
  • Select a location for the output files. Click Save button to convert GIF file to JPG.
    convert gif file to jpg

It appears to be simpler to use the software to convert GIF to JPG than to do it manually. Continue reading to learn more about the free GIF to JPG Converter tool.

GIF to JPG Converter | Key Traits

(1) It is a self- sufficient app and does not require Photoshop, Paint or MS Photos to convert GIF to JPG.

(2) It features a straightforward user interface, making it simple for non-techies to operate.

(3) It has the ability to batch convert GIF file to JPG without slowing down the process or showing any problems.

(4) You may get a preview of the images before you convert them to JPG format.
preview gif image

(5) It is a versatile tool that has the ability to convert GIF image to JPG, GIF to AI, GIF to SVG, and other file types.

(6) The application to change GIF to JPG is particular to Windows and is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and older versions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How many GIFs can I convert at once with Adobe Photoshop?

A: You can convert only one GIF file at a time to JPG using Photoshop.

Question 2: How to change GIF to JPG in batch?

  • Install and launch the GIF to JPG converter
  • Import GIF files/folders into the software
  • Click Export and select JPG from the list
  • Select location for output and click Save

Question 3: Can I convert GIF file to JPG on Mac?

A: You can convert GIF to PNG on Mac using the Adobe Photoshop application.

Question 4: Is GIF to JPG converter safe?

A: Yes. The software to change GIF to JPG is absolutely safe. It maintains the image quality while converting and offers you the best results.

Question 5: How do I convert a GIF to JPG on Windows?

A: You can convert GIF file to JPG on Windows using a GIF to JPG converter, Adobe Photoshop, MS Photos, or Paint application.

In Conclusion

We have provided you with several options to convert GIF file to JPG. You can use MS Paint, Adobe Photoshop, or MS Photos. However, these solutions only allow you to convert one file at a time. As a result, in order to overcome this constraint, we have provided you with the greatest GIF to JPG Converter. You may examine all of the strategies and select the one that best suits your needs.

If you wish to utilize the GIF to JPG Converter for free, click the link above. If you have any queries about the software, kindly ask us any time.