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Richard ~ Published: 28-Sep-2021 ~ Software ~ 4 Minutes Reading

How to Convert Eudora Mails to Office 365 Account?

Are you seeking for a way to migrate Eudora mailbox to Office 365 Account? If yes, then read this blog post till the end. In this, we will describe the effective solution to convert from Eudora to Office 365 Account within a few clicks.

However, Eudora is a well-known desktop-based email application created by Qualcomm. It runs on all Windows, Linux, and Mac OS editions. POP, IMAP, and SMTP protocols are all simply configured. The email messages are saved in the (.mbox) file type by Eudora Email Client.

What is the purpose of converting your Eudora account to an Office 365 account?

  • An Office 365 Account is a cloud-based email platform that lets you store contacts, files, folders, and calendars, among other things.
  • Has more unique features and protects data safer and more secure.
  • It is simple to use and adapt to the needs of the users.

Automated Solution

On the internet, there are a variety of manual techniques. The manual procedures are time-consuming and do not guarantee that you will get the desired outcomes. As a result, we will provide one of the best solutions, namely, Eudora Software, which allows you to convert Eudora mails to Office 365 Account in a matter of seconds.

Most technical specialists have used this software to export large numbers of emails from Eudora to Office 365. In the same way, You may quickly import emails and their contents, as well as extract contacts and email addresses.

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Steps to Import Eudora mails to Office 365 Account::

  • Launch the tool on your desktop computer.


  • Select Email Data Files from the Open menu and select Eudora files/folders..


  • The software will start to scan the data and display all of the information on the software screen.

    upload Eudora files

  • Evaluate the data you wish to convert from the listing.

    display Eudora mails

  • It can also extract email’s meta properties also including attachments, email addresses, and phone numbers separately.

    convert eudora mails to office 365 account

  • Choose Office 365 as the Email Service from the Export Menu.

    convert eudora mails to office 365 account

  • Enter the login id and password, and if you do have any concerns, go to the “Need Help?” tab.

    convert eudora mails to office 365 account

  • It will start switching Eudora to Office 365 immediately..

    import eudora mails to office 365

  • Finally, Examine the output data in your Microsoft Office 365 account.

    convert eudora mails to office 365

Why you should continue with this tool?

  1. It enables users to import a massive amount of emails from Eudora to Office 365 without any constraints.
  2. The software preserves the structure’s actual layout or data and it does not change the information in any manner.
  3. The file can be quickly transferred to an Office 365 account, as well as to different file formats and email services.
  4. Thus, Data will be properly handled and protected, and no knowledge will be released.
  5. The software is compatible with all Windows OS versions it can be used on any Windows PC.

In fact, it provides you with such a free demo version so that you can understand fully the concepts. Hence, the demo version will transfer 10 emails at once. For more conversion of data, you must continue with the Licensed version.


  1. Is this software tool compatible to my Mac OS system?

    No, the software is not compatible with Mac OS.

  2. Can I move multiple files from Eudora to Office 365 at the same time?

    Yes, you can effortlessly move a large files at a particular time.

  3. Is there any kind of limitations while transferring several files?

    No,There are no limits placed by the software. In fact, it is improving steadily its performance.

In Conclusion

As a consequence, we’ve explained how and when to quickly convert Eudora mails to Office 365 account. Fortunately, The solution is great, especially for non-technical people, and the best feature is that you can apply it in just a few minutes without requiring any technical support. Users can convert calendars, emails, files, and folders with simplicity using this software.