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Richard ~ Published: 12-Nov-2021 ~ How to ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Conversion of Eudora mails to EML file format

Eudora and EML are two different things to work on. Eudora is an Email client and EML is a file format. There are many users who migrate Mail client mails to file format. However, it’s not an easy task to migrate Eudora emails into a particular EML file.

In this blog, we are going to discuss how can we convert Eudora emails to EML format. We will discuss the professional method which will clearly cut all the things for the users. Also, we will try our best to make the solution easy to work and perform for all the users.

Why EML ?

  1. In the EML format, User can easily get a particular selective file.
  2. EML file format will never change the layout of the data and it is easy to send and receive the file.
  3. Most of the email clients supports EML files as they are easy and flexible to use.

How to convert Eudora emails to EML file format ?

There is a perfect solution used to convert Eudora emails to EML format. The solution includes the PCDOTS Eudora Converter Software which can easily helps user to export the files immediately. The Software is an independent utility that doesn’t require any other installation to complete the process. Just download, by clicking on the button:

Download Now

  • Run the Software in your existing system.


  • Go to Open Menu and Select MBOX files and choose files/ folders.

    choose Eudora folders

  • View the complete data shown on the Software screen. Select the required emails and choose the Extract option to extract email elements separately.

    select Eudora to Eml display

    select Eudora to eml attributes

  • Choose Export option and select EML as the file format.

    Export Eudora to eml

  • Enter the desired location in the box and Save it.

    resultant location

  • Once done, it will automatically show the results.

    successful migration of Eudora to eml

    results of Eudora  to eml

But you need to remember one thing: Demo version enables you to migrate only 10 mails at a time and if you want to migrate more than 10 files then use the licensed version of the Software.

Features of the Software

  1. The Software is a reliable solution to convert Eudora emails into EML format. It is the choice of the user to migrate single as well as multiple files from Eudora to EML.
  2. The Software will give the proper layout and maintain the actual content of the data. While migrating multiple or even unlimited files, the user will not lose a single bit of data.
  3. Before the migration process, the software will display the complete data preview so that the user can easily select or deselect the emails according to their choice.
  4. It can easily do the task in just a couple of minutes and saves the user most of the valuable time and effort. The conversion of files from Eudora to EML becomes very easy for the user.
  5. User can select the desired destination to save the file and also name the file according to his choice.
  6. Software comes with in-built features and options which provides the user an easy to use GUI to work on.
  7. It supports all versions of Windows OS. And can easily run on old as well as the latest versions of Windows OS.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many MBOX files can we able to select at one time?

You can select multiple or even unlimited MBOX files at once to convert them into EML format.

2. What kind of methods are present in this blog?

No, you cannot install this application on Mac OS. It also supports all the versions of Windows OS.

3. Will be able to extract phone numbers along with the mails?

Yes, you can easily extract phone numbers, attachments, and email addresses along with attachments by clicking on the Extract button.

End Result

Consequently, we had understood the entire process of converting the Eudora mails to EML format. The PCDOTS Converter makes the conversion process easy for us and helps users to convert MBOX files from Eudora to EML effectively. PCDOTS offers the demo version of this Software to convert 10 files at once. And if you want to migrate multiple files then continue with the licensed version.