VCF Duplicate Remover

PCDOTS vCard Duplicate Remover is a sophisticated, easy-to-use, feature-rich, and secure software that allows users to remove duplicate contacts from VCF files. It can delete contacts in any version of vCard while retaining other data.

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Primarily Consists

  • The VCF Duplicate Remover has a straightforward interface for convenience of use.
  • Remove duplicate contacts from VCF files in bulk without showing any error.
  • It works with vCard files that are compatible with Windows or Mac OS devices.
  • It is completely self-contained and does not require its users to download additional settings.
  • Compatible with all current and previous versions of the Windows operating system.
  • Support the vCard files exported from the Outlook Mail, iCloud Mail or Gmail account.
  • Advanced algorithms are employed to eliminate duplicate contacts, producing desired outcomes.
  • A tried-and-trusted product aimed at preserving all contact fields in vCard files.
  • vCard duplicate remover eliminate duplicates in names, contact numbers, and other fields.

Advanced Options

Notable Features of the VCF Duplicate Remover Software

A Universal vCard Remover Tool

Everyone can use the PCDOTS Software to remove duplicate contacts in VCF files. Users of this tool don't need to have any prior technical knowledge to utilize it. It has the simplest possible graphical user interface with no complexity. It won't seem complicated to anyone using it even for the first time to delete duplicate contacts from vCard files.

Unconstrained Capabilities for Removing Duplicity

While using the vCard duplicate remover tool, there are no limitations on how many vCard files or folders you can simultaneously remove contacts from. The application is specifically made for bulk object removal so that you may complete your chores quickly. With the same process, you can choose a large number of files and folders and delete duplicate contacts all at once.

Provide Data Selection Options

The VCF Duplicate Remover provides users with data selection options. There are essentially two settings to choose from.

  • Choose Files: If you only have a few vCard files, this is the ideal option for you. This is the suitable choice for removing duplicate contacts from a limited number of VCF files.
  • Choose Folders: This option is appropriate for users who want to delete duplicate contacts from a large number of files. This option allows you to choose entire directories holding a huge number of files.

Support for Various vCard Versions

The vCard duplicate remover tool has been built to remove duplicate contacts from VCF files of various versions. Mac devices support vCard version 4.0 while Windows devices support versions 3.0 and 2.1. As a result, the software is compatible with all vCard versions 2.1, 3.0, and 3.0 and can remove duplicate contacts from them.

Preview Function

The tool can not only remove duplicate contacts in VCF files, but also allows you to see them. The VCF duplicate remover software includes a vCard viewer tool that allows you to carry out an in-depth vCard analysis prior to deleting duplicate files. The software allows all users to re-analyze all vCard files in order to examine all contacts and their associated information.

Purpose of Establishing the Path

The vCard duplicate remover allows you to specify the destination path for the output files. Before finally removing duplicate contacts from VCF files using the software, you can browse to any location on your system and choose where to save the resulting vCard files. This function will assist you in keeping the files separate from other files.

100% Safe and Secured

The vCard duplicate remover is completely safe to use and gives the desired results. The software guarantees you a 100 percent safe and secure approach while preserving the Meta aspects of VCF contact fields during the removal process. The software does not overwrite or remove any original vCard contacts file and users will receive a resultant data file with the same hierarchical data.

Integrated Search Tool

VCF duplicate remover is an all-in-one application that performs a variety of operations for the user's convenience. The VCF Duplicate remover makes it simple for users to locate specific contacts among hundreds of VCF files. It offers a search feature with many filters that allows you to look for specific VCF files, contacts within them, or other relevant data like name, address, pin code, and more.

Advanced Options

System and Software Requirements

Software Name: PCDOTS VCF Duplicate Remover Tool
Version: 1.0
Processor: 2.4GHz is recommended
RAM: Minimum 2 GB
Minimum Hard Drive Space: 100 MB of free space
Operating System: Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, 2003 and all.
Installation & Un-installation: Install Uninstall Refund Policy

Products made by PCDOTS have been utilized for many years by customers all around the world. These are very easy to use and secure. Any software used to remove, backup, migrate, combine, and split data is currently covered by PCDOTS.

Limitations: Only a few duplicate contacts are removed from each vCard file using the Free PCDOTS VCF Duplicate Remover Tool.

vCard Duplicate Remover is one of the many applications provided by PCDOTS. If you want to convert vCard contacts to other formats, you can get vCard Converter Software here. If you want to convert other files to vCard, such as Excel or CSV, you can use Excel to vCard Converter or CSV to vCard Converter. PCDOTS is a one-stop store for various types of software.

Advanced Options

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The VCF Duplicate Remover Too is compatible with all Windows operating systems like Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and earlier.


The vCard duplicate remover tool is totally self-contained and does not require you to download any additional settings in order to remove duplicate contacts in VCF files.

Free Version

The application to remove duplicates from VCF files has a demo version that you can use for free.

Remove from Several Properties

You can delete duplicate names, phone numbers, email addresses, and other data fields with the vCard remover.

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Some of the User’s Queries

A. To remove duplicate contacts in VCF files, follow the procedure given below.

  1. Install the PCDOTS VCF Remover Tool after downloading it.
  2. By pressing the Open button, you can upload the vCard files.
  3. Choose the files from which duplicates should be removed.
  4. After you have chosen the desired area, click the Delete button.
Yes, this software allows you to eliminate duplicate contacts from the VCF files exported from Outlook, iCloud Mail, Gmail, and other accounts.
The utility can only be used on two computers with the personal licensing package; to use the tool on more than two systems, you must choose the standard or enterprise package.
Even in the Demo version or after purchasing the tool, you won't encounter any problems utilizing it. But if you do, you are always welcome to get in touch with our customer care.


What Our Users Think About the vCard Duplicate Remover Tool ?

With the PCDOTS vCard duplicate remover tool, I eliminated duplicates from VCF files. This PCDOTS software offers a number of functions to get the desired outcomes and is very easy to use. I would heartily advise anyone wishing to remove duplicate contacts from VCF files to use this application.

Bill Smith

Taxes, USA

The first program I used from PCDOTS was vCard Converter, and it's been three years since then that whenever I need software to backup or erase data from my files, I immediately search for PCDOTS. The most recent utility I tested was vCard duplicate remover, and I must say that PCDOTS software never ceases to astound us.

Tom Murphy

London, UK

A decent software to remove duplicate contacts from VCF files is the VCF duplicate remover tool. I used it to remove contacts from vCard files, version 4.0. It is quite easy to use. It can be used by non-technical users as well. I heartily urge everyone to use this software, or any PCDOTS application.

Aaron Taylor

New York, USA