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Richard ~ Published: 05-Jan-2022 ~ Software ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Export Files from Maildir to EML file format

Are you finding a way to Convert MailDir to EML File? If yes, then continue reading this blog.

Here, I will do my best to provide the best of my knowledge that will help you to solve your query.

There is an unlimited number of queries we had received in contrast to the MailDir Email Client. Many of them have already been solved.

And, today we are going to discuss how can we Import MailDir files to EML File format.

Since there are no manual solutions for these types of queries available on the Internet. That’s why we have finally come up with one of the professional solutions to Export MailDir Files to EML.

User Query

“Hi, I am Yuan. I am working in an IT organization and we are using MailDir Email Client for our work but now due to the change in requirements of the company. I want another Email Client that is supporting EML File format. So, finding a way to Convert MailDir / MailDir++ to EML. Can you please guide for the same?”

How do I Convert MailDir to EML?

  1. Run MailDir to EML Converter.
  2. Upload MailDir files.
  3. Select the required MailDir data.
  4. Click on Export >> EML.
  5. Get the resultant message.

Professional Solution to Export MailDir Files to EML file

It is better to use the Utility, PCDOTS MailDir Migrator to Migrate MailDir / MailDir ++ to EML files.

The software has the ability to migrate not only single but multiple files within a single attempt without losing any kind of data.

The MailDir to EML Converter has been defined with a special advanced algorithm that allows users to do multiple tasks within a single period of time.

Just Download the MailDir to EML Migrator and initiate the Conversion process.

Download Now

Steps to Convert MailDir / MailDir ++ to EML file format:

  1. Run the MailDir to EML Migrator in your existing Windows OS System. And, Click on The Open Menu.run maildir to eml converter
  2. Select Email data Files >> MailDir Files. Upload the MailDir data on your software panel.upload eml files
  3. You will be able to see the compact view of all the loaded files on the screen.see the loaded maildir files
  4. Click on a folder and see the emails included in that. Select the required number of MailDir emails that you want to Import into EML.select the required maildir data
  5. Then, go to the Export Menu >> EML as the file format.export maildir to eml
  6. Enter the destination path using the Browse button and click on Save.convert maildir emails to eml
  7. After that, just wait for a few minutes and you can see the final resultant message “Messages have been exported successfully”.resultant message

Hence, the process to Export MailDir / MailDir ++ files to EML File is simple to use and can be done by just performing these steps.

In fact, by clicking on the Open Folder option on the top right side of the panel, you can view EML files on the screen.

Key Aspects of MailDir to EML Converter:

  1. Bulk Conversion
    The MailDir to EML Migrator can easily Import MailDir files to EML File format. In fact, the software not only single but multiple files with imposing no size limitation.
  2. Data Consistency
    While uploading multiple of MailDir files on the screen of the Software panel, the ranking of all the files and folders was maintained properly.
  3. Extraction of Email Elements
    This utility can easily convert MailDir files to EML along with including attachments. It is possible for users to download Email Attachments, Email IDs, and contact numbers separately.
  4. Supports Numerous Formats
    The Maildir to EML Converter supports another file format such as PDF file, PST file, MBOX file, CSV file and other Email Services such as Google Mail, Microsoft Office 365, Mozilla Thunderbird, and other IMAP enabled services.
  5. No Extra Installation
    Moreover, it does not require any kind of additional installation to continue with the conversion process. The Software has the feature to easily configure the Account just by entering correct login credentials.


In Conclusion,

Therefore, we had understood how can a user convert MailDir to EML format by just performing these simple steps mentioned above.

Also, the MailDir to EML Converter is one of the best software for the conversion of multiple files together that can easily save most of the time and effort of the users.