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Learn How to Convert MailDir to MBOX file format?

In this article, we will discuss how to Convert MailDir to MBOX format. The blog provides you with one of the effective ways to transform your data easily in just a few minutes.

MailDir Email Client has been used by most of the users for both personal and professional use.

On the other hand, MBOX is one of the file formats that has been supported by multiple Email Clients, Services, and Applications.

Users usually Convert MailDir / MailDir ++ to MBOX file format as they want to move to another Email Service that supports MBOX format.

There is no manual solution for this present so it is better to use a professional utility that can give you results with no errors.

User Query

“For the last 2 years, I am using MailDir Email Client and now I want to move to another Email Client that supports MBOX file format. I am trying to convert MailDir to MBOX format but didn’t be able to do that. Can you guide me the instant solution for converting MailDir to MBOX?”

How to Convert MailDir to MBOX?

  1. Run MailDir Conversion Tool.
  2. Select Email Data files.
  3. Upload MailDir files / folders.
  4. Select required MailDir emails.
  5. Click on Export >> MBOX.
  6. Enter location and save.
  7. Get the final message.

Instant Solution to Convert MailDir to MBOX

Use the PCDOTS MailDir Converter Software to transform email accounts MailDir folders into .mbox files. The software allows users to migrate the data in bulk accounts without any data loss.

This MailDir to MBOX Converter has been developed with an advanced search algorithm that can do multiple tasks within a single period of time.

Install the MailDir to MBOX Converter and start the Conversion Process.

Download Now

Steps to Export MailDir Data to MBOX

  1. Run MailDir to MBOX Converter free in your existing Windows OS system to initiate the migration process. run maildir to mbox converter
  2. Go to the Open Menu >> Email Data Files >> MailDir Files to upload directly. select maildir files
  3. Upload the data directly from the system and you will be able to see its complete compact view. upload maildir data
  4. Click on particular files/folders and you will be able to see all the emails included in it. Then, select the needed MailDir data that you want to import into MBOX.select required maildir emails
  5. Then, select the Export Menu >> Choose MBOX as the file format.export maildir to mbox
  6. After that, enter the path using the browse button and save it. convert maildir to mbox
  7. Then, just wait for a few minutes and you can see the successful migration message. resultant message

Hence, it is possible for all users to Migrate MailDir Data to MBOX files. Also, you can click on the “Open Folder” and see the resultant data in the destination path.

Therefore, the resultant MBOX files can easily be supported by all Email Clients and Services. And, you can easily import this MailDir MBOX file into Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Gmail, SeaMonkey, and others.

Key Aspects of MailDir to MBOX Converter

  1. Conversion of Numerous data
    The MailDir to MBOX Converter has the ability to migrate MailDir data to MBOX files in bulk numbers without any loss of data. Also, it will not impose any size limitation.
  2. Retrieval of Email Elements
    It is also capable to extract email attributes such as Download MailDir Attachments, Email IDs, and phone numbers individually. Phone numbers will be taken out in the form of Text file format.
  3. Advanced Exported Options
    At the end of the migration process, some extra exported options will be available to include email headers, restoring old folders, deleting empty folders according to the user’s choice and requirements.
  4. Ideal Utility
    This is a self-independent tool that does not require any kind of extra installation to continue with the process. It is compatible with all versions of Windows OS such as Windows 7, 8, 10, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.
  5. Supports Numerous Formats
    In addition, it can transfer the MailDir data to other formats such as MBOX, PDF, PST, CSV, EML, Text, HTML, and other Email Services such as Gmail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Office 365, and IMAP Email Services instantly.


This MailDir to MBOX Converter free provides 2 versions:

  1. Demo Version allows users to migrate 10 files from each folder at once.
  2. The licensed version is capable to migrate bulk or even unlimited data at once.

In the End

Therefore, the entire process for converting MailDir to MBOX can be done in just a few steps without any kind of additional help and technical guide.

It is better to continue with the Licensed version as that will provide better performance and also it improves the performance day by day.

For more extra information, you can contact us and connect with our technical experts.