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Richard ~ Published: 11-Jan-2022 ~ Software ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Learn How to Migrate Kerio to New Server or another Kerio Server?

Hey!! Are you searching for a solution to Migrate Kerio to New Server? If yes, then continue reading this blog. Here, you will get the perfect solution that will resolve your query.

Kerio is one of the well-known Email Server used by multiple large and small-scale organizations.
Users usually transfer Kerio emails to New Email Servers because of the functionalities and operations and also due to their personal reasons.

We had received queries from multiple of our consumers who want to migrate from Kerio Connect to a New Server or New Kerio Account.

User Query for Kerio Connect to New Server Migration

“Hi, I am using Kerio Email Server for the last 3 years. Now, I am finding a solution to Migrate Hosted Kerio Email Server to New Server.
I had also tried to find the solution but didn’t be able to get the results. Can you guide me migration tool from Kerio to Another Server?”

How do I migrate from Kerio to New Server?

  1. Run the Kerio Migration Tool.
  2. Upload the Kerio Data.
  3. Select the required Kerio files.
  4. Go to Export >> IMAP.
  5. Enter login credentials of IMAP Server.
  6. Get the final message.

Perfect Solution to Migrate Kerio Connect Mailboxes to Another Platform

You can easily Migrate Emails from Kerio Connect Server to New Server using Kerio Migration Tool by PCDOTS. The tool allows users to carry out the migration results properly without many limitations.

This Kerio to New Server Converter Tool can export the bulk of data within a single attempt without putting in much effort and time and there will be no loss of data.

Just Download the Kerio to New Server Migration Tool and initiate the conversion process.

Download Now

Steps for Kerio Connect to New Server Migration

  1. Start the Kerio to New server or Another Kerio Migration tool in your existing Windows OS system and click on the Open Menu.run kerio to new server migration tool
  2. Choose Email Servers >> Kerio Servers >> Upload the Kerio files directly from the system.upload kerio files
  3. You can see the data preview of all the Kerio files/folders on the screen.see the kerio files
  4. Select the required Kerio emails that you want to transfer into New Kerio Account or Another Server.select required kerio files
  5. Go to the Export Menu >> Select IMAP as the Email Service.migrate keriot o new server
  6. Enter the correct login credentials of your IMAP account and click on the Save button.enter login of new server
  7. After that, wait for a few minutes and you will be able to get the resultant prompted message on the screen.migrate kerio to new server

Hence, users can easily transfer Kerio emails to another Kerio Server or New Server by performing the steps mentioned above.

This Kerio to Another Kerio or New Server Converter tool will carry out the desired results according to the needs and requirements of the users.

Features of Kerio to New Server Migration Tool

  1. Bulk Migration
    This PCDOTS Kerio to New Server Migration tool has the ability to do bulk conversion of data including emails, contacts, calendars, attachments, and others to another Kerio or new server without putting in much time and effort.
  2. Extraction of Email Elements
    It is possible to extract attachments, email addresses, and phone numbers separately. Attachments will be downloaded in the form of PDF files format. Email addresses and phone numbers will be carried out in the form of Text files format.
  3. Supports Numerous Structures
    The Kerio to Another Kerio Converter supports multiple other file formats such as Adobe PDF, Outlook PST, Contacts CSV, EML, HTML, and other Email Services and Clients such as Gmail / G Suite, Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Office 365, and other IMAP-enabled services. (such as Exchange online)
  4. Perfect Utility
    Users do not need to do any kind of extra installation to continue with the conversion process. Also, the tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows OS and can run on Windows 7, 8, 10, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

End Results

Therefore, you can easily migrate Kerio to New Server using the migration tool without putting in much effort and time.

This Kerio to Another Kerio Converter tool can easily export Kerio data and can be easily operated by all the tech as well as non-tech users to carry out the conversion results.