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How to Import Eudora to Apple Mail | In Easiest Way

Hi, are you scared of losing your data? Do you want to Import Eudora to Apple Mail? If you answered yes, congratulations! You’ve come towards the proper location if that’s the case.

You don’t need to get nervous about your data just take a long breath, read our blog it solves your problems.

Eudora is a well-known email client for Windows and Mac OS users, however, it has grown old, and Mac users often prefer Apple Mail, which is well-known for its security features.

Apple Mail is a safe email program that protects the user’s information from hackers and viruses. MBOX files are used by Eudora for email storage, while EMLX is used for  Apple Mail. The migration is necessary to access the previous database when switching from Eudora to Mac Mail.

Why is it necessary to migrate Eudora emails to Apple Mail?

Let’s say a user who was previously using Eudora Mail on a Windows computer chose to switch to Apple Mail on a Mac OS-based computer without losing any of their old data, such as Eudora emails, contact books, and so on.

If a Windows user decides to switch to a Mac computer, he will choose to use Apple Mail because it is the default email client, whereas Eudora is an open-source email client.

Therefore, we understood why it is better to export your data from Eudora to Apple Mail. Let’s understand How.

Instant Solution to Import Eudora Mail to Apple Mail

One of the Best Eudora Converter Tool, which is special software that migrates emails from Eudora to Mac Mail Email Client.

It has been designed with special algorithms that transfer the data from the most prevalent computer email services

You can easily Export Emails, Eudora attachments, and Eudora Address Book without facing any disruption in a single cycle.

Download Now

Step by Step method

  • Download and run the software and go to the open menu to initiate the importing process.

    download and click open menu

  • After that, go with Desktop Email Client and select the Eudora Account option, and upload the files or folders.

    select eudora mail

  • Now, you can easily preview selected emails and also deselected emails.

    preview of selected emails

  • After that, click on the export menu and click on the IMAP icon and configure your Apple Mail Account in the IMAP option.

    select IMAP option

  • Then, wait for a couple of minutes and you can see a resulted message.

    successfully completed Convert Eudora mail to Apple mail

After that, you can be able to see the resultant data by clicking on the Open Folder. To see the proper steps one by one just continue with our Technical Guide to Export Eudora Mailbox to Apple Mail or Mac Mail.

Software Advantage:

  • From Eudora, import a huge number of files and emails.
  • Email Meta characteristics will be retrieved one by one.
  • The folder hierarchy is preserved, and data is not transferred across files or folders.
  • Ensures the data in email communications is secure.
  • The Advanced Export Option makes it simple to import emails, including email headers.
  • Use the filter option to look for a specific set of emails.
  • All versions of the Windows operating system are supported.
  • Supported by multiple desired formats such as Eudora to PDF, Eudora to EML, Eudora to Office 365, Eudora to Google Mail, and Eudora to Outlook PST.


  1. Can I use this software twice the time?
    Yes, you can use but licensed version.
  2. Can the software run on Mac OS?
    No, you can’t this software only for windows users.
  3. How much data can I export using this utility?
    You can easily convert unlimited data using the software.


We reviewed the finest and easiest technique to learn How to Import Eudora to Apple Mail in this article. Then we’ll talk about why it’s necessary to export Eudora mail to Apple mail.

Following that, we’ll learn about the advantages of the Converter tool as well as step-by-step instructions.

Furthermore, we learned what sets this program apart from the other products on the market. Last but not least, we talked about some often asked questions. I hope that this article is useful to you to migrate your Eudora Mailbox to Mac Mail.