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Richard ~ Published: 28-Sep-2021 ~ How to ~ 4 Minutes Reading

How to Import Eudora to Gmail / G Suite Account?

If you’re looking for a way to import Eudora to Gmail / G Suite Account Mails and Address Book individually then, you’ve come to the right place. Then, as a member of the PCDOTS Team, I can provide you one of the best solutions for importing Eudora to Google Mail Account without losing any data. And it is almost certain that after reading this entire post, a person would be able to quickly migrate data from Eudora to Gmail Account without any problems.

Eudora is an open-source email client that can be used on both Windows and Mac OS. Eudora is available in both free and premium versions, which can be used at home or at work.

On the other hand, Google Mail is a popular cloud-based email service that is completely free to use. G Suite is a commercial cloud-based email service with certain unique features. One of the most appealing aspects of using them is that they are simple to use and can be accessed from anywhere without the need for installation or configuration.

For a variety of reasons, many Internet users prefer to switch from Eudora Mail to Gmail. Let’s discuss “How can I convert my Eudora data to G Suite or Gmail?”

Solution Suggestions

Use PCDOTS Eudora Converter to convert data from Eudora to Gmail and G Suite in a matter of seconds. Users can use the programme to migrate enormous amounts of data from Eudora to Gmail, including all components, without changing the contents or structure. This software is simple to use and saves users a lot of time and effort.

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Directly Convert Eudora to Gmail Account Mails:

  • Go to the Open Menu after successfully running the software.


  • Select the Files/folders by clicking on Eudora files and then clicking on Email Data File.


  • On the software screen, upload the file from the existing system.

    upload mdaemon files

  • After you’ve selected the files, you’ll be able to see a preview of the display data on the software screen.

    mdaemon to thunderbird

  • Select the necessary emails, then go to the Export Menu and select Gmail from the list of formats and Email Services.

    extract elements from mdaemon to thunderbird

  • Enter the correct Gmail account login credentials, and if an issue arises, click the “Need Help?” button.

    mdaemon to thunderbird

  • When you click the Save button, the operation will begin and a successful import notification will appear.

    mdaemon to thunderbird

  • Go to the Gmail Account and see the resultant exported Eudora Data.

    mdaemon to thunderbird

Software Characteristics

  1. Users can extract individual email items such as attachments, email addresses, and phone numbers using the software.
  2. The tool stores and maintains the exact form and structure of the data while generating an output.
  3. It also gives you the choice of choosing between files and directories. Choose files allows you to pick a single file, while Choose folder allows you to pick many files from a single folder.
  4. It also comes with a user-friendly Graphical User Interface that both technical and non-technical people can simply operate and use.
  5. The software is compatible with all editions of Windows OS and can be readily installed on both older and newer versions of Windows.
  6. It supports email migration and conversion to various file formats, as well as Email Services and all IMAP-enabled accounts.

User Requests

  1. Is this software compatible with my Mac OS system?

    No, the software does not run on Mac OS.

  2. Is it possible for me to extract attachments?

    Yes, you can easily extract attachments from the Extract Menu by selecting Attachment.

  3. Will the software have an impact on the data while importing a large number of emails?

    No, the software will not change the data structure or cause data loss.

Lines at the End

As a result, we’ve covered how to properly import Eudora to a Gmail account. The software is an excellent solution for migrating emails from various services, as well as an independent tool that can be used without the need for further software installation. If you wish to transfer emails across multiple email data files or accounts, you may quickly do the process. This programme is unique in that it can execute numerous jobs at the same time.

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