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Convert GIF File to TIFF | (Offline and Free)

Do you intend to print GIF files or scale them to enormous proportions? If yes, you need first convert them to a TIFF file. TIFF files, in contrast to GIF files, are of very high resolution and may be used for printing images and billboards. In this write-up, we have discussed the feasible approach to convert GIF file to TIFF; if you want to perform this image conversion, continue reading down the page. A GIF can be a still picture or a succession of images combined to produce an animation with a transparent backdrop. A TIFF, on the other hand, is a very high-quality picture format that is commonly used in digital shooting and is frequently utilized when printing very big digital images. GIFs and TIFFs are completely distinct sorts of pictures, however there may be situations when you need to convert GIF to TIFF. Image conversion is a basic operation that can be completed quickly and easily using an application such as PCDOTS Image Converter.

Quick Steps to Convert GIF to TIFF

  • Download, install and run the software
  • Import GIF files / folders into the tool
  • Click Export tab and select TIFF option
  • Specify location for output and click Save

How to Convert GIF File to TIFF Files with PCDOTS Solution

(1) Download GIF to TIFF Converter on Windows from the button below. Download Now (2) Click the downloaded EXE file to install and run the tool to convert GIF to TIFF. download gif to tiff converter (3) Click Open >> GIF Files >> Choose Files Option or Choose Folders. select gif files or folders (4) Browse and import GIF files to GIF to TIFF Converter and preview them. preview gif images (5) Click the Export button and select TIFF files from the drop-down list. select tiff saving option (6) Click the Browse button to select the desired location to keep the output files. select destination for output (7) Finally, click the Save button to convert GIF file to TIFF. convert gif file to tiff (8) The conversion process only takes a few minutes and once it is done you will be notified. conversion completion So, this is how you can convert GIF animation files to TIFF with the software, which seems pretty straightforward. Now, if you want to know more about this GIF image to TIFF converter, please refer to the section below.

GIF to TIFF Converter | An Outstanding Solution

(1) This GIF to TIFF Converter comes with a simple interface to convert GIF animation files to TIFF. (2) It provides you two options to convert GIF to TIFF files. You can convert an individual GIF file or entire GIF folders. (3) It comes with bulk image conversion capabilities. You can convert an unlimited number of GIF files to TIFF at the same time. (4) It has a built-in image viewer tool. You can preview your GIFs in the tool before converting them to TIFF files. (5) This app allows you to save the resulting TIFF files to the desired location instead of saving them to the predefined location. (6) This app is superior to any other GIF to TIFF converter online because it does not keep photographs for a long period of time. (7) It is completely standalone application and does not require any third party application to convert GIF file to TIFF files. (8) This PCDOTS image conversion solution is all-in-one that allows you to convert GIF files to JPG, GIF files to PNG files, GIF files to WEBP, and more. (9) This GIF to TIFF converter is Windows based and can be used on any previous and latest version of Windows OS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Which is superior, GIF or TIFF? A: GIF is the finest format for working with little visuals such as banners, charts, and buttons. TIFF is ideal for bitmap pictures that will be edited. TIFF files do not compress to generate smaller files since they are designed to maintain quality. Question 2: Is GIF of good quality? A: The GIF file format has a restriction of 256 colors, thus saving or converting as GIF results in a loss of photo quality. We recommend converting it to TIFF format if you want to save it in good quality. Question 3: Can I convert GIF to TIFF on Mac? A: Our GIF to TIFF converter is compatible with Windows only. It can’t convert GIF file to TIFF on Mac. Question 4: How many GIF files can I convert at the same time? A: You can simultaneously convert any number of GIF images into TIFF files.

In Conclusion

Now it’s easier to convert GIF file to TIFF. The suggested GIF to TIFF converter is a secure and comprehensive tool that can convert a large number of images at the same time. You can get the tool from the link above and start using it for free. If you face any issue with this GIF to TIFF converter tool, you can contact our support team at any time.