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Adina ~ Published: 19-Apr-2022 ~ How to, Software ~ 5 Minutes Reading

How to Migrate Kerio Mail Server to Zimbra Mail Desktop

Are you thinking to migrate Kerio to Zimbra? if you want to convert Kerio mails and you don’t know how then, you can easily read our blog its help you to figure out all your problems of yours. It’s not even time taking process.  Keeping in mind that you’re moving data from a mail server, and collaboration tool, to the Zimbra desktop, we don’t want to put your server data in danger by using any manual way.

As a result, we’ll concentrate on professional and user-friendly software for migrating mailboxes in this article. Let’s have a peek, shall we? First and foremost, let’s understand why someone would migrate emails to Zimbra TGZ files.

I’ve included some of the most common reasons why individuals and organizations need to export Kerio connect emails to the Zimbra desktop in the section below. It’s conceivable that your primary motivation isn’t emphasized in the list. But don’t worry, the technique we’ll discuss for quick migration can handle any user need.

Some of the Most Common Reasons for Migrate Kerio to Zimbra Mail 

Kerio Connect is a popular mail server and collaboration solution that helps thousands of individuals and companies communicate regularly. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. However, its loading time is quite sluggish, and if Kerio and Outlook are used simultaneously, Moving to Zimbra speed and functionality are compromised.

Other issues with Kerio Connect include:

  1. Kerio Connects web interface is sluggish and difficult to use.
  2. There isn’t a decent enough integrated security tool.
  3. The monthly cost of Kerio Connect is greater for small businesses with 15-20 employees.

Zimbra Mail is a desktop-based server and collaboration application that is popular among businesses and individuals. Above all, its simple design and easy-to-manage capabilities make professional work more efficient. Zimbra cooperation is inexpensive and effective. Furthermore, the desktop capability makes it a more dependable and effective platform for routine communication.

Now, let’s go back to the topic at hand: “How can you convert Kerio connect mailboxes to Zimbra desktop?”

Kerio to Zimbra Migration Solution for Experts

To be honest, there is just one piece of software that can move data from Kerio Connect to the Zimbra desktop.

We recommend that you get PCDOTS Kerio Migrator. Moreover, this tool is a one-stop solution that allows you to migrate emails, contacts, calendars, and more to Zimbra’s profile. Users may also migrate emails with attachments using this solution. It offers a bulk migration feature, and users may pick which mailboxes to move.

Another fantastic feature of the greatest Migration tool is the possibility to get it for free. Furthermore, users may use the software’s trial edition, which allows them to export the first 10 emails from each folder to Zimbra.

Once you’ve gotten a feel for the tool and its capabilities, upgrade to the Pro version for unlimited migration. The procedure for migrating emails from migrating to the Zimbra desktop is detailed below.

Download Now

The following are the steps for a quick Kerio Connect to Zimbra migration:

    • On a Windows system, download and execute the given software. The tool now provides two options for loading Kerio connect data.

kerio to zimbra migration tool

    • Then, you will be able to see the preview of the entire mailbox item on the screen.

preview of entire kerio mailbox

    • Choose the required number of emails from there that you want to migrate.

select the needed emails

    • After that, go to the Export menu and select IMAP as the email service.

select imap to enter zimbra login details

    • Enter the login credentials of your Zimbra server there and click on save.

enter zimbra details to migrate kerio data

  • Wait for a couple of minutes, and you can be able to see the exported message there.

migrate kerio to zimbra
After that, you can log in to your Zimbra email server account and see the exported data.


What are the major advantages of Expert Solution?

The professional software for transferring Kerio Connect mailboxes to Zimbra has several benefits. Take a look at the following list:

  1. Method to migrate Kerio connect to Zimbra Mail that is completely secure and simple to use.
  2. Connecting is a quick and strong option for a successful migration.
  3. It allows you to export bulk emails with attachments to Zimbra Mail.
  4. The migration task does not necessitate Zimbra setup on the workstation.
  5. Allows users to store the resulting folder in a place of their choice.
  6. During the process, it assists with various filter options for sorting Kerio emails.
  7. The Kerio Connect to Zimbra migrater provides an option to migrate Kerio emails or other data items to many file formats such as Kerio to PDF, Kerio to PST, TXT, MBOX, Kerio contacts to CSV, and other email services such as Kerio to Gmail, Kerio to Thunderbird, Kerio to Office 365, Kerio to another server and then IMAP accounts.

The Final Word

The preceding tutorials provide comprehensive information on the all-in-one solution for Migrate Kerio to Zimbra conversion. Moreover, any professional or novice may effortlessly transfer mailboxes using the Software. Also, have a look at the step-by-step tutorial for exporting emails to Zimbra mail, which outlines all of the recommended actions. So, we hope you find the material to be beneficial.