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Migrate Maildir to New server with 100% Working Solution using Maildir Migrator

In this guide, we’ll show you how to Migrate MailDir to New Server in a thorough and simple manner. You may immediately move emails from MailDir mail server to a New Server after reading this guide.

Your MailDir files and folders, as well as new server access credentials, are required for the procedure. It is completely safe and guarantees accuracy.

User Query

“Hello! My name is Jerry, and I’m from New York. At the moment, I’m employed by an IT firm. Our higher-ups have chosen to move the Maildir data to Exchange Server. As we all know, migration is one of the most difficult things to perform, and if we go the manual route, it would take months to finish. As a result, we need a simple, dependable, and efficient application to complete this work. Furthermore, we have been told by our superiors that:

It is important to transfer all of the emails, as well as their attachments.”

— New Yorker Jerry

We’ve listed a remedy in the section below, based on the aforementioned user’s problem. It will undoubtedly assist users in completing their tasks on time and without losing any data.

  1. Technical Solution
  2. Non-technical Solution

Migrate MailDir to New Server without Any Compromises

Sure! There will be no problems migrating MailDir emails to the New Server. When someone is planning a data migration, there are a lot of things to be afraid about.

Safety, a trouble-free procedure, the ability to transfer all of their data without making any modifications, and so on. Many people are currently seeking for a professional option to relocate MailDir to a different server. There might be a variety of causes for the move.

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Learn Professional Method & Quickly on Windows

PCDOTS Maildir Wizard Converter is the ideal solution for users to convert MailDir mailboxes to a new server. It’s a simple, straightforward, and quick way to migrate MailDir to a new server.

When utilising the tool, there is no need for any extra installation or technicality. It is a simple and powerful solution that automates the transfer of emails from MailDir to the New Server. Let’s have a look at the software and see how it works.

Download Now

Transfer MailDir to New Server – A Step-by-Step Process

In this part, we’ll walk you through the MailDir to New Server migration tool’s whole step-by-step operation. We’ll walk you through the process with a snapshot of the software and a full explanation. So, let’s get started.

You’ll be relieved to learn that you may utilise the solution for free without disclosing any of your credit card information. Simply click the green Download button to install the tool on your Windows OS PC.

Please keep in mind that the tool’s sample version only moves the first 10 emails from MailDir to the new server. It has a drawback. So, if you want to migrate MailDir to another server completely without any restrictions, acquire the Pro edition.

How to Migrate Maildir to New Server

  • Install and launch Maildir to New Server Migrator on your computer, then select the Open option.

    open Maildir converter Software

  • This conversion application has a feature that allows you to load Maildir files and directories.

    upload Maildir file

  • After that, click on the email folder to see a full display of the Maildir files.

    View Maildir file

  • Now, press the export button and choose IMAP (New Server is IMAP supported) from the drop-down menu.

    Export maildir to imap

  • Then, in the Software interface, input your new server account login credentials to continue.

    login in Maildir converter Software

  • Finally, click the Save button to begin the process of importing Maildir to New Server Online.

    Finally migrate maildir to new server

  • A pop–up box will display on the screen when the task is completed. To quit, click Ok.

When Will MailDir Emails Be Imported to the New Server?

The software allows you to see the migration from MailDir to New Server in real time, complete with attachments. You will receive a detailed conversion notice after the procedure is done. After that, you’ll get a saved Log file with all of the details regarding the migration. Go to your New Server Account now to view the final results. That concludes the mission.

MailDir to New Server Migration Tool Special Features

  • The software is totally self-contained in its operation. It’s completely automated and doesn’t require any third-party software.
  • The “MailDir to New Server Migration Wizard” is simple to use and has a streamlined graphical user interface.
  • The software will provide you Advance Search Option.
  • Attachments, signatures, topics, sender/recipient information, HTML, hyperlinks, font types, and other mailbox information will be retained.
  • The MailDir to new server transfer utility works with all current Windows versions, including 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, and Vista.
  • Outlook PST, TEXT, HTML Style, CSV format, EML File, PDF File, MBOX File Format, Gmail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Office 365, and IMAP Server are among the file types and email clients it supports.


  1. I’d want to move a few email folders to a different server. Is that even possible?
    To begin, run the aforementioned tool, which provides you with two options for selecting MailDir data. Select your desired data by clicking on Select Files.
  2. Can I transfer lots of emails from MailDir to a New Server?
    Yes, the Pro Version of the tool has no limitations. Using it you can migrate any number of MailDir email files to a New Server.
  3. How to Migrate Maildir to New Server?
    Download and click on open menu
    Select from drop down menu MailDir option
    Upload folder then, view file in software
    Click on Export option and choose IMAP option
    Input your new server account login credentials
    See the final result

Lastly, some thoughts

We know that many of you have tried to migrate MailDir to a new server and found it tedious and difficult. Only manual solutions are available. As a result, we devised an automated approach for transferring all MailDir emails, including attachments, to the New Server. For the task, the provided solution is reliable and user-friendly.