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Richard ~ Published: 10-May-2023 ~ How to ~ 5 Minutes Reading

How to Convert Kerio Contacts to CSV file format?

Are you one of those users who are searching for a perspective way to convert Kerio Contacts to CSV File format? Do you want to export all of your contacts? If your answer is yes, then don’t worry this blog is perfect for you. Here, we will discuss how users can easily import their contacts from Kerio Email Server and convert them into CSV file format to take as a backup for future use or to transfer them in some other device or Email Service in the form of Excel.

User Query

  • “How can I export my Kerio Contacts?”
  • “Can I be able to convert my whole address book to CSV file format?”
  • “I am using the Kerio Email Client-Server for the last 3 years and Since now, I want to migrate my contacts to other Email services so I am finding a way that will help me to convert Kerio Contacts to CSV. I had tried a manual solution to convert the address book from Kerio but didn’t be able to find a perspective way. Is there anyone else who could help me to convert contacts?”

Kerio Connect Email Server has been introduced by Kerio Technologies. It is one of the known Cloud-Based Email Client that is used to manage the data, calendars, tasks, contacts, and emails. It has been used widely by multiple users and most of them are searching for a way to Export Contacts into CSV file format. This comes as a big challenge for many users as they have not been able to find the desired solution.

CSV (Comma Separated Values) is the best file arranging format for most of the purposes. While exporting contacts, users choose this format as it will provide the proper data. The data will come in Excel sheets arranging rows and columns and can easily transfer to a particular Email Service/ server.

Manual Solution – Convert Kerio Contacts to CSV

The Solution is simple and easy to use. Here, users only need to export contacts directly from Kerio Email Client without the need for any other extra installation.


  • Open the Kerio Email Server. Go to Menu, and Select Accounts >> Users.
  • Select the contacts that you want to export.
  • Choose Import/ Export and then select “Export to a CSV file”.
  • Browse the location and Save the file.

Limitations of Manual Method:

  • Can miss some amount of data.
  • Required more technical knowledge.
  • Will take more time and effort.
Note: The generated CSV files may also contain a significant number of duplicates as a result of the duplicate contacts in Kerio. In that case, you should utilize our top-notch CSV Duplicate Remover.

Professional Solution – Export Kerio Contacts to CSV

To perform this task, we recommend you use the Kerio Migration Tool. The tool is one of the known and perspective utilities for many and has been introduced by most technical experts. It has a simple interface that can easily convert multiple or even unlimited contacts to CSV format. The Software maintains the data integrity and will not lose even a single bit of data. It also maintains the folder hierarchy and does not back and forth any type of data.

Click on the “Free Download”? button given below and continue with the migration process.

Download Now

Guided Steps to do the Conversion:

  • Run the Software and Click on Open Menu.


  • Select Email Servers >> Kerio Files >> Upload the data.


  • See the Uploaded data on the Software Panel.

    kerio to csv

  • Click on a particular file and see the multiple contents. Then, Select the needed data.

    select the needed files

  • Go to the Export Menu and Choose CSV as the file format.

    kerio to csv

  • Browse the location from there and click on the Save button.

    Convert Kerio Contacts to CSV

  • Hold for a minute and see the executed message appear on the screen.

    Convert Kerio Contacts to CSV

  • Tap on the Open Folder and go through the subsequent file.

    Convert Kerio Contacts to CSV

Note: Have you converted your Kerio contacts to CSV? Is the size of your saved CSV files causing you problems? If this is the case, you may now divide them to form a smaller size. PCDOTS now offers the very sophisticated CSV Splitter Software. You may split a CSV file into smaller files in a few simple clicks with the tool. To learn more about the tool, click the link provided.

Advantages of using this software

  • Bulk Migration of Contacts within a few clicks from Kerio to CSV.
  • The software will not only export the data in a single file format but also supports another file format such as Kerio to PDF, Kerio to PST, MBOX, EML, HTML, and other Email Services such as Kerio mailbox to Gmail, Kerio to Thunderbird, Office 365, and other IMAP Accounts.
  • User also has the filter option to find a particular email or file.
  • Will not impose any limitation or any kind of data loss.
  • No other extra installation is required and not even Kerio Application is needed.

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Final Results

Since there are so many solutions available on the Internet to convert Kerio Contacts to CSV file format. But still, we had tried our best to explain to you both the manual and professional solution for the same. Both the solutions are easy to use and I recommend you to continue with the professional solution to get the desired and accurate results.