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Richard ~ Published: 29-Jun-2023 ~ How to ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Transfer of files from Maildir to HTML format

Nowadays, people want their Maildir files in different file formats. And HTML format is one of them. Different users on the Internet want different-different solutions according to their choice. Some users want Advanced solutions and some want simple and direct solutions that are easy to use and can work immediately. In this blog, we will discuss an extraordinary and advanced solution that is used to convert Maildir to HTML.

It is not an easy task to convert Maildir to HTML but we will try our best to tell you the perfect solution.

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It is used for designing the layout of the web page. The elements of HTML are the building blocks of the page. HTML is one of the best ways to open an email message when documents are to be created with different fonts, colors, and size, etc.

But the main thing is that What is need to convert Maildir files to HTML format?

  • HTML code provides best search engine optimization on the Internet.
  • You can download the HTML file in just a few clicks and just a few minutes.
  • You can easily add multiple or unlimited content while using HTML format.
  • It provides more security to the content And also it will not take much time to add the content in the code.

How to Transfer files from Maildir to HTML?

There is a sepcialised software PCDOTS Maildir Converter Software that works as the perfect solution to transfer the files immediately. It is a self-operating Software tool which works at its best to provide the desired results to the users. The Software will not only migrate one or two files but can migrate more than 100 or even unlimited files very easily and immediately.

Download Now

Using the free downloaded version, you can easily check the advanced features authenticated and migrate 10 files within a single attempt. Once you get completely satisfied with the Demo version. Then, just go through the licensed version where you can easily migrate multiple files at once, you will get lifetime access and 24/7 Technical Support.

Just go through with these steps to migrate the Maildir files to HTML:

  • Start the PCDOTS Maildir to HTML Converter Software.
    start maildir to html converter
  • Go through the Open Menu and choose Maildir option.
    select maildir option
  • Choose Folders from Maildir and select Maildir files to proceed further.
    choose maildir folders
  • Then, all the emails of Maildir files will be a preview on the screen.
    preview maildir emails
  • Click on Export button and choose HTML as the file format.
    select html
  • Choose the desired location from the Browse Box and tap on Save button.
    convert maildir to html
  • All the work will be done automatically after these few steps. Just wait for a couple of minutes and you can see the successfully prompted message and then go to the destination location and see the resultant data.
    data transfer complete

Benefits of PCDOTS Maildir Converter

1. Convert Bulk of files into HTML

Users can easily migrate bulk of Maildir/Maildir++ files into HTML format using this software. While migrating multiple files, users will not lose a single bit of data and will easily get the actual content and maintains the layout of the Software.

2. Export the files including attachments

Users can easily export the Maildir file to HTML along with the attachments by clicking on the Extract option and also choose other email elements separately.

3. Provide Flexible and Easy to use Interface

It is flexible to use and will definitely help all the Internet users whether they are from technical or non-technical background. The Software will helps the users to easily understand all the things just by reading about it.

4. Actual Content

The Software will give the user actual content and maintains the layout of the structure. If the user is transferring unlimited files then also it will not lose a single word of data.

5. Self-Operating Software

It is an independent tool which does not need any other utility to work with it. It also has many advanced features and due to which it can perform multiple operations along with migration process.

Frequently Asked Question about PCDOTS Maildir Converter

Ques1 How many files will I able to import through PCDOTS Maildir Converter Software at once?


You can import 10 files easily using Demo version. And If you want to export more than 10 or even unlimited files then Go with the licensed version.

Ques2 Will I be able to migrate files without Internet Connection?


No, Internet Connection is must for the migration process.

Ques3 Can I export Maildir files into 2-3 different Office 365 Account?


Yes definitely, you can easily export files into different accounts using its advanced features.


Thus, you can easily import 10 files using the free-downloaded version and Once you go through it and understand more about the Software and get completely satisfied then, you can go through the licensed version and can adapt the features of migrating multiple files at once.